Super New Moon in Libra (28th of Sept. 2019)

Hi everyone! In this article I’m going to be talking about the upcoming super new Moon in the sign of Libra, taking place on the 28th of September (give or take a day depending on which side of the planet you’re on), a very powerful astrological event that can create a fantastic new beginning in that area of your life which is ruled by Libra.

As you probably know from previous articles, new Moons are associated with fresh, new starts, new initiatives, new goals, now objectives, this time is ideal for making plans and setting new goals and intentions. The symbolism of Libra has to do with a number of different things, firstly it rules relationships, it is considered the house of marriage, but it isn’t restricted to romantic partnerships, it can also represent very strong, long lasting friendships, professional partnerships, associations, collaborating with another person, so the meaning of the word partnership can take many different shapes and forms. Libra is also associated with diplomacy, diplomatic work, finding common ground, negotiations, beneficial compromises, it also rules certain aspects of justice, weighting the truth, finding the middle path, legally binding agreements, documents, court cases etc. So, generally speaking, it is these areas, which fall under the rulership of Libra that can represent a new beginning, individually however besides the general influence of these energies, it depends very much where Libra fall into your chart.

During the time of the new Moon, this part of the sky is going to be extremely powerful, because Venus the ruler of Libra is also in her home sign, making her influence that much stronger, and if this wasn’t enough, she dances very closely to Mercury and both of them are going to take part in very powerful celestial conversations with other planets. Before we examine the other aspects that are going to influence the energies of the new Moon, first we must consider those aspects which speak directly to the conjunction of the Sun and Moon. Even though, these are minor astrological aspects, which I don’t usually take into consideration, this time I need to make an exception, because the powerful Uranian influence can add a touch of chaos and unpredictability to all of this, we are talking about a cuincunx Uranus forms with the new Moon. This energy can be very helpful, because it provides us with powerful epiphanies, moments of sudden realization, clarity and perfect awareness of what we desire to receive from other people, how we would like to be treated, what our main purpose in love actually is, so this energy helps us to discover our own needs, our own expectations, requirements in love, partnership and dealing with other people. Knowing ourselves and what we desire, can be extremely beneficial, because it can help us be very clear with other people, it can also give us an awareness, the power of the mind to predict which potential relationship can work out, and which are destined to be ruined by differences, it can also be a very positive push in the right direction for people who are in an established bond, because this aspect promotes communication, speaking your truth, expressing yourself, which can give your partner a very good idea and vision about how you perceive the relationship. All of this can also have a least favorable manifestation, we’re talking about the planet of chaos after all, so this can cause frustrations, wanting something more, something different, something out of the ordinary, you may feel bored, dissatisfied with your partner, but know that after this aspect breaks up, you might feel totally differently, you might simply return to normal vibes, so expressing dissatisfaction or pursuing something different might not be a wise choice during this time. Also this favors the birth of very unusual relationships, where people who might not really have much in common may be tempted to “come together” and try out something new, in this case diligence is also advised because your feelings might change very quickly after this aspect breaks, so do not make any commitments or promises, unless you are very sure. This can also cause infidelity, third party situations, love triangles, and in some cases threesomes which might take the relationship out of normal bounds.

Another very important aspect, which even though is not going to be precise and exact at the time of this new Moon, is the opposition of the Sun & Moon with Chiron in Aries. Even though this is a challenging aspect, it is for out greater goods, because this promotes healing, especially those hurts, traumas, misaligned beliefs which source from previous relationships. If you have been through such a traumatic event, have suffered from a toxic, manipulative even violent partner, if you have been greatly disappointed in love, or if you have been through a very long but toxic friendship or partnership, then chances are one way or another this energy is going to provide you with healing, moving forward, leaving your emotional baggage behind, embracing life and love with a light, purified, and innocent heart. Because of the cuincunx of Uranus and the new Moon, this healing can come to you in the most surprising, shocking, but also delightful ways, so the next 6 months after this new Moon, chances are your love life, and how you perceive love and partnerships is going to be totally different in the most favorable sense possible. This aspect promotes forgiveness, ripping out and abandoning pain, vengeance, old hurts and finding the healthiest and most balanced form of self love, and through that self love your life is going to take on a very different feel.

There is another very important power player in this area of the sky, Venus, the ruling planet of Libra, who speaks in a conversation of supreme harmony with Jupiter. This sextile just expands and increases Venus’ symbolism in her home sign, so this can represent a very idealistic, extremely romantic approach to love. In Libra Venus is considered the “Celestial Aphrodite”, her symbolism of love and beauty becomes deeply philosophical, where the idea, the notion, the feeling of love gains importance, the physical, palpable manifestation, expression of that love may not matter as much during this time. Because she also dances very closely with Mercury, this mixture of idealistic thoughts and feelings, almost wanting to live our personal fantasies about love and romance may give the key tone, and the cunincunx with Neptune just increases this surreal, deeply philosophical, or better said platonic perception about love and beauty. In this area of the sky she also rules self worth and self love, so one way or another we are being challenged to to live up to our beliefs about ourselves, about our own worth, and find a very balanced way of expressing it. The square which Saturn forms with Venus, might be a challenging aspect, but it is a challenge that we absolutely need, because Saturn speaking from his home sign of Capricorn forces Venus to ground herself, to adapt her idealism and exaggerated, unrealistic romantic perceptions in such a way that it can exist in real life. All of these conversations that Venus is going to have, might represent challenges in a relationship, serious talks, discussions, head to head and heart to heart conversations are going to take place, where both people who form a partnership may express their desires, what they feel they have in common, and make plans based on this for the future. If the bond is strong and meaningful, then this square with Saturn is ultimately going to solidify the relationship, but if the partnership is not very stable, chances are it’s not going to endure the challenges, temptations, and tests Saturn is going to project.

During this time Pluto also squares Venus and Mercury so this can bring out our most critical, analytical selves and we might have the tendency to demand absolute respect and equality in all our relationships. During this time, it is wise to think well before you speak, because misinterpretation can happen and they can cause a lot of conflict. But ultimately even the power of this square, just serves us to find the healthiest expression of self love, self worth, self knowledge, and standing from a place of total honesty and respect for others we can upgrade our existing relationships by consolidation the love and trust we share with others, we can eliminate and break free from those relationships that disadvantage us, regardless of their nature, and ceasing the opportunity offered to us by this super new Moon we can also attract the love that we desire into our lives, as long as our expectations and idealism is under control and in healthy levels.

From an individual perspective this astrological events is going to guide a lot of single people who are looking for love towards finding someone they are comfortable with, but this celestial dance of the planets can also terminate unhealthy, unequal relationships, and thus promote healing and self empowerment.

Collectively however, we are still under the influence of a very potent Jupiter and Saturn, both in their home signs, so we can see very significant and powerful diplomatic relationships between states, world leaders and very influential political leaders changing, some might deteriorate significantly, while new alliances and association can be born. All of these events, changes, the deterioration of old and stable alliances and the birth of new ones are just setting up the world stage for the conjunction of Pluto and Saturn, that will deconstruct and reconstruct the hierarchy of the world powers in January 2020.

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