Pick a card reading: Who is my future lover?

Hi everyone! To celebrate the meeting of the Sun, symbol of the self and Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, performing a celestial dance of supreme harmony in the sign of Leo, which also has to do with love, I’ve decided to do a special pick a card reading meant for all the single people out there who are dreaming about love. So, today’s reading has the topic: Who is the love of your life?

Instructions: Look at the three piles of card for a few seconds while asking the Universe the question of the topic of this reading, then choose a pile which appeals to you the most and jump straight to the interpretation. Enjoy!

Pile 1:

Three of Water, 9 of Cups, 7 of Swords. Those of you who chose pile 1, your future love is a very creative, artistic, imaginative person, who has a BIG life goal to inspire, motivate, change the world through their art, creativity or form of self expression. They may have gone through an infinite number of ups and downs, trials and tribulations in life in order to get where they are now, so their success, abundance, the state of flow which they are enjoying right now is well deserved and worked for.

The 3 of Water suggests, that they are very playful, very lighthearted, and fully immersed in their own artistic worlds, and are always looking for inspiration, for a muse, for new ideas, new soul level creative impulses. It also tells the story, that friendship, having around other souls who they travel through life with is something very important to them, but despite their need to be alive in the minds and hearts of other people, they are also very lonely because no one can really understand the complexity of their emotions and the depth of their thoughts.

The 9 of Cups speaks about their immense emotional power, they are very romantic, BIG dreamers, they live in the ever flowing world of emotions, they are not always in tune with actual reality, but rather live much more in their own realities, in their big bubbles of dreams.

The reason why they are such a perfect match to you is because you have the kind of personality who can offer them the inspiration they need, can tolerate or even enjoy the excess of emotions and affection, but most importantly you can also offer them stability and mental grounding in the “real” world, by always being honest with them and being a mirror which reflects their actions and when they go into extremes. They, on the other hand can make you feel so valued, so appreciated, so loved and so magical, that being inside their big bubble of dreams can be the most amazing and fantastic experience, something which you can’t even imagine, and that in it’s self is pure happiness and joy for both of you.

The 7 of Swords, tells you the main reason why you are not in each other’s lives in the present moment, and this might have absolutely nothing to do with you are, the way your life is in the present moment, but much rather it’s their lives which have elements that prevent you from meeting each other. The 7 of Swords symbolizes either a self sabotaging attitude, or they are surrounded by narcissists and people who use them and profit off their generosity and naivety, and nothing can change in their lives, until they learn the karmic lesson of serving their own purposes and not allowing other people to use them, or alternatively to stop their self sabotaging attitude. The astrological correspondent of the 7 of Swords is the Moon in Aquarius, so they are blindly serving others, blindly serving and sacrificing themselves for a layer of society which simply doesn’t deserve them, but until their souls are not strong enough to acknowledge the fact that they need to break free, your meeting and union can’t take place. But when it happens, be prepared for them to be hurt, bruised, traumatized, sad and lonely, so your first priority is to heal them with your love and then witness them blossom into their most loving and most caring selves.

Pile 2:

Seven of Water, The Star, Queen of Coins. For those of you who have chosen pile 2, these card tell a very beautiful story, which goes beyond this life.

The 7 of Cups speaks about the fact that you have been each other’s partners in more than one existence, so your souls know each other extremely well. In fact, the moment when you 2 are going to meet, you really won’t need a time to get acquainted, accustomed to each other, you will have an overwhelming feeling that you know this person inside out, and this feeling is going to be reciprocal, and in the first minutes you both are probably going to voice this very strong deja vu feeling, which will just add to the magic of the moment. In other words, the very moment you will meet, the feeling is going to be so intense, that you won’t need any time to think or process anything, you will just know that this person is the one. The 7 of water also speaks about 2 other important elements, one of them being, that during your lifetime you have dreamed about this person, you have seen them in your dreams, which always left a profound impact on you for days, but you always brushed this off, by thinking that it’s just your imagination or wishful thinking. Likewise they have also seen you in their dreams, so both of you kind of know what to expect, in regards of each other’s physical appearance.

The last specification that the 7 of water offers us is, that the reason why you aren’t together yet, has to do with your life choices. Now, this doesn’t mean that you made wrong choices in life, in fact both of you have made the right ones because you have listened to your soul’s guidance, but both of you had to gain very significant life experiences in different layers of society, with different forms of work, studies etc, both for your own personal growth and to enable both of you to become the poeple who you wanted and were guided to become, but also for the reason that when you meet and unite, both of you can complete each other perfectly, not psychologically or emotionally, but rather with palpable, material, social life experience. In other words, life for both of you was like an endless series of lessons and exams, preparing you for your union.

The Star, is something truly beautiful and magical, because it speaks of the present moment, both of you are kind of lonely and both of you desire, hope and dream about your union (or better said reunion), both of you might be praying, wishing, meditating about the same things, your souls can actually feel each other, even if you don’t know each others physical identities, there is a very strong connection between the 2 of you already, this may be emphatic/telepathic or intuitive. You just know that they exist somewhere in the world and you can feel that they wish to embrace you just as much as you do. Ultimately the Star also promises you that your hopes and dreams are definitely going to come to life, the power of both of your desires is getting stronger and stronger with each passing day.

The Queen of Coins, tells you that your life in the present moment is not that stable, not that grounded, you need a change, an opportunity, or anything to offer you stability, in the sense that you still haven’t found anything (job, career, home, social circle, city?) which your soul feels totally comfortable with, and they are going through the exact same problems, so through this Queen, the Universe is telling you the secret, what you are truly searching for, the reasons why your soul is so restless and frustrated at times, is because what you need is this union of yours which will give sense, reason, logic to EVERYTHING that has happened to you and most importantly it will offer you the future that you have always dreamed of.

Pile 3:

The Canoe (Chariot), Judgment, 10 of Coins.

For those of you who were drawn to pile 3, these cards tell a very bittersweet story. The Canoe symbolizes, that emotionally, spiritually, and quite possibly sexually as well you simply haven’t found your match. Even though you have a very relevant life experience, you have tried out many things in your life, you have had lovers, people who admired you, people who profoundly loved you, no one until this present moment managed to make you feel like you were in love in the most authentic way possible. In other words, you have traveled the world, you have gotten to know and get acquainted with many people, some of them were actually very pleasant people and you learned from each other a lot of powerful karmic lessons, while others taught you in a very negative way, you still haven’t found anyone who your soul could accept and truly settle with. There were times in your life when you really tried, thinking that you are to blame for this, being too picky, too choosy, you managed to tune down your feelings, but you couldn’t trick your soul into accepting a false truth or compromise. You might have even hurt yourself by forcing yourself to accept people in your life which your soul rejected, but all of this belongs to the past, you are over this, you no longer blame yourself, you accept your inner truth of simply not finding the right soul who you can connect with, so even in this present moment you are in your Canoe, sailing on the rivers of life and on the rivers of your own faith, hoping and dreaming of finding someone who you resonate with on a soul level.

The Judgment, is a very powerful confirmation coming from the Universe, that you soul is more intelligent than your human self, you can’t trick the core of your being, you can’t dominate it into submissions, because you are your soul and not your ego, and by having accepted this truth and having surrendered to your soul’s guidance, with each step you take, with every passing day your canoe moves closer and closer to finding the ONE who you are looking for. The Judgment is also a very powerful karmic card telling you that your union is fated, and regardless of what you do, how desperate you are, how hard you try, the only power that can connect you 2 is fate herself, it’s in your destiny, you can’t avoid this no matter of what choices you make (so being afraid that you will make the wrong decision is futile), but neither can you hasten it up regardless of what you do, what scarifies you are willing to take. It will happen when the time is ripe for both of you, and you really need not fear missing the opportunity or making wrong choices, because you 2 are made for each others, without finding each other there is no one in the whole wide world who can make you happy or deeply satisfy you on a soul level, so your union is promised to take place by the highest divine forces.

The 10 of Coins speaks about 2 different things, firstly it tells you that in the present moment you may have some moral obligations to someone in your family or someone who is just as important in your life as a family member, and after you get to the stage of knowing 100% that they are going to be OK in the future (this can be related to that person having health problems, or material difficulties) then your soul is going to be totally free and ready to accept true love to enter your life, and the hand of fate is going to start to put things in place.

Another message of the 10 of coins is that the moment you meet and connect, you are going to be so love struck, that you will fully immerse in the reality of your lover, and they will to the exact same thing, meaning that the outside world, all the problems, struggles, darkness which sources from society is going to be cut off, both of you are going to live with all your hearts in the sphere, the dimension of your love, and the outside world is only going to be optional, never again are you going to be alone or go without love in your heart.

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