Weekly horoscope: September 23- 29 & Super New Moon in Libra

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of September 23 -29, we have an active and powerful sky all week, the magical autumn equinox opening the veil between the world right at the beginning of the week, while, towards the end we have a very powerful Super new Moon taking place in the sign of Libra. Besides the energies of the most relevant celestial dances, that are going to take place and perfect themselves all throughout next week, the fact that Saturn went direct on the 18th makes this time a very karmic one, where we can expect all those things that entered a certain stagnation about 5 months ago, now to start mobilizing, picking up speed, just as Saturn starts to gain momentum, meets the South node, once again, and then advances further within his home sign of Capricorn. If this wasn’t enough, even though Pluto won’t officially do direct until the 3rd of next month, it will slow down , almost to a standstill, so it’s transformative powers are going to be felt that much stronger.

So, we begin the week with the autumn equinox, a very important time of the year, when the veil between the worlds is at it’s thinnest, and during this short opening all of us have the chance to access energies that belong to higher planes. This is a wonderful time to meditate, to make order within ourselves, to do inner work and purify our minds and subconscious from the inner chaos caused by the routines of everyday life, it’s also a perfect time to show appreciation and gratitude towards the divine for all of our blessings and equally a most ideal moment to set new intentions, goals, to ask for divine support and guidance to seek us through in this new cycle that is about to begin.

During this time we still have an opposition between Neptune and Mars, so this continues the main theme of last week, which is finding a very healthy balance between the time and effort we invest in serving the self and working towards our own advantages, and the time and effort we give away freely and unconditionally in service of other people. Both Virgo and Pisces are signs, that in totally different ways represent a certain degree of self sacrifice, and given the fact that at the beginning of the week the Sun is at 29 degrees, a critical degree, of Virgo, puts the emphasis on all those things, material sacrifices (time, efforts, energy, work) that we offer to others, regardless if they are loved ones who depend on us, or if they are total strangers, or if it’s society or humanity in general who is the beneficiary of our sacrifice, this opposition brings to our attention and awareness the necessity to find balance in this area of life. This can also play out in a very different ways, where Mars in Virgo represents the strength and effort we invest in our work, while Neptune represents our personal, spiritual, psychological needs, so these two areas need a higher degree of balance, where our power, focus, and energy is used up in the healthiest ways, that can serve our emotional, inner needs and material, social needs equally.

Another very important aspect is the ongoing square between Neptune and Jupiter, which is perfected for the third and last time, after which Jupiter is going to pick up speed and start to break this conversation of tension. As I have said in previous articles, this energy is meant to test our faith, it is meant to offer us the chance to find the healthiest and most appropriate expression of our faith, hopes and dreams. Some of us have the tendency to elevate our hopes and faith to such an impossibly high degree, that it is simply not applicable in material life, some of us may be extremely optimistic, thinking that miracles and divine help is going to enter our lives and as if by magic make everything ideal, while others are the exact opposites where they tend to look at life in a very pessimistic, doomy and gloomy ways, where they might think that nothing ever can change for them. We are very likely to go through both of these extremes, while this square is potent, but if we possess wisdom and total honesty to look within ourselves, and identify where it is that our idealism is disadvantaging us, where it is that we fuel fake hopes, illusions, or perhaps misaligned beliefs, we have the power to change all of this and balance ourselves out in such a way that our hopes, dreams and faith doesn’t contradict material reality, and thus making it easier for us to always stand from a place of alignment with our inner truths.

This aspect can trigger depression, disillusion, disappointment, it might force hopeless dreamers to get down from the clouds and face real life, but it can also influence those people who have hedonistic tendencies and live a self serving way of life to change and consider the more spiritual and compassionate aspects of life.

A direct Saturn also adds a touch of karma to everything, so during this time, those people who worked very hard to accomplish something important, and did so with dignity and fairness, respecting their own moral rules, but also their actions, were equitable for others as well, chances are manifestations can take place, their work one way or another is going to be rewarded, enabled, allowed to exist in physical reality being blessed with longevity. This doesn’t necessarily have to be work in it’s general sense, it can be inner work, it can be unconditional help offered to others, it can be simply resisting the temptations of Saturn and holding your ground even when going through hard times, it can also be tests of faith, where at certain points of the retrograde season we may have been challenged to enact what we believe deep inside or it can also take the form of having the wisdom and diligence not to squander your power, resources, energy and not to reduce your level of self worth when being challenged by others.

Another very influential astrological event taking place right at the beginning of the week is the Sun moving into Libra and activating this part of the sky. Libra rules partnerships, associations, romance, diplomacy, our long term relations with others, legal actions, decision making process etc., so the energy is going to shift from earthy Virgo, to airy Libra, Venus and Mercury already dancing together in this area of the sky. This is even more influential, given the fact that Venus is in her home sign making her own symbolism and that of Libra more dominant. Venus in Libra is a very philosophical energy, it is where the idea, notion, the idealistic feeling of love gains importance and not as much it’s practical applicability, and this is emphasized by the minor aspect, a quincunx, it forms with Neptune, it’s higher octave. Both of these planets speak from their home signs, so this may cause many of us to get lost, deeply immersed, in romantic vibes, the desire to live the most idealistic romance, fantasies about the “perfect love”, the most beautiful love story etc., so during this time it’s not the best idea to follow up on these idealistic impulses, because the love that we fantasize about, may very well not exist in this day and age. Saturn, speaking from his home sign of Capricorn forms squares with both Mercury and Venus, and even though this is an aspect of tension, this energy is greatly needed, for it helps a very powerful and influential Venus, to ground herself and her symbolism. This aspect may make us extremely critical both of others and ourselves, for Venus in Libra also represents self worth, self esteem, self love while Saturn can symbolize our dignity, our moral integrity, so these 2 powers can balance each other out perfectly. For those who are single and looking, this energy may force them to think twice before accepting an offer of love from someone who they do not know sufficiently, and this is the diligence and wisdom of Saturn, however if they do feel a powerful connection and most importantly physically and materially there is a high degree of compatibility, common interests, principles, common goals etc., in other words every sign points to a potentially stable future together, then the energy of this square can give us the strength to fight off our fears and insecurities in order to allow a new relationship the chance to exist. For those who are in an established bond, this square might represent challenges, temptations, polemics, a conflict of interest between partners. If the relationship and the emotional connection is strong, then the temptations of Saturn are only going to make the bond stronger, and ultimately reward the relationship with a much greater sense of stability and trust. However if the relationship is weak, then chances are the power of this square is only going to highlight the differences and break this bond.

Later on in the week Pluto also forms squares with these planets, and this represents a power struggle within an established bond, the desire to be equal to your partner, the preferences, choices, options and decisions of each individual to have the same amount of influence over the relationship. This can also play out in a totally different ways, because Pluto is a highly sexual energy, and this can give birth to third party situations, infidelity, and even trying out new things (threesome for example) which may seem a good idea at that time but will ultimately break the trust between the partners. For those of you who are single, this energy may turn inwards and force you to look at yourself with total honesty trying to figure out why it is that you are not in an established bond, and if you do reach the conclusion that there are inner obstacles or perhaps outer ones, you are going to be empowered to change them, eliminate them and try different new approaches to love. Of course not everyone desires to be in an established bond, for those who’s inner truth points to the fact that solitude is what they desire in the present moment, this energy can help them make connections which can offer them moments of romance and passion in their lives, but without any obligations.

Pluto’s square to Venus, can also be perceived as an inner impulse to change everything you need within yourself in order to find the healthiest expression of self worth and self love. This energy can also play out as a gesture of auto-psychoanalysis, where you might be able to identify what exactly is keeping you from having a high degree of self worth and self love, and of course it can also empower you to change this, by breaking relationships, bonds, friendships that simply drag you down, and equally it can help you find new ones, that do reflect your true worth.

Towards the end of the week the Sun in Libra is going to oppose Chiron in Aries, and even though this is a celestial dance of tension, this can represent a huge breakthrough in healing all those wounds, traumas, disappointments, sorrows that source from failed relationships from the past, and also the new Moon’s energies can help you move on with your life, forget the past, forgive everyone who wronged you and create a fantastic new beginnings for yourself in that area of your life which is ruled by Libra.

Both Mercury and Venus are sextiled by Jupiter speaking from his home sign of Sagittarius, and this is a celestial dance of supreme harmony, where your beauty, your self love, the beauty of your thoughts, ideas, principles, your notions and vision about love and romance, especially if expressed can make you extremely attractive, and this can birth new relationships. For some people these can be professional ones, where the love, passion and beauty of your activities, work etc. can attract those partners, associates who find the beauty of your work or the passion you invest in it simply irresistible, this can birth new friendships based on common interests, things you love and are passionate about, and of course this can also mean love in romantic sense, after all Jupiter is the planet of good fortune, so this can mean that fated encounters, or the best possible combination of two personalities can come together during this time. The sextile with Mercury can make all of your form of self expression, communication, your speech, writing, extremely attractive, persuasive, and it can draw all the right kind of attention. This is truly a lucky time for matters of love, romance and the birth of new partnerships of any kind, as long as you do everything in your power to make sure you can be found, or to show to the world that you are open and available, because a sextile is a positive aspect that we need to use through action and choice, it’s not a free, effortless blessing.

This energy can also translate into law and justice, where court cases, legal documents, legal issues, are going to advance, and potentially resolutions, solutions, or significant advancements can be reached. Contracts, favorable legally binding documents, agreements are advantaged by this energy.

Neptune is also going to form minor aspects called quincunx with both Mercury and Venus, so there is a very dreamy, idealistic, philosophical, soul level energy at play here. This can be used in a number of different ways, one of them is a least favorable one, where we might get a little bit carried away by fantasies and have the expectations to live them in real life, another more positive way is to approach matters of love and romance seeking unconditional love, the kind of love that sources from deep within the soul.

The Sun is Libra also forms a quincunx with Uranus, and this energy can represent surprises, unexpected twist of events, but also powerful epiphanies and moments of sudden realization, that can guide us and steer us in matters of love and any other form of significant relationships we have with other people. This energy can also have a not very favorable side, making us want to experience new, unique, unusual, extreme, not common things in matters of love, or we might get very bored with our usual routines and we might have the desire to seek out new things that offer us unusual, never felt before experiences. During this time, we might feel attraction to those people, or better said archetypes who we wouldn’t usually be interested in, but this is a short term aspect and our feelings might change very quickly after this aspect ends, so if you are in an established bond, make sure not to make life changing decisions based on such a feeling, or if you are single be very diligent and do not accept or promise loyalty to a person who, under normal circumstances you wouldn’t wanna be in a relationship with, because the way you feel can change very quickly after this aspect dissolves.

To end the week we have a very potent super new Moon taking place on the 28th of September at 5 degrees and 20 mins. of Libra. This can represent a very powerful new beginning in that area of your life, which is ruled by Libra. It is a very good time to set our new intentions, new goals and focus on what you desire to attract in your life. This celestial dance of the Sun and Moon, is quite significant from a totally different perspective, because they oppose Chiron, the healer, so this can represent a very powerful karmic event that can help you heal all wounds you may have suffered from previous relationships, partnerships, friendships etc. and can draw something or someone new in your life, who will also help you with the healing process. This could be a new relationship, where you have the chance to experience true love, true devotion, true respect, or it could be any kind of partnership or association which reflect your self worth and you are treated with respect, in a position of equality.

If you’d like to read more about this upcoming new Moon you can follow the link to an article, specially dedicated to the astrological analysis of this celestial event:


From a general collective sense, the celestial conversation taking place next week can have a powerful influence on the world stage, because the squares that Saturn and Pluto form with Venus and Mercury in Libra can deteriorate diplomatic relations between nations, it can also end old alliances and form new ones, so the political configuration within states but also the world stage can take on a very different form. This is just highlighted by the fact that a direct Saturn is going to meet with the South node, so this can be a very powerful karmic time for everyone collectively, where we might have to pay for our past actions, or work as hard as we can to amend humanities past mistakes, bad choices and the damage we caused to the Earth and other living beings who we share the planet with. As soon as Pluto goes direct around the 3rd of November, this energy is going to prepare us for what’s about to unfold in January next year, when Saturn and Pluto perfect their dance and meet in the sky, forcing the deconstruction and reconstruction of the hierarchy of powers within a state, but also on the World stage. This represents the beginning of a new chapter in humanities history, where the whole collective is being challenged to find a much fairer, healthier, compassionate, more humanitarian if you will, form of social and hierarchical organization, one that can serve both the collective and individual alike, the emphasis being put on vulnerable individual, less fortunate members of society, those who are greatly disadvantaged, and this is the main influence of the North node traversing Cancer, being able to persevere our ancestral origins and the distinctiveness of our cultures but in such a way that doesn’t harm, doesn’t disadvantage anyone, were we, as individuals, strive to be the most positive example of all the virtues, dignity, and distinctiveness that our cultures, our origins represent.

Thank you so much for reading, wish everyone an amazing and blessed equinox, and an equally magical new Moon!

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