Weekly horoscope: September 15 – 22

Hi everyone, welcome to your horoscope for the week of September 15-22. We have a very active and powerful sky all week, the energies are going to feel a little bit tense, especially with Saturn stopping in the sky and preparing to go direct right around the 18th give or take a day depending on which side of the planet you’re on, but despite the potential stress, a little bit of confusion and misunderstandings that might take place because of the square between Mars and Jupiter, and Pluto trining Mars, we can still navigate through the week and use our wisdom, diligence and life experience to turn the tensionate energies of these sqares and opposition towards motivation and mental energy needed to make important decision and to achieve progress in various areas of our lives.

We start the week with Mercury and Venus having changed signs, both of them right at the end of the week having entered the sign of Libra, which is a very beneficial energy shift, especially regarding the Venutian energies, because Venus is the ruler of Libra, and being in her home sign increases her potential.

Below you can find a synthesis of what this energy shift is producing in our lives:

Mercury into Libra:

  • Libra rules partnerships, associations, those people who we ally ourselves with, those people who we collaborate with long term, our partners in life, those people who complete us (our personalities, our lives one way or another), and since Mercury is the planet of the mind, travels, communication it’s transit through the sign of Libra can help us make very significant connections, or these connection may reach us (considering that Mercury also rules the internet and world wide web along with it’s higher octave Uranus), if can also promote communication with our life partners, with our associates, with the most significant people in our lives.
  • From a psychological perspective, Mercury in Libra is all about attempting to find balance, balance between logic and emotions, the mind and the heart, our individual needs and our choices to meet the needs of other people present in our lives, choosing very carefully how we communicate, what we express through words, an attempt to be perceived by others as we would like to be seen;
  • This also increases our diplomacy, our intelligence when it comes to dealing with other people, finding a common ground, trying to consider the perspectives and opinions of others, expressing ourselves in the most ideal manner, choosing the right methods of creating peace and balance in our relationships, expressing through words and communication the way which we want to be seen by others;
  • Mercury in this sign can also make us very good “actors”, we can use our intelligence, experience, logic, and intuition to manipulate other people, situations and relationships in the most positive of ways, considering everyone’s greater good;
  • This is also a very good energy for negotiations, reaching compromises, diplomatic resolutions, solving conflicts of interests etc.
  • The negative expression of Mercury in Libra has to do with either overthinking, or not thinking at all, jumping into extremes, creating appearances, white lies, inability to make solid decisions, changing your mind, preferences, oscillation between different types of logic, not being able to identify priorities.

Venus into Libra:

  • This is one of my personal favorite transits, because Venus, the planet of love and beauty enters her home sign of Libra, a sign where her influence, symbolism and energy is greatly increased;
  • In the sign of Libra she takes on the form of the “Celestial Aphrodite”, opposed to the “Earthy Aphrodite” when she is the earth sign of Taurus, her other home.
  • Venus in Libra is all about the unconditionality, purity, philosophy of love, this brings out our most idealistic perception of love, not just in a romantic sense, but also any and every form of love may it be for an activity, arts, hobby, way of life etc.
  • During her transit in her home sign, way may be over-flooded with romance, romantic thoughts, romantic dreams, romantic desires, we may get a little bit carried away by our fantasies, our ideals, but maybe in the most positive of ways, because this can bring out our most benevolent, good willed, romantic, peaceful, considerate selves and this can make our hearts, our minds, our personalities extremely attractive, appreciated and of course loved.
  • Whenever she transits her home sign of Libra, there is a tendency to fall deeply in love with the idea, personality, way of thinking, symbol of someone, we may have the tendency to project our own idealism and principles of love onto a person who in at least one way corresponds to the archetype of our ideal lover.
  • This energy has Platonic love written all over it, this is where the fine line between romantic love and friendly love washes into one, this is the type of energy which can make us fall in love with people who we “friend zoned” , or vice versa someone who thought of us as just friends may now see us totally differently; this is the type of energy which gives birth to steamy romantic fantasies, it’s all about the beauty and pleasure of the heart, the most wonderful and touching love poems, novels, pieces of art, speeches etc. can be created.
  • The downside of this energy is, that once Venus leaves her home sign, all of this wonderful, imaginative, romantic and idealistic feelings may come to an end, we might suddenly wake up from this daydream, so during this transit, be very careful what choices you make in love, because you might feel very very differently later on, and also never forget that physical compatibility, chemistry, the practical aspects of partnership (material resources, distance etc) can simply not be neglected, so don’t make hasty decisions.
  • This aspect can also give birth to infidelity and third party situations, but not the type which results from physical attraction, so it can cause quite a lot of confusion.

There are other celestial conversation which started last week that are going to stay with us most of next week as well and some of these energies can be pretty hard to navigate through.

Firstly we have the Neptune in Pisces and Mars in Virgo opposition, which gets even stronger as Jupiter also squares Mars, greatly amplifying and expanding it’s symbolism. This energy is of maximum tension, where Neptune represents our illusions, our idealism, but also our spirituality, our sense of unconditional love, compassion, altruism and self sacrificial tendencies, all of which are expanded by the square between Neptune and Jupiter, causing the oscillation between hopes dream, and surrealistic optimism, and negative thoughts, fears and pessimism. The symbolism of Mars in Virgo, also expanded by a square with Jupiter, is quite the opposite, it represent our most practical and materially grounded selves, our sense of service to the self, our interests, our ambitions, expression of our will which ultimately turns into action needed to navigate through the material aspects of our lives, work, routines, and how we solve problems. Now even though this opposition can potentially generate inner conflict, especially between the soul/the heart/the Higher self and the Ego/ our primordial instincts/our self conservation impulses, because we are being challenged to find the right balance between service to the self, following our own interests and advantages, and our acts of compassion, service to others, our generosity, the time and energy we invest towards helping others. The best way to navigate through this energy is to know and always be very aware that there are times in life when we imperatively need to prioritize our own situation, solve our own problems, free ourselves from obligations and duties first of all, and after we reach a position of power and greater freedom we can invest our spare energies, spare time towards helping others.

As I mentioned in previous horoscopes this aspect also challenges us to anchor ourselves in reality, many of our hopes, idealistic thoughts and principles, excessive spiritual approach to life, and also our self victimization tendencies (Lilith in Pisces) might come to the surface and overload us emotionally and this is where a very powerful Mars, can help us face reality, and find a much more balanced expression to our principles, faith, spiritual approach to life and also help us cleanse ourselves from past traumas, personal illusions and misaligned beliefs.

Mars in Virgo is also going to form a supremely harmonious celestial dance with Saturn in Capricorn, which helps us to ground ourselves in matter and physical reality even more, it helps us see and feel things more clearly, it gives us a very critical approach to everything, including ourselves, our actions and choices in the most positive of ways, because Saturn is the great teacher and it blesses us with wisdom, life experiences, past lessons, diligence, fairness and it helps us achieve progress through ambition, hard work, endurance, resilience, a state of inner motivation, where we simply do not give into the challenges and stress. This can also signify a touch of good karma, where if can offers us all the tools, fated events, connections, divine guidance that we need in order to accomplish progress, harvest the fruits, result of our labor.

Of course all of this might not come very easily, because Mars is going to form a trine with it’s higher octave Pluto, while also being squared by Jupiter, and this is a celestial dance of maximum tension, which can generate conflicts, especially conflicts of interests, arguments, angry outbursts, a very selfish and apathetical approach, during this celestial dance we might challenge anyone who we perceive threatening our positions of power, the sovereignty of our wills and choices, we might be overtaken by our desire to be equal to anyone who we have to deal with in every sense. This aspect has the potential to bring fated endings to some relationships regardless of their nature, it can also provide us with the power to change how we approach solving problems, overcoming obstacles. Additionally, while still opposing Neptune, this aspect can also reveal to us our obsessions, our overambitious tendencies, our own bigotry, our own unwillingness to work hard for our positions, all those things which make us unfair either towards other or towards our selves.

Pluto also trines the Sun in Virgo and this is a conversation of harmony, that can bless us with fated events, divine intervention, personal magnetism to attract solutions, blessings, resolutions which we need in order to make progress in that area of life ruled by Virgo, but it can also help us adapt, change, evolve, transform the way we usually go after the things we want. This is a very positive energy to change old habits, to purify the mind and body from inner and outer things that keep us from using our maximum potential.

Right around the 18th of the month give or take a day, depending on which side of the planet you’re on, Saturn finally stops in the sky and prepares to go direct. This is going to represent a major energy shift, because a retrograde Saturn’s symbolism turns inwards, so during the time of the retrograde our limitations, our obstacles our temptations may have come from within, from our inner structures, from our own self criticism, from our own set of personal rules and regulations we may have created to navigate through life based on our life experiences, and also the same applies for our rewards, gratification, so all the positive expressions of Saturn may have also sourced from within, and we perceived it as our main duty to provide ourselves with all these things. Now, that Saturn goes direct, it’s symbolism turns outwards, which means different energy shift for different people. Those who were born with a retrograde Saturn might find it a bit challenging at the beginning of this transit to accept rules, limitations, challenges set by others, and have ultimately have to go within themselves and find the right balance between the inner and outer expression of rules. Those people, who are usually hard workers and do not shy away from investing as much effort and time that is needed in order to accomplish something, those who usually are well grounded in matter, and have a very realistic approach to life, will find this energy very beneficial, because it truly means a time of harvest, where their resilience and determination is paid off. Those, who may have a very different approach to life, who might shy away from work, who might have a very opportunistic approach to life might find the energies of a direct Saturn much harder to navigate through, because the restrictions, criticism, judgments might source from the outside.

Just as Saturn starts to go direct it forms a square to Mercury in the sign of Libra. This energy might have it’s challenges, but in my opinion, it is a blessing in disguise, because it forces us to think, to apply cold logic, rationality, a very multidimensional, a very dual way of seeing and analyzing things, especially when it comes to decisions making, communications, connection to other people. We might overthink, over-analyze, try to interpret the words, communications we receive in various different ways, trying to make sure that the position, attitudes, intentions of others are perfectly clear to us, we might choose our words very carefully, and we might feel the need to have serious talks with our partners, allies, associates of all kinds, may this a romantic one, professional or social. Since, Libra rules partnerships, marriage, and our connections to those people who are meant to complete us on some level, the energy of this square might force us to reevaluate our positions in relations to our partners, and there might be serious talks, negotiations, maybe reconciliations, which might lead to important decisions being made for the common, shared future. Hasty decisions during this time are not really advised, if you feel the need to think thighs through 10 times, it’s still better to give yourself as much time as you feel you need, rather then jump to conclusions, and most importantly always think before you speak, because a Saturn square can make our words very harsh, critical, cold, unforgiving, and this might lead to confusion, this might give the impression that we don’t take the other’s feeling in consideration as much as we should, and this can generate misunderstanding, misinterpretations and ultimately conflicts. The best way to navigate through this energy is to apply wisdom, diligence, fairness and to be perfectly aware of our own morality and equity, not saying or expressing things which might offend us if others would say those things in that manner to us. This can be considered as a temptation of Saturn, if we allow our wisdom and experience to guide us, and not rush things then this aspect can lead to solidifying bonds, reaching a position of balance and equality, and ultimately making all the right decisions.

Around the 21st give or take a day depending on which side of the planet you’re on, we have a very tense and challenging celestial configuration a Moon – Mars – Jupiter – Neptune grand cross. This is a very short term aspect because the Moon is going to break it’s opposition to Jupiter in a couple of hours, but nevertheless this can cause stress, conflicts, depression, the inability to make decisions, or even the tendency to make all the wrong choices. The Moon in Gemini is a very dual energy, it may cause chaotic thoughts, mental confusion, it might force us to overthink, overreact, to be totally blind to the truth, to oscillate between two different opinions, not being able to find our inner truth, it might determine us to have outbursts of anger, say harsh words, be quite irritable, passive aggressive, project all our fears unto the actions of other people, our idealism, illusions and perceiving ourselves as victims may also get in the way. Even though this is quite a touch aspect, the best way to navigate though this is to simply stop ourselves from judging, from overthinking, from saying things without thinking it through, from making promises we can’t keep, from being aggressive, overly sensitive, and from misinterpreting the words of others. If we use wisdom and a very loving approach during this time, then this can turn into a huge motivational force, helping us to overcome our inner chaos, our negative self talk that we might project unto others, or patience, diligence, respect we have for others may reward us greatly.

Later on in the Week, Venus in her home sign of Libra is also going to form a square with Saturn. Even though this is a conversation with some tension to it, this is actually a very positive energy, because Venus in Libra is deeply philosophical, it can force us to perceive and feel love in the most idealistic and surreal, exaggerated ways possible, quite often neglecting very important details, possible limitations, incompatibilities, and it can cause us to simply put the notion, the idea, the supreme expression of love and beauty on a very idealistic pedestal, and be blind to all the palpable elements which might greatly disadvantage us, so this Saturn comes to ground us, to limit us from exaggerating, it might be a “safety vest” not allowing us to drown in the illusion of love. The most positive expression of this is energy can prevent us from making foolish mistakes, it can highlight our rational sides preventing us from leaving an established bond because of personal illusions and being too carried away, it might help us decline offers of love and partnership which simply couldn’t work out, thus preventing unnecessary complications. Since Saturn also squares Mercury, people in an established bond are very likely to have quite serious talks about their futures, and might wanna take their relationship to a whole new level, and this might involve careful planning and finding a greater sense of common ground with our partners.

Last, but not least we finish the week with a celestial conversation of harmony, Mercury in Libra sextiles Jupiter in Sagittarius. This aspect favors diplomacy, flirts, finding common ground with others, the beauty of words and expression of self through communication, reconciliations, a fantastic aspect to all those who work with the public, important connections can take place during this aspect, especially via the internet, this can connect us to those people who might serve a very important role in our lives like business partners, associates, allies, soulmates, and naturally our future partners, since Venus is very close to Mercury.

Writers, poets, diplomats, communicators, artists, lovers, “hopeless” romantics, those who are single and looking, philosophers, thinkers in general are going to be empowered by this celestial dance.

Thank you so much for reading, I wish everyone wisdom, strength and great diligence to make the very best of this weeks astral configuration and turn the tensionate aspects into motivation, action, and harvest.

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