Weekly horoscope Aug 5-11: Harvest your blessings!

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of August 5-11. We have a powerful and active sky, which has a little bit of tension at the beginning of the week, but as we advance further into the week, the tension is going to slowly lift, giving way to very harmonious conversation which can bestow very significant blessings on at least one area of life, and if that wasn’t enough, we are also going to be empowered on a heart level, to achieve success in those things which matter to us the most and those that we feel very strongly about.

Leo season in general is a fantastic time to express yourself, to follow the desire which burns in your heart of hearts, to focus on your creativity and self expression, a wonderful time for love and romance, and of course Leo has very youthful, child like vibes, so this is an excellent time to indulge in all the small pleasure of life, in lightheartedness, laughter, set the inner child free and let it engage in play and fun activities, and also it’s a good time to put one’s courage, bravery to good use and step out of our comfort zones and dare to aim to achieve those goals which at other times we might not be as confident enough to even try.

This part of the sky is getting more and more “crowded” with planets, we have a very powerful Mars, Sun, Venus, and later on as we advance into August, Mercury is also going to pick up speed and join this celestial party in Leo. It is when these very significant inner planets meet closely and form conjunctions, when the energies are gonna get more intense, and powerful manifestation can start taking place. Later on in the month, Jupiter is also going to stop in the sky and start to go direct, while at the same time Uranus is gonna stand still and prepare for it’s retrograde phase, and this is going to have a very powerful effect an all of us, because Uranus is going to be that much more powerful when it goes retrograde, it’s symbolism turning inwards, offering us a heightened sense of distinctiveness, awakening all of our senses, bringing very many things into our awareness, and it can very much turn us into visionaries where we will have a tendency to think and analyze more and more the possibilities of our futures, and how our futures can look like, and since it’s symbolism is closely associated with revolution, it might awaken us to rebel against all those things which we feel that are oppressing us in any way. You can find all of these events in much more detail in future horoscopes, as we get closer to the middle of August.

We start the week with a conversation of tension, which I have talked about in last week’s horoscope as well, and that is Uranus squaring the Sun in Leo, which is also conjunct to Venus. The power of Uranus adds a bit of chaos, unexpected twists of fate, surprises and shock to everything it touches, so it could be that some very important, but unexpected communication, truth, epiphany can reach us during this time, which might complicate our lives and confuse our thoughts the moment when it reaches us, but ultimately this energy is meant to align us with the supreme truth, so that we can make choices, decisions, take action which are aligned with truth, our own truths, but also the truth of other people, who we might be dealing with.

This can also complicate our lives in matters of love, because Venus is also part of this celestial dance of tension, and she also rules the sign from which Uranus is forming this connection, so their celestial dance is that much more powerful and relevant. During this time, it’s not a very good idea to act quickly or with haste in matters of love or any kind of emotional connection, because as soon as this square disappears we might feel totally different about a person or a situation.

Both of these squares (Uranus – Sun and Uranus – Venus) is going to create some kind of stress and tension, which is meant to awaken us, motivate us, determine us to look for answers within us, and ultimately take action in order to act upon the truth that we find in our hearts of hearts. The best way to use this energy is to not act impulsively and to apply patience and diligence when making choices or deciding to change something major in our lives, because Uranus may influence us to make radical choices, radical changes, act with full force when we get tuned into that impulse, that is why it’s greatly advised to always think things through, because very significant changes sudden choices, which might have a legally binding element to them can not be undone, or at least not with ease, so before you decide to do anything, be very sure that there is no way that you can regret this in the future.

Since Leo rules self expression, and Venus who also rules beauty and aesthetics is in that sign, perhaps during this aspect of tension, deciding to undergo a radical aesthetic change may not be a good idea, because what you think you love right now, may be very different after this conversation of tension ends. This conversation of tension is going to end around the 7th of August, give or take a day depending on which side of the planet you are on, so it would be advised to postpone important decisions after the 7th of August, because the conjunction of the Sun and Venus, without the friction from Uranus is extremely beneficial, and comes as an energy of blessing and good fortune, of maximum celestial empowerment, increasing your own personal magnetism, your self worth, everything that makes you beautiful, and it isn’t just you, who are going to see yourself in such a positive light, but also other people. Since Venus also rules material wealth, finances, values of all kinds, this period may be very rewarding and prosperous, your creativity, what you put out in the world may draw all the attentions of the right kind.

Mercury, which just recently went direct, is picking up speed and rushing through it’s shadow path, making it’s way to the very last degrees of Cancer, and then it will enter Leo and will eventually, around the middle of the month exit shadow, bringing an end to stagnation of all sorts, but before it gets to that stage, it still has to complete a number of different things. First of all as it starts to go direct in Cancer, it challenges us to actually integrate all the lessons and wisdom which source from our past experiences, and right in the beginning of the week, it still forms an opposition with Pluto, which means that we are invited to use our intellects, the powers of our mind, our wisdom, everything that we have learned, everything which was revealed to us, and try our very best to get rid of all emotional baggage of the past. What Pluto is trying to do with this conversation of tension, is to show us that the past isn’t real anymore, it’s only a memory, it’s only a mental image of what happened to us, and it is not something fixed or rigid, because every single time when we recall the past, the way we see it and understand it depends very much on our perception and our emotional state. If we acknowledge, that the past is merely a memory and we try to recall it standing from a place of contentment with our present selves, having forgiveness and the desire to advance forward in life, then all of the pain, hardships and disappointment which can source from past traumas won’t matter that much, a memory, a dream, something which exist only in the mind can be treated as such, and this it’s self takes away the power which the past hold on us, giving us the chance to reclaim that power and use it as wisdom, knowledge and diligence to create a future which is going to be free of all the emotional baggage of the past. This is an excellent time for healing, releasing old traumas, and deciding to live a life free of the past, looking forward to the future with anticipation, knowing that we can be anyone who we choose to be unconditioned by what happened to us a long time ago. The more we resist, the more we put the emphasis on the person who we used to be, on all our mistakes and bad choices, the more painful this energy can be, because the North Node is also in the sign of Cancer and that promotes moving forward, breaking all karmic bonds with the past and embracing a clean, unshackled future, which we have the chance to build brick by brick by focusing and investing all of our attention and energies into living the eternal present. Pluto is also a planet which can trigger very powerful fated events, so if some of us need closures, communication to come in (like an apology for example), karmic truths to be revealed in order for us to move on, then these events are very likely to happen.

Simultaneously we are going to have conversations of supreme harmony between Jupiter from his home sign of Sagittarius the Sun in his home sign of Leo and since Venus is also very close to the sky she is going to form a trine with Jupiter as well.

This conversation of blessings and harmony between the Sun and Jupiter is probably going to be the highlight of the week, because both planets are in their home signs making their symbolism and expression that much more potent, and also both of these signs are very potent fire sings, which means that being in tune with these energies consciously, in a direct manner may attract the full power of these blessings. The Sun represents the Self, the manifestation of the self, your unique personality, the person who you are, it is also the symbol of manifesting your will, manifesting your desires, while Jupiter is the planet of expansion, protection and good fortune. This energy means blessing of all kinds, depending on where Leo is situated in your personal chart, but even if we look at it collectively, Leo rules the heart, so during this time there is a very high chance for the Universe to show it’s kindest, most merciful and generous aspects, allowing that which is most important for you on a heart level to come into existence. Sagittarius rules long distance travel, legal matters, the highest octaves of knowledge and faith, so good fortune is almost guaranteed in this area of our lives, and these energies are going to be even stronger once Jupiter starts to move direct and pick up speed later on in the month.

The trine between Jupiter and Venus, is equally harmonious, because in classic astrology Jupiter was considered the major planet of blessings and good fortune, while Venus was the minor expression of blessings, and a trine is a form of conversation which is very easy energy, where these blessings just tend to fall into your lap. This can mean a number of different things, your inner and outer beauty can attract all the right kind of attention, your work, your creations regardless if those are artistic ones, intellectual ones or material ones are going to have an aura of beauty about them, during this conversation you might be blessed with divine inspiration to create something so fantastically unique that it can bring you rewards beyond your wildest imagination. This can also mean a very favorable time for love and romance, during this time you might attract people who are a perfect match to you on a heart level, and why not even physically, if love is what you seek, if affection is what’s missing from your life, then chances are this celestial conversation can come to your aid, and even though there is no guarantee that a very stable partnership is born out of this, even a temporary one can delight all of your senses. Leo also rules children, and since Venus is in this part of the sky, this may be a perfect time for established couples to make plans and take action in regards to having children. As a sign of warning, right at the beginning of the week, when Uranus is also going to square Venus, for some people this can play out as an unexpected or surprise pregnancy, so if you do not wish anything like this in your life right now, it would be advised to pay attention to the “details”.

Also, since Sagittarius rules the law and legal matters, this is a fantastic time for established couples to find a greater expression of love in their hearts for one another, and make their relationship official, legally binding, especially after Jupiter goes direct.

This can also be a very very magical time, for those who perform any kind of spiritual work, first of all the long lasting and ongoing square between Jupiter and Neptune is determining us for quite a few months now to find our most authentic expression of faith, and this only makes us stronger, more stable and much more in tune with our inner truths, while at the same time Neptune also sextiles Saturn and Pluto, which gives our spiritual actions, (rituals, inner work, shadow work, manifestation techniques, self empowerment techniques, divinatory practices, self healing, auto-psychoanalysis etc) a much greater power, much greater sphere of action, a much more palpable manifestation (Saturn) which tends to reward all the work, time and energy we invest into these things, and Pluto makes sure that we are always action from a place of inner truth, and not the kind of truth which is only relevant to the ego.

To add to this, the Sun and Venus and later on Mercury in Leo is all about mastery of manifestation, willpower, self empowerment, courage to dare to dream as big as we possibly can, and this party of planets in Leo, is only going to get more intense around the end of the week when imperfect conjunctions are going to form between Sun, Venus and Mars, making this that much more powerful, by this time Mercury had also picked up great speed, which guarantees very quick, hasty, instant manifestations.

If all of this wasn’t enough there is another very subtle and controversial astrological phenomenon, which might not be accepted by every astrologer, but regardless I think it’s still worth to be mentioned. The galactic center, which can be perceived as the heart of the galaxy, as pure source energy is also in Sagittarius, relatively close to Jupiter, which amplifies Jupiter’s power, so that it can expand everything even more than usual, and also what certain astrologers call “The Great Attractor” a very powerful vortex of energies, possibly a super powerful black hole which spits pure comics radiation into the region of space which includes the Milky way as well, is also very close to Jupiter, and that in it’s self is probably more powerful then all of the power of the planets put into one place. It’s pure, “free” comic energy of creation, if anyone can tap into it (which isn’t very difficult) it can empower every type of manifestation work and create results which are absolutely mind blowing.

At the very end of the week, we have an absolutely blissful celestial conversation which amplifies everything that I talked about on a deep soul level, because the Moon in conjunction with Jupiter is going to trine the Sun and Venus in Leo, this can be an extremely powerful time because it can symbolize the total unity of our being, and acting from a place of absolute wholeness. Right around the 10th of the month, give or take a day depending on which side of the planet you are on, when the Moon is gonna conjunct Jupiter, that can be a time of spirituality, your faith, your own unique magic, the power of your soul exploding with power, and changing your reality in such a way to match the person who you truly are on a soul level, and the only requirement is awareness. Awareness to always know that you are more than just a collection o molecules and cells, awareness of just how powerful your consciousness truly is, awareness of the fact that you are a powerful co creator of your reality and not a slave to fate, and the awareness that you have an infinitely vast universe inside of you, and you are the expression of the unity of that inner universe.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope that you have an amazing week, and that all the magic and mystery of the sky is going to enter your life and bring you happiness, blessings and a state of bliss by enabling your hearts deepest desire to come into reality.

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