Pick a card reading: Which karmic obstacles have I brought with me in this current incarnation?

Hi everyone! Today Mercury is in opposition to Pluto, which means that one way or another some very relevant information about your past karma may enter your life today. I have decided to do a special pick a card reading with the theme: What karmic challenges, obstacles have I brought into my current existence?

Focus on this question for a few seconds while looking at the 3 plies off cards, a choose one which appeals to your intuition the most, jump straight to the interpretation and enjoy!

Pile 1:

The Fool, 4 of Coins, the World reversed. This pile speaks about materialism, or better said the lack of it. It could be the case, that you have enjoyed previous existences which were full of prosperity, you had great financial success, you might have been very wealthy, and in several past existences you might have been immersed in the world of money, fiances, materialism, or may have always acquired and traded some incredibly valuable objects, which were one of a kind, unique, irreplaceable, which were almost priceless. Even in this current incarnation, you still might have a natural fascination attraction to the most unusual pieces of art, antiques, very old weapons, very old books, or ancient artifact, and it could also be the case that you have a fascination for ancient civilizations and their mythology. All of this sources from your previous existence, where not only did you collect such items, but you also studied them, and were a world renowned expert on these matters, and some of your old knowledge is still very much alive inside of you, and you might even recall it or have a very deja-vu like feeling when you read about these matters.

This is very relevant, because in most of your previous existences, you were so immersed in your work, in your studies and research, that you neglected the emotional aspect of your life, in more than one incarnation, so this current one might determine you to focus on yourself, your happiness, your emotional world, on love, not as much to give, because you gave all the love you had in you to the world in each and every existence, but what is missing from your soul experience is to receive love.

This might mean that your material situation was never very prosperous in this incarnation, and on several occasions in life you might have struggled with money, finances, prosperity, but this isn’t really a sign of bad karma, your soul is simply trying to prevent you from following your old pattern, which is using the vastness of your intellect to immerse into study, research, excessive intellectual efforts and creativity, all of which would require a very good material situation in order to enable you to perform these activities. So, this is the main reason why success and big expressions of prosperity may have eluded you, in order to prevent you from immersing into your fascinations and forgetting about yourself and about the needs of your heart.

The 4 of Coins suggests, that you are such a very strong person, your intellect is so incredibly vast and powerful, that you kind of cheated fate, you still found a way to study the subject of your interest and immerse yourself in that despite not having a brilliant material situation, in fact mentally you came so far, that you are an expert in your own right, all you lack is maybe a diploma and official recognition.

The World card in reversed position is fantastic news, because it means that you have already discovered the big importance of focusing on your emotional world and matters of the heart, and you have accepted this, and are currently working on opening yourself up towards receiving love, and experiencing all the bliss, wonders, and magic of just living life for the sake of emotions. You are very close to reversing the position of the World card into upright position, which means that once you find what you are looking for, every single door towards material prosperity, success, and emotional happiness is going to be opened to you, because once you have fulfilled your karmic obligation towards your own soul, you will be allowed to be an active and important part of the World, which can mean a much much more higher social position, or the chance to be relevant internationally.

Pile 2:

The Emperor, Knight of Coins, 4 of Wands reversed. This pile of cards speak about your previous existences, in which you had your fair share of action, adventure, the most unique and magical experiences which any soul could possibly experience in the world of matter. You have fulfilled very many tough, masculine roles throughout your previous existence, The Emperor speaking about always being a rebel, a fighter for social justice, an outsider, but one with a caring, compassionate, brave and self sacrificial heart, who saved many life, sometimes at the cost of your own well-being, and did very BIG things in order to bring a heightened sense of social justice, equity, and equality into the world.

Of course you were not alone in your adventures, as the Emperor also suggest, you were a leader, an inspirational figure, a motivational speaker, a warrior for truth and justice, who lead by example.

The Knight of Coins suggests, that these are traits that your soul can never really abandon, these principles are part of who you are, this is your soul’s true role in the universe, so compassion, caring for others, helping and supporting other people, making them feel valued, inspiring them confidence and self empowerment are all things which you do in every single incarnation of yours including this one. That’s why the knight of Coins suggests, that you are still following this pattern, and these principles are very much alive in you even in the present moment, just that rather then fighting or being rebellious against all sorts of wordy injustices, you might have chosen to do all these things in a very different manner, either by being a kind of healer, mentor, entrepreneur, project leader, teacher, someone who works in healthcare, or this might play out as just always being there and supporting your friends and everyone who connects with you, even if it’s not part of your job. The main karmic obstacle which sources from all of these things is that in previous existences, because the danger and instability which followed your every footstep, you never had the chance to enjoy family life, become a parent, or at least not one which could nurture and care for their family, so this experience of parenthood or to belong to a close familiar circle eluded you, and this is what your soul is seeking for in this incarnation.

You might get the feeling sometimes that you are an outsider, a “black sheep”, an “alien”, that you don’t fit in anywhere, or you can’t find yourself in social circle, but all of this is meant to motivate you, to cause you sufficient inner stress to determine you to take active action and find a place, a group, or even a soulmate/partner who your soul feels totally comfortable with, and that in turn is going to lead you to establishing a family, or at least getting the chance to feel like you are a part of a collective on a soul level, which is meant to offer you the chance to give and receive love, affection, share everything on a soul level with others who you love very much. Right now the 4 of wands is reversed, meaning that this is just a soul level desire, you might have not even acknowledged, that this is what your soul would like from you, and that is because your soul is very patient, just like the knight of coins, it doesn’t want to rush you with this, but eventually that 4 of wands is going to be in upright position promising you love and celebration of your life and your new found happiness and contentment.

Pile 3:

The Hermit, The Fool, Page of Cups. The combination of these cards speak about your previous existences, telling you that you are a very ancient and powerful soul, who has immense wisdom and knowledge, in fact this may sound incredible, but you are a universal aspect of wisdom, closely linked to Mercury/Hermes/Thoth, so the Universe stored the knowledge and spiritual information of many ages inside your being, and while this is a huge blessing to be born like this, I sense that your outer-worldly experiences, the infinite vastness of your mind, your intellectual capacity may have made your life very difficult. The Hermit also speaks about solitude, which may have been your life long “companion”, sometimes by choice, because you absolutely adore to spend time with your being, other times by necessity, because it’s very very difficult for you to find someone like yourself who you can connect with. Perhaps, in early stages of your life you might have felt very lonely, because you didn’t have the emotional maturity to comprehend what was going on with you or who you really are, and because of your strangely powerful intellect which was visibly beyond your years, you might have been rejected by society or feared, or seen as someone supernatural, and that left you feeling sad and it might have turned into a trauma, which now is merely a memory, but it still doesn’t make your life easier. Acceptance, knowledge, trusting yourself, and your incredibly intuitive powers, do make your life easier, because not only do you know yourself, but you also live within your own world, but you still need to hide who your really are from to others, because only someone like you can understand who and how you really are, normal people would perceive you as a madman, symbolized by the Fool.

If you got to this stage of the reading, you probably know all of this, and you can probably easily anticipate what I’m about to write, in regards to what your karmic obstacle truly is, you probably even know Tarot and can interpret all of this by yourself just by looking at the cards on the picture.

So your biggest karmic obstacle which you have to overcome is your Mercurial nature, which even though is your biggest strength, you must accept the fact that it’s not 100% compatible with the world of matter, so the full extent of your being true brilliance is always going to be restricted from one perspective or the other, but not being able to be 100% yourself is causing you stress, pain and a sort of silent suffering. The only thing that can balance out this is self love, but we are not talking about a mercurial perception of self love, because that is merely self respect, but rather we are talking about the full meaning of loving yourself, loving your life, appreciating every little thing that you do, being your own best friend and nr 1 fan and most importantly tuning down the inner critic once and for all.

This is not an easy task, especially that your intellect can’t help you with this, but you are already following this path, this journey towards self love, and most probably you have already achieved it or are very close to this. The Page of Cups is perhaps the most wonderful news, because this means that you are finally going to find someone just like you, it doesn’t matter what shape, form, gender etc that fellow being has taken when they descended into matter, what matters is that you are going to find love, or better said love is going to find you, because at least mentally you know that when you love yourself, you attract love, as within so without!

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