Weekly horoscope : August 12-18

Hi everyone and welcome to your weekly horoscope for the week of August 12-18. We have a very active and at the beginning of the week a very harmonious sky, even though towards the middle there are going to be some aspects of tension, I still believe that this is going to be a week of major blessings, progress, end of stagnation. We also have very powerful shifts of energy taking place next week, one of them will be represented by a fantastic full Moon taking place in the sign of Aquarius, we also have Jupiter standing still in the sky and then going direct, which is going to feel like a breath of fresh air and hope, and at the same time Uranus is also going to stand still in the sky and then enter it’s retrograde phase, an event which will greatly raise our awareness, and it is more then likely to turn on the inner critic and allow us to see many things about our lives and about ourselves in a much clear and more objective way.

We being the week with a conversation of supreme harmony, Jupiter standing still in his home of Sagittarius is going to form trines with the Sun conjunct Venus in Leo. Both Jupiter and the Sun are in their homes signs, and both are fire signs making this energy very very intense, and if we add to this the energy of Venus, this can be a beautiful time, full of joy, optimism, feeling more alive then ever, feeling the need to express your love in the most enthusiastic and creative ways possible, and since Mercury is going to enter Leo around this time, we are going to find it very easy to express ourselves verbally and communicate our most elevated feelings and share them with the world.

This energy can be perceived differently by different people, so for some of us, this will take a very practical form, where things will start to move, progress, you may find that the Universe is very receptive to your thoughts, desires and feelings, and matters of money, finances, taking action, new initiatives are going to come easily. For other people this energy gives them the opportunity to advance in their quest for knowledge, may find the most ideal source of knowledge, book, author, also this energy favors long distance travels, evolution of legal matters, court cases, the truth can be seen more clearly then any other time, and this energy also favors gamblers, because Jupiter trines Venus, especially in the sign which rules risks, can be very very lucky energy. Also this astral context favors artists, creators, inventors, writers, in other words everyone who performs creative work, because inner and outer inspiration may reach you simultaneously, promising you are very emotionally, intellectually fertile time, where you may just feel guided to create and expose your work, creation, self expression to the public stage and this care bare very surprising and unexpected benefits, gains, rewards.

This is also a very favorable time for love, making romantic declarations, getting out of your comfort zone and expressing your love may pay off during this time, but also the energy of a trine is easy blessing, as if the Universe it’s self conspires in your favor, so you might be extremely attractive during this time, and your heart can turn into an endless inferno of passion, love and dreams of romance, and you know what they say…. be careful what you wish for, because such a sky may bring your dreams to life very quickly. There is a chance for fated encounters to take place, because, besides this wonderful trine, Neptune is also sextiling Pluto, so this always keeps the doors of fate open.

Now even though this is a trine, the most harmonious conversation possible, and even though this is very lucky, and uplifting energy, this may be felt exactly the opposite way by people who are going through extreme hardships, illness, mental health issues, depression and anxiety. These individuals are usually alone and suffering in silence, and their dreams and hopes, even if some of them are illusinary, are extremely powerful, and that’s what is probably keeping them going and moving forwards, even an illusinary motivation (Jupiter squaring Neptune) is just as good as any if it’s meant to protect life, so these hopes and dreams an inner motivation are going to be greatly amplified by Jupiter, the power of hope when in excess can create unrealistic, illusionary, fantasy like expectations, and of course if these are not grounded in matter or reality, chances are these fantasies are going to fade away, and that’s when this energy will get deadly for these individuals.

So please, if you know anyone who is going through hardships, struggling with mental health issues, suffered a great loss, or is going through heartache or have been through a painful separation, just check up on them from time to time and let them know that there is always someone they can talk to and share their feelings and their pains. This is extremely important, because in my experience as an astrologer and a mystics, it’s during the most powerfully blissful and harmonious conversations that very troubled individuals muster the courage and the ambition to escape life, because at the end of the day hope can have a dark side as well, especially if it catalyzes an illusion or a misaligned belief, as in suicide and self harm would be an escape from their torment. My message to those readers who may be going through these hardships is, as long as you are alive, as long as you breathe, as long as your mind is under your control, there is always a chance for things to change. Every single day, every second of every day holds the potential for change, the Universe is always moving, always advancing, always changing, even our solar system along with our Earth travels through the cosmos, so please know that nothing lasts forever, even hardships and suffering will fade away, and the only way to make sure that this enters your life is to cease every second of life and keep an open door to those changes which you need to take place in your life. I am not just arrogantly spitting advice here, because I was in such a position and there are days when I still am, but the Universe is wise, loving and caring, it will find a way, even if it has to break it’s own rules to send you help and hope, so please have faith in yourself and in your life’s story.

As I said earlier, just at the beginning of the week, Jupiter is going to stand still in the sky and the next day it will officially start advancing forward and in a few weeks it’s going to pick up speed and complete it’s journey through it’s shadow. This can feel like a blessing in it’s self, because it will mobilize energies, it will restore the dynamism of events, the quickness, the haste, and it’s powers of protection, expansion and good fortune are going to be that much beneficial. During it’s retrograde phase, we were invited to use the Jovian energies inside of us, as in create our own luck, but it also challenged us to fight our own inner demons because it expanded both the good and bad aspects of our beings, so this period of Jupiter rx may have felt like an endless struggle. This struggle is going to cease, and things will start fixing themselves, falling in place on their own accord, and we are going to feel that something out there is guiding us, and not just from the inside. Depending on where Sagittarius falls in your personal chart, it’s that area of your life, which will start to be dynamic, out of stagnation and you can expect significant progress there. On the world stage however, a direct Jupiter is only going to make these very intense, mysterious and interesting times, which we are currently living, that much more stimulating, because Sagittarius rules travels, especially in the modern era: space travels, space technology, new propulsion methods, discoveries about space, and the space time continuum, it also rules the highest octaves of knowledge so very significant scientific discoveries about quantum physics, robotics, other dimensions, other galaxies, new laws of physics may all come to light. Jupiter also rules the truth and the law, to there can be significant changes in legislation, new laws meant to offer more equity and fairness may appear, also truth about world leaders, governments, politics, secret science, and other very controversial truth may come to light in the weeks to come.

Now, at the same time as Jupiter goes direct, Uranus, another very big power player in the sky is going to stop and go retrograde. This means that it’s energies are going to turn inwards, and when traveling back in Taurus it will also complete those things that where not shaken up, revolutionized, brought to our awareness during it’s direct motion.

For the individual a retrograde Uranus is going to greatly raise our awareness, during this time the most controversial and complex thoughts may be brought to our awareness, giving us the chance to contemplate and analyze and see how we feel about them, this energy can also bring to the surface the inner rebel, revolutionary, visionary, futurist in all of us, during this time way may be focused much more on the future and our future goals then on the present. This can also bring to the surface the hidden freedom fighter in all of us, we may demand justice, equality and equal chances for everyone.

So a retrograde Uranus will just amplify the anti governmental protests, social rebellion against leaders, and since it’s traversing the sign of Taurus, more and more people will feel the need for a massive economic reform, and also more and more people will fall in love with nature, a natural way of life, and agriculture.

On a very personal level, a retrograde Uranus is going to bombard you with moments of epiphany, sudden realizations, shocks and surprises which come from within you, from your most elevated thoughts, this is going to a a tough but very intellectually prosperous time for inventors, scientists, artists, philosophers and mystics alike.

If all of this wasn’t enough to begin the week, there is yet another very important event taking place in the sky, and that is Mercury entering the sign of Leo, and touching zero degrees of Leo for the third and final time, bringing us a huge amount of wisdom, understanding, a logical approach about all the events that have happened in our lives during the last 7 months, and we will get the chance to become aware, and also process what the January’s Leo eclipse produced, manifested in your lives. Because we are talking about an eclipse point, these lessons, sources of wisdom and life experience are going to have a strong karmic element to them and they are going to be infinitely valuable experiences and lessons for the rest of our lives.

Besides the wisdom, Mercury in Leo, is going to help us express our deepest feelings and emotions and everything that we feel on a deep heart level, we may find it very difficult during this time to stay silent and withhold our truths, and because just a day after it enters Leo, it’s going to form a conversation of tension called a square, with Uranus retrograde. Now this energy can be quite intense, it can cause a lot of frustration, dissatisfaction, it may bring to the surface the inner rebel, and we might have little control over what we express. During this time our words can be harsh, edgy, chaotic, misleading, they may cause hurt, we have the tendency to be extremely critical of both other people and ourselves alike, and expressing those thoughts unrestricted may lead to conflict and drama. This energy at it’s worst can make us bitter, unforgiving, extremely critical and cynical, and we may not really care during this time who’s ego we bruise as long as we speak our truth and our express that which we feel on a deep heart level. At it’s best, the touch of self criticism and the chaotic structure of our thought, may inspire us, motivate us, cause a very positive expression of stress in order to be bold, brave and be as direct with others people as we can, and express the uncensored truth about what we feel and how we see things. If we use caution, diligence and a touch of diplomacy, then instead of birthing conflicts, this can dispel misunderstanding and misinterpretation and show others our true, clear intent.

Another way to see this energy is to take into consideration that Uranus is Mercury’s higher octave, so both of these planets are linked to the mind, consciousness, thought process, logic and awareness, so during this time the most relevant, powerful, impacting epiphanies and moments of sudden realization can be born, the best and most ingenious solutions which are way outside our comfort zones may enter our awareness. This can also play out as a very powerful mental chaos, which may shake us up and unsettle us, but when it will reach a state of balance it will greatly compliment our intelligence, because these ideas will be so unique, so innovative that they can be true life changers.

The classic interpretation of this conversation of tension is unexpected, undesired, surprising and shocking communications may enter our lives, may from people which we expect it least from or maybe from total strangers, which can quickly stir up our stability and our state of calm. Even though this may shake us up a little bit, this all serves the truth, so we know exactly were we stand without veil of secrecy or false diplomacy blocking our vision.

Later on in the week this celestial conversation of tension is going to get even more tensionate, because emotions and the way we feel about everything is also going to be part of the big picture, because of the T square, Moon, Uranus, Mercury, so this means that the Moon is going to oppose Uranus from the sign of Scorpio, which rules secrets, and the darkest of feelings. This can be a very very powerful time of stress, emotional turmoil, not really knowing how we feel about everything that reaches our awareness, we might tend to approach everything and everyone with mistrust, and suspecting they have hidden, concealed intentions, but ultimately, the truth is going to come to the surface, just that your emotions are also going to be involved, you might not like what you will find out or what’s gonna be revealed to you by the light of the moon during this time. This can be a time of separation, conflicts and heartache. The best way to use this energy is to acknowledge that even a painful truth is still better then living in life, illusion or deceit, regardless if that sources from someone else, or if it’s you keeping false hopes alive.

On the 15th of August, give or take a day depending on which side of the planet you’re on, we are going to have a beautiful and intense full Moon in the sign of Aquarius. This full Moon has the potential to highlight very relevant truth about the society we live in, or our social lives, our friendships, on our own positions in society, and how we truly feel about our social lives. Also this can reveal to us very significant truth about our hopes and dreams as a collective, about our progress towards where it is that we wish to progress and evolve collectively.

This full Moon is going to have very strong humanitarian energies, we may see more and more people taking initiatives, taking action, contributing to the equality and well being of society, and helping those individuals who are greatly disadvantaged.

To read more about August’s full Moon in the sign of Aquarius, we have a specially dedicated article, you can find the link to it below:


There are other aspects which bring us good vibes, hope, lust for life, passion and romance, there is going to be a celestial party in the sign of Leo, Venus, the Sun and Mars are going to dance together in harmony in a type of conversation called a conjunction. In my opinion, this has the potential to bring to the surface the very very best of us, making us our bravest, most self confident, most attractive and beautiful, most loving and lovable, and caring versions. This celestial dance can bring significant advantages, success, evolution and progress in those matter where you divert all your attention towards, it can also be a time for romance, passion, sexuality, and enjoying all the pleasures of this earthly existence. Venus conjunct the Sun and Mars and with a very powerful Jupiter can make you a money, wealth magnet, it can make your self expression, creativity, work very fruitful. Those who wish to go out public with anything (arts, videos, writings, publishing, aesthetics etc.) can make a very successful and significant debut.

If this wasn’t enough Mercury is going to form a trine with Jupiter, receiving all it’s expansive powers, so during this time your words are going to have a HUGE gravity and impact, your thoughts can be extremely sharp, deep and intuitive, your mind is going to be your greatest power and weapon, communication, expressing your thoughts and feeling should go very well, papers, documents, communication, official business, communication with authorities should also go very well and with ease, this also promises you significant advantage and progress in all legal matters.

This aspect also speaks about breakthrough, very very powerful scientific discoveries, the birth of theories, equations, hypothesis which can literally change the world. Because Mercury is still going to square Uranus as well, all of this is going to represent the motivation force to take a quantum leap into the future as a collective, at least on a mental, awareness, cognitive level, things that are going on in the world collectively will gain more importance and people’s perspectives about it are going to the as wide as their intellect allow is.

To end the week, Mars is going to enter the sign of Virgo, which is fantastic news, because this is a strong and very intelligent earth sign, which takes ideas, plans, blueprints, schematics carefully analyzes them, double checks them, adapts them so that they are fully compatible with the material world, and then meticulously starts to implement them. This is great period for work, for lucrative purposes, for completing any kind of big projects or to make very significant advancement, to take initiative work wise, to have the power, ambitions, courage that one needs to turn their ideas into reality through actual work, this can upgrade your routine, give you an increases sense of vitality and energy, but it can also turn you very analytical, always double checking yourself, making sure that everything is perfect. This part of the sky is going to be activated by Mars, and the week after it’s going to be joined by the Sun, Venus, and eventually Mercury and the Moon, putting great emphasis and astrological pressure on the symbolism of this sing, and that area of your life which is ruled by Virgo. This promises great opportunities of realization and advancement in your work, and perhaps, more importantly it will shift the powerful Leo energies which are currently dominating us, giving us the chance to calm down, not give as much importance to our own persona, and much rather immerse in work and lucrative goals.

Thank you so much for reading, I appreciate your support and your time and energy that you invest into reading my work, I wish everyone a wonderful and amazingly lucky week, may the trine of Jupiter and Venus bless everyone with infinite abundance and may it bring all your dreams into reality. Enjoy!

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