Equinox special pick a card reading: What changes is the energy of the equinox going to produce in my life?

To celebrate today’s magical and karmic vibes of the Equinox, I have created a special pick a card reading with the topic: What changes is the energy of the equinox going to produce in my life?

The side of the world where I reside in celebrates the Autumn Equinox, that is why I gave this reading an autumn theme, but I am well aware that on the opposite part of the world it is the celebration of the coming of spring. Regardless if we celebrate the coming of autumn or spring, all equinoxes are very powerful moments of the year, when spiritual forces, the spirits of our ancestors, the divine is closer to us then ever.


Focus for a couple of seconds on the three piles of cards and choose a fruit, which appeals to you the most intuitively, and jump straight to the interpretation! Wish everyone a wonderful and blessed equinox, regardless of which season you are welcoming into your life. Thank you so much for playing, Enjoy!


Gaia, The World, 6 of Coins reversed, 3 of Coins. For those of you who were drawn to the chestnut, the World card tells you, that you have been investing so much effort, time and energy on inner work, healing yourselves from traumas, which source from the past, and finding your true faith, purpose and ultimately aligning with your inner truths, all for the purpose to begin a new life, leave the past, along with all good and bad memories equally behind, and embrace a life where you are aligned only with truth, unconditional love and a true sense of emotional fulfillment. You have found yourself, you have found your power, your purpose, you’ve learned to value a state of deep gratitude for all your skills, talents, for the vastness of your mind and emotional intelligence that set you apart from other people, and you are fully prepared to embrace your shining future, you are prepared to follow your dreams and never ever to compromise the freedom of your heart and soul for anyone or anything. Even though you have done everything that depended of you, your life is still not fully aligned to offer you the opportunities that you so desperately need, especially from a material perspective, because you have everything else you need within yourself. The World card promises you karmic closures, completion and balance, that awaits you in this new cycle, all those obstacles that are currently preventing you from living the life you desire are going to disappear from your life, just as their cause disappeared from your subconscious, and there is going to be a time of harvest, where you will get the chance to reap the rewards of all your good deeds, walking the path of life with wisdom, diligence and compassion, the Universe still “owes” you a display of divine intervention for all the efforts and progress you have achieved in the recent past, even though becoming the person who you are right now is rewarding enough in it’s self, and this is what the 6 of Coins reversed speaks about, there was a time when you have given to the world, when you have boldly and bravely overcome all obstacles and challenges which life threw at you, and it’s only natural for your determination and effort to be rewarded in the next 6 months, giving you the chance to invest everything you can in your own material situation, for your stability and grounding. After all the closures, completions, that need to take place in your life, finally appear, after you build up a safe, reliable and steady material situation for yourself, the very next step is finding very significant connections which can enable your life’s true work. This might involve a professional partnership, or starting a new career, or even going freelance, but regardless of how this plays out you will need to collaborate with other similar minds, as the 3 of coins suggests, and this will place you in your position of power, where you can be the most relevant you have ever been in your life. You life’s work is going to involve travels, investigations and research of certain subjects, teaching and mentoring others, and even publishing your book and sharing your experience with the world.


7 of Water, Ace of Coins, The Wheel. For those of you who were drawn to the chestnut, the combination of these cards speak about a big dream of yours, that has always been in your heart and in your mind. This isn’t just any kind of dream, life goal, it is NOT something that can possibly source from your education, the current values of society, or certain lacks you’ve had as a child, but rather it is like a very complex puzzle, which always completes and adapts it’s self, so what you are truly longing for isn’t something that you can buy, go do, live, or simply accomplish, but it’s more like a state of being. The 7 of Water tells you, that whatever your dream is, many times it feels like just a fantasy, an unaccomplishable desire to live the life you’ve always dreamed of, a life of mystery, freedom, where you can give to the world the very best of yourself unconditioned by social, material, financial situation, where you can embody your truth, your principles and your spiritual knowledge unrestricted by anyone or anything. This card also speaks about the fact that you might think that it was you who chose to make this dream a reality, but in truth, things are much more complex than you might think, because this dream was the one that chose you! It is part of your destiny, of your current incarnation, everything in your life good and bad (especially bad) happened for the reason to align you with the dream, to evolve you, change you into your true self, one who is fully able to live the life that you have always dreamed about. In this sense there were a lot of karmic lessons, maybe many steps that you took resulted in failures, and even though there was a time when this discouraged you greatly, now you understand that triumph and accomplishing your goal is a path paved with failures, life experiences and karmic lessons. These last 7 months your dream of the life that you desire to be living may have been extremely intense, sometimes it was so strong, that it’s been in your mind 24/7, almost as if your soul would be screaming out to the universe to unite you with it. In this sense the energies and celestial alignments taking place at the time of the equinox are going to trigger a very powerful fated event, symbolized by the Wheel of Fortune (the most benevolent aspect of Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and blessings) that is going to lead you and guide you towards getting a huge step closer towards living your dream. All of this can potentially take place within the next 10 months, but the exact moment simply can not be known, neither anticipated not even by you, but what the cards do tell us in form of the Ace of Coins, that this has to do with your material situation. So, everything that is going to enter your life after the equinox is going to provide you with guidance, making sure that you are either in the right place at the right time, or that you are aware and open to ceasing this divine opportunity, which can play out in number of different ways: for some of you, the Ace of Coins represents a new home, a house, your very own piece of heaven, you most sacred temple, which is going to offer not just your body, but also your soul a permanent shelter but also give you the chance to be very close to nature. For others this represents your own business, or your professional success that is going to provide you with more material resources than you could possibly need, so in your case the Wheel of Fortune’s lucky event may refer to an offer coming either from a business or a person to facilitate your professional success. For others still, especially those of you who are creative and artistic, the Ace of Coins represents either a very powerful and materially stable sponsor, who might offer you everything you need just to promote the beauty that sources from within you, or it could represent any other lucky event, like a winning, big gift, unexpected inheritance that can offer you the chance to create and express the artistic beauty within you unrestricted.


8 of Water, The Tower reversed, Death. For those of you who were attracted by the plum, these cards speak of a long journey of healing, self discovery and self empowerment, that has been ongoing for the past 8 moths/8 years of your lives. Some of you are trying to break free from old and stuck routines that simply do not match your current mental and emotional frequencies, vibes, while others are trying to break free from the vicious cycles of the past, while healing traumas which may have been caused by a big loss, a big failure or a failed relationship in the past. There is a huge contrast between your inner state and the reality that surrounds you, from a physical, material and social perspective, because even though emotionally, spiritually and mentally you are light-years ahead of your old way of living, feeling and perceiving life, but physical reality simply doesn’t want to adapt, align to your ultimate purpose.

This is the main symbolism of the Tower reversed, and it describes that you are pretty much still recovering from loss, some of you may have certain dept problems, while others are bound down by social or moral obligations, some of you may want to live totally different lives professionally, but no ideal opportunity has shown it’s self, for other’s still the tower reversed represents the oscillation between strong hope and surrender, admitting defeat or it could be your desperate attempts to somehow escape stagnation. Regardless which struggles, obstacles and limitations the tower reversed speaks of, one thing is for certain it’s keeping you in place, in survival mode, you find it very hard to focus on a trouble free future, where you can finally find your true place in the world, may that be a place that your soul aligns with, may that be within a layer of society, or in the arms of a lover, sometimes it’s even difficult to dream and hope, for there is no clue or indication from a very palpable perspective that such a future is even possible for you.

The Death card speaks about a number of different things, firstly it tells you, that you may never give up hope, because the external manifestation of your inner world is something that is guaranteed to take place by the most sacred principles and laws that govern the Universe, and from this perspective the death card is the symbol of your inner Pluto, everything that you have eliminated, cleansed and transformed from deep within you, will sooner or later be reflected in the most palpable ways, it’s merely a question of time. Another symbol of the death card, has to do with it’s number 13, which is the number of resurrection, and this points to the rebirth, return, connection of your inner child, a symbol of your divine innocence. The most innocent and pure part of your being needs time to gain strength, it also needs a lot of your love, care, and support, for it to become a source of lightheartedness, joy, gratitude and deep appreciation of life, so even though you may have done all the inner work needed to break free from the past and heal yourself, your inner child needs more love, it needs to feel that you are taking care of it’s needs and protecting it’s innocence as a responsible parent. So this represents your current karmic lesson, how to become your own spiritual guide and “parent”.

Last but not least, the Death card promises you change, it tells you that what you desire to accomplish is going to be granted to you, when the time is ripe, but it’s not going to be gradual progress or succession of karmic events as you might expect, but it’s going to be one big, instant, sudden change, that is going to eliminate all of your obstacles (disintegrating your Tower) and give way to a fantastic new beginning at the same time. What that new beginning looks like is a total mystery even for the cards, but one thing is for certain it is the kind of change that even exceeds your own expectations, and it’s going to steer you towards living the kind of life that is a perfect match for the person who you have become and most importantly it will heal all your wounds and offer you the chance to live the opposite of what you have gone through in the past.

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