Pick a card reading: What’s blocking my manifestation?

Hi everyone, from an astrological and mystical perspective the month of August promises great celestial empowerment to accomplish many things that you feel strongly about, because the Sun, the symbol of manifestation, traverses it’s home sign of Leo, a sing where it’s symbolism is at it’s most powerful, making Leo season the best time for manifesting your desires. 2019’s Leo season is quite relevant and strong, because of the presence of Mars, Venus and Mercury in this part of the sky, and the conversations of supreme harmony held by these planets and Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good luck adds to this power that much more. If all of this astrological boost wasn’t enough, Jupiter is also going direct in it’s home sign of Sagittarius, while Uranus the planet of shocks, surprises, and greater awareness is gonna go retrograde, increasing it’s power and turning it’s symbolism inwards, promising us a month full of sudden realizations and incredibly powerful epiphanies.

Manifesting your desires, turning thoughts and feelings into reality is not an easy task, even with the celestial boost we’re gonna receive this August, and there are many things which can block the manifestation process, hence I decided to offer some guidance in this sense.


Take a few moments to breathe deeply, ask yourself the question what might be blocking you from manifesting your desires to you full potential, look at the 3 piles of cards for a few moments, and choose the one you are most drawn to, jump straight to the interpretation. Enjoy!


4 of Air, The Lovers reversed, Justice.

The 4 of Air suggests, that you are already on the right path, that you have already learned the most significant karmic lessons and are actually making progress. The nest is the symbol of your own life, your self, your body, which you have purified and consecrated, and now it’s not just a simple shell, a container for your consciousness, but you have turned it into a sacred temple, a meeting place of the Divine and your soul, a scared unity which can no longer be broken by anyone or anything. The Eggs inside the nest are symbols of your biggest dreams, and most sacred principles, ideals, and it is those that you protect from the outside world. Not only are you protecting your dreams and the sanctity of your fragile soul, but you are also making sure that those eggs hatch, and that is exactly the manifestation you are seeking, to turn your dreams into reality. Your dreams are so selfless, so non materialistic, so pure and sacred, that the Divine is also guarding them and making sure that they have the opportunity to become reality.

The Lovers reversed speaks about the actual obstacle, which is slowing down the manifestation process, but fortunately, because you have done so much inner work, symbolized by the previous card, your manifestation can only be delayed, not stopped, the divine has your back and is supporting you through this, but still the obstacle signified by the Lovers, is outside influences interfering with the hatching of those “eggs”. This outside influences are people present in your life, who constantly demand your attention, your care, your love, your guidance, and since you are a person of great compassion, very rarely do you give them a negative answer. The Lovers in reversed position tells you that right now you are in a phase of your life, where you need all your energy, all your attention and most importantly all the love that you have in your being, because everything that we invest our focus into is going to receive all our energies, and right now, you simply can not afford to waste it on other people, no matter how strongly you feel the need to help them. In this regard the manifestation process can only hasten up if you protect yourself from all outer influence, and ask everyone in your life to understand this and respect your sacred space and sacred time. This might not be something you ever did in your life, so this won’t come very easily to you, but you must understand that right now you need all of your energies, love, and emotional strength for yourself, right now you are the only relevant character in your life’s story.

Justice, signifies, that whatever you need to manifest, can’t be stopped, even if you wouldn’t invest any effort in it, it would still enter your life, because it’s part of your karmic reward, you have suffered many injustices in the past, specially in childhood, and the Universe is going to compensate you for it, but if you focus only on yourself and on your own well being at least in the month of August, that’s going to help the divine, make the manifestation precise, in accordance to your soul’s preference, because the most important thing is to make you happy, give you the chance to feel the emotion of bliss, of universal love, of being valued by the highest forces, something that you never got the chance to experience in a very direct manner.


Temperance, 10 of Wands, 2 of Cups.

The temperance card suggests, that you already know what you need to do, but accomplishing this task involves a titanic amount of inner work. The temperance speaks about the need to establish a new inner balance, because there are times when your being is solely coordinated by your heart, which can sometimes create chaos and troubles in your life, because you are someone who has no limits when it comes to compassion or camaraderie, and there are times when you give over the steering wheel exclusively to your mind and your rationality, which always advantages you, but it creates inner turmoil between your emotions and logical choices. This constant, periodic inner battle, has to end once and for all, and not just a ceasefire, but you need to find true inner harmony and serenity, because otherwise you are always going to stop your own manifestations from taking a very palpable and relevant form. This card is also a symbol of alchemy, the power to transmute your emotions into powerful manifestations after you distilled them to their most pure essences. While you posses the knowledge, the skill, the ambition, the experience and the know how, what you do not possess is stability, which is totally understandable, because with such a great intellectual power that you were born with, the mind can easily erupt in most unexpected and chaotic ways overruling your heart, and it is these episodes that you need to learn how to balance out. Free yourself from worry, do not let stress weigh you down and consume you, do not let others make you feel guilty for being a loving and kind person, do not let faith get out of control and blind you and turn into illusions, and this can only be obtained once you create an accord between your heart and mind.

The 10 of Wands speaks about your past, and there is a very powerful misaligned belief or principle present in your subconscious, which at times can ruin your manifestation. You might have the wrong impression, that one has to work, suffer, invest blood sweat and tears and a lot of physical time into obtaining what they want in life, you might have the false impression that happiness, freedom, well being don’t come easily, or at least they do not come easily for you, and you might have had many examples in this sense in your past, and maybe that is the reason you can’t shift this deeply rooted principle, which is heavily weighting you down by preventing you from entering your state of flow. This card, along with the temperance tell you, that all the obstacles and hardships of the past were meant to teach you and guide you, they were meant to show you your own strength, the purity of your heart, to make you feel infinitely proud of yourself for coming this far, and that’s why you had to have a hard life, that’s why you had to always preserve your modesty, because just flying through life effortlessly, would have ultimately tainted your soul and turned you into an arrogant person, something your soul could never accept. That part of your life is over now, there is absolutely no more reason why anything should be hard, believe in the ease of flow, believe in your own worth, the infinite beauty of your soul, in your own magnetism, that the Universe and all the spirits are your biggest fans, because if life is a stage, then your show is not just entertaining, but moving on a soul level, and it makes the universe a better place. Acknowledge all these things and the 2 of Cups is going to manifest in your life, that is your ultimate reward: LOVE. It is irrelevant if it’s a lover or any other source of love, but know that that’s what you deserve, but in order to receive it, you must believe in yourself and love yourself, loving is so very easy and effortless if your heart is in the right place, you know just how full of love and compassion you are, would it really be that impossible for someone else to be just like you, and those who are similar in frequencies will eventually unite. The Universe wants to tell you that it’s so very easy to love you, so forget the past, forget the 10 of Wands, forget those people who told you that it’s difficult to be with you, it’s absolutely not, in fact for someone just like yourself it’s the easiest and most rewarding feeling in all existence.

Amethyst pendant:

The Hermit, 5 of Swords, Death.

The Hermit card speaks about an inner calling which you have answered, there was a time in your life, when you needed your own being’s support, you needed to turn inwards and explore the mystery of your soul, and most importantly free yourself from all forts of subconscious obstacles which were distorting your inner truth. You have successfully completed all of that, and you have arisen a person worthy of all the admiration ascended grand masters, because you faced your fears, shame, inner demons without a second thought, and you have passed many trials and tribulations which life threw at you, and nothing was enough to truly bring you down and break your spirit. Now this in it’s self is a monumental accomplishment, but you have come so accustomed to your solitude (this doesn’t mean solitude in the sense that you don’t see or meat anyone, but rather you stay away from society and you reject all connections which you do not feel on a soul level), you are so comfortable being your own best friend, teacher and guide, that you have created an impenetrable shell around yourself, which is blocking anything external from having a big impact on your life. Ironically, you possess an immense spiritual power due to all of the inner work and purification you accomplished, but you can’t use that power because you are guarding your soul with the ferocity of a dragon, so nothing which can change your life dramatically can manifest.

The 5 of swords, speaks about a very powerful emotional wound that you still carry with you in your heart, you might have been the victim of a toxic narcissist who used you for a prolonged period of time, while constantly lying to you how much they value you, or this could have been some kind of unfairness done to you, or misplaced trust. Regardless of how this played out, you might have let go of the past, but the imprint of that person or the situation is still deeply alive in your heart, and you find it very hard to trust other people, many times even yourself, because after all you blame yourself for being naive. It is this that you must eliminate from your subconscious, by acknowledging that you were a victim, being brave and pure enough to trust someone unconditionally is not a mistake, and this can only hurt you if you allow it. At the end of the day, it’s totally their loss, you only won freedom and a lot of experience with this, because in the future, you can smell a narcissist from miles away, before they can do any real damage, giving you a position of superiority.

Death. After you let go of all your disappointments, place all of your trust in yourself and allow your psychological protective barrier to drop, then your life will be able to reflect materially, psychically, socially the deep inner transformation that you have completed, signified by the Death card.

A big change, a huge shift in energies and karma is fast approaching in your life, but in order for you to cease that opportunity, you must allow people into your life, because just as you are a living breathing avatar of certain aspects of the Universe, so are others, and only this way can true change enter your life. Getting out of your comfort zone may be even harder then going through all those inner changes, but it is something you mustn’t fear, because if you believe in yourself, find your self worthy, beautiful and valuable, no one can ever judge you, no one can even have the slightest chance to hurt your feelings, so be brave and embrace the beautiful, unique, wise and loving person who you became and accept the true power of Pluto (signified by the Death card) to transform your life into a life which you fully deserve to live.

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