August tarot-scope for all signs

Hi everyone and welcome to your tarot-scope for the month of August. From an astrological perspective, we have a very powerful and active month, because besides the very powerful celestial dances happening in the sky, we are still under the influence and sphere of action of the two very powerful eclipses, which took place in the month of July (Solar eclipse/new moon on the 2nd, and Lunar eclipse/full moon on the 16th), so from this perspective, chances are that a very significant new beginning and equally important closures can take place in this month. Also, the month of August takes us into Leo season, a very powerful time of manifestations, when the Sun enters it’s home sign, so this can be a very powerful and important month for everyone, regardless of their birth sign. To add to this, Mars, the symbol of masculinity, expression of will, force of determination is also in the sign of Leo, a sign where it’s symbolism is greatly amplified, and it’s going to be joined by the Moon, Venus right at the begging of the month and eventually Mercury, so this can be a time of great progress, success, creating your own luck, increasing your reputation, and most importantly your creativity can reach it’s apogee.

Now, let’s take a look what the cards have to say about the month of August for each sign of the zodiac individually, I also included an oracle card, meant to give you an advice for this month.


Ace of Cups, 8 of Cups reversed, Strength. This is a supremely harmonious energy, almost promising, emotional fulfillment, the opportunity to invest all of your emotional power into accomplishing your dreams, which you might have abandoned some time ago, considering that they are impassible to accomplish, also a physical, corporal well being, regeneration and fresh energies are very likely to bring out your very best self, to the delight of everyone who is present in your life.

The Ace of Cups signifies events, triggered by the Divine, and your own personal good karma, which are going to bring joy into your life. The Aces of the Tarot always have an element of unexpected surprise attached to them, so how exactly these events are going to play out in your life can’t be knows for certain, but what the Ace of Cups does promise is, that you are going to receive love either from another person, or something that will enter your life is going to guide your towards a state of self love and feeling good about yourself. For those of you who are single, chances are that this card can represent new love. This can also take the shape of love, care, compassion directed towards you by someone, even if it’s not of romantic nature, it is still going to matter very much.

The 8 of Cups in reversed position, signifies, that you are going to find the emotional power inside your soul, to give accomplishing an old dream of yours another try. This isn’t going to be just another moment where you ambition yourself, invest in it all of your power and then give up because the progress you are going to make won’t meet your expectations, but rather you are going to take it very slowly, be patient with yourself and most importantly approach this with no expectations whatsoever, taking joy and contentment in even the slightest progress, even if it’s just something internal.

The 8 of Cups can also signify, the return of the past, pains, traumas, sources of unhappiness which may have had a big impact on you, the moment when they happened, these are going to return to your life, to give you the chance to find closure, to finally forgive and forget, and to move on with your life from a karmic and emotional perspective.

This in it’s self is going to empower you emotionally, it’s going to shut down your auto-critical approach, and once you find balance within you, your inner state of being is going to be reflected externally, improving all of your relationships (regardless of what nature), giving you a sense of being much more in harmony with the world around you.

Perhaps it is this sense of harmony that is going to unlock your true strength, symbolized by the card with the same name, which means reaching an inner state of passion, lust for life, ambitions, determination but all of this in a very lighthearted manner, not taking it that seriously, which is also going to provide you with a physical state of well-being, regeneration of the body, increased vitally, more energy and most importantly a sense of being alive.

Advice from the Universe Six of Air. The message of this card is very clear, once your start to appreciate and love yourself, and see the good in everything that you do, this is also going to be reflected in your life. Appreciating yourself, will attract the appreciation of others present in your life, being grateful for everything that you do for yourself and everything that you have accomplished will attract gratitude and appreciation from others and ultimately this can lead to the strengthening of friendships, and the birth of new ones, making your life more complete, and giving you the chance to find a new place on a soul level in society. Counting your blessings, and appreciating everything that you have is going to open new doors and new opportunities for you.


Wheel of Fortune, The Hermit reversed, King of Coins. For those born under the sign of Taurus, very important and significant fated events are likely to take place in the month of August, as signified by the Wheel of Fortune card. Whatever has to take place will be very important for you, even if those events are not going to have a material/physical impact on your life, because they will give you answers, guidance, a sense of direction, clarity to where you are heading in life and most importantly what are the next big steps towards achieving, those things which are most important for you. The Hermit reversed completes the meaning of this card, because firstly it speaks about the past, where you have done some very relevant inner work, healing, auto-psychoanalysis in order to better understand your soul and your own feelings, and the reward for your desire for total honesty, objectivity and many times an auto-critical approach was a push in the right direction. The Hermit in reversed position is a very favorable sign, because it speaks that you are very close to finding your true path, the answers and guidance which you seek, and the symbolic light which guides the Hermit, is burning very brightly illuminating your path, offering you very clear vision about what your options are, and it also gives you a sense of knowing the future, feeling on a deep soul level the approach of those events which may provide you with all the solutions that you need. In this sense the Wheel of Fortune is going to offer you what you asked for, what you wished for, what you have requested from the Universe, and since the Hermit card is reversed, that means that your awareness is vast, sharp, open enough for your to welcome the divine help and cease the opportunities that are going to be presented to you.

The King of Coins is also a very favorable sign, because it can mean a number of different things. For some of you it’s going to mean resources, financial stability, material well being headed your way, giving you the chance to ground yourself and find a much greater sense of material stability in your lives, which in turn is going to offer you a huge breather in life, not having to worry about “tomorrow” from a material perspective, giving you the chance to enjoy life, just as you deserve. For other people the King of Coins represents support, help, your material lives facilitated by someone with much greater life experience than yourself. This can be a father figure, a manager, the head of the company, someone from your social circle, a very good friend, or someone totally new. Last but not least, for those of you who are single, this can be a future partner, someone who is going to enter your lives, but the reason why the material aspect is highlighted, and not the emotional one is because they are going to offer you a material stability which you couldn’t accomplish on your own, or this can also mean a stability which is physical in nature (Coins) but not necessarily financial : parenthood, your chance to establish a family of your own.

Advice from the Universe: Guardian of Air. This can advises you to approach everything with maximum rationality, cold logic, a mentally self disciplined and cool state, because otherwise emotions may run extremely high and that can spell hasty decisions, mistakes, taking risks which you normally wouldn’t, or accepting people and situations in your life, which your rational self would never allow. If, the month of August is going to bring you choices, decisions, or legally binding agreements, then this card suggests, that you are being challenged to become your own Guardian of Air, by analyzing everything thought the filter of logic and rationality, and most importantly the wisdom and knowledge which sources from your life experience. This way you will always, at any given moment know what you can expect, and which of your expectations are not grounded in reality and should not be taken into consideration.


6 of Cups, 4 of Swords, 9 of Cups. This is a very unusual combination of cards, because it is without a shadow of a doubt that August is going to be a very powerful karmic month for those who were born under the sign of Gemini as well, but things are going to happen so abruptly, suddenly, that the general feel of the month is going to be the sense of surrealism, it may take you some time to process everything that is going to take place this month, and the events might have a very magical, fated, dream like feel like about them.

The 6 of Cups, doesn’t merely signify nostalgia, memories of your childhood and the most beautiful and magical moments of your life, but rather signifies the fulfillment of a childhood dream, big desire of yours, the completion of which always seemed to elude you, but it never disappeared from your heart and fantasy. Whatever material shape or form the realization of that dream takes, is not as relevant as the emotions it’s going to produce, giving you a huge sense of relief, of being supported and loved by the highest forces, and will ultimately resurrect, enliven your very best Gemini self, the inner child, which can finally come out to play, enjoy and love life and everyone present in your life with the full force of your being. For some people this can also signify revisiting certain places where very significant events took place in your life, or it could be your place of origin, where your family lives, if you live apart from them or at great distance.

The 4 of Swords signifies, that whatever the 6 of Cups is going to bring into your life from your childhood, it’s going to freeze your perception of time, you are going to enjoy and be fully immersed in the eternal present. This can come across as the installment of stagnation, but one of the most pleasant and beloved kind, where your chaotic thoughts and your typical Gemini way of thinking may slow down, allowing your mind to rest and fully enjoy the happiness of the present moment. This can also mean rest, from a psychical and even lucrative perspective, signifying that every problem, cause of stress and worry shall be put to side, and you will get the chance to focus upon the joy of life and the miracle of just being alive.

The reading is completed by one of the most positive cards of the Minor Arcana, the 9 of Cups, which is the card of emotional fulfillment, the state where giving and receiving love, compassion, emotional support simply dominates the wholeness of your being. This implies that something wonderful will happen in your life, bringing out your very best self, one which can love unconditionally and nothing can restrict the love energy which is going to emanate from your being, and ultimately this can give birth to true bliss, and the delight of being alive.

Even though the actual events, that are going to take place in August are under a certain shroud of mystery, one thing is for certain, everything is going to lead towards a sense of greater love, emotional fulfilled, and being happy with yourself.

Advice from the Universe: 9 of Earth. This card can symbolize a couple of different things, one of them is prosperity, where your material situation allows you to be free in your life and that freedom is a source of major happiness and fulfillment, so the message of this card is to fully appreciate all the opportunities that the Universe is going to offer you to have a heightened degree of freedom, by not comparing your situation to that of other people who may be a bit more fortunate materially. You have everything your soul needs, and at the end of the day it’s more than enough for you to be happy with yourself, because while others may have more resources, you have infinitely more emotional and intellectual strength that anyone else in your life, and that makes YOU the lucky one. Another meaning of this card can come as an encouragement to fully immerse yourself and enjoy the pleasures of life and everything that earthly existence offers you, because that is the true meaning and sense of accomplishment, and as you get older, all the experiences that you accumulated are going to be your life’s true treasure.


3 of Swords, 10 of Swords, King of Coins. I’m not going to lie, the first part of the month is going to be extremely soliciting from an emotional perspective, because very significant karmic events are about to take place, meant to offer you very significant closures and to reveal to you certain truths which are going to have a massive impact on your emotional life. The 3 of Swords is truly a frightening card because it speak of heartache, and this emotional dagger in your heart can play out in a number of different ways. For some of you it’s all about the recent past, where you might have invested your trust, your feelings, perhaps your hopes, in someone who you thought you liked very much, and events in August will expose just how untrustworthy or unreliable that person was. This doesn’t comes as a deception or manipulation, but rather as a misplaced trust, so the mistake was from your behalf, and perhaps it is this that makes the heartache even more acute, because ultimately you are going to be more disappointed in yourself. This can also play out as having to accept the harsh reality, that someone you like or feel close to is simply not going to feel the same way for you, and this in it’s self is no one’s fault, but that doesn’t make it any less painful for you. Ultimately, regardless of how the 3 of swords is going to play out in your life ass, what matters the most is that it’s going to guide you towards the situation described by the 10 of swords, the card of defeat. Do not let the word “defeat” scare you or intimidate you, because this is the best kind of defeat, meant to eliminate illusions and unrealistic hopes from your life, the Universe is sending these events at you, in order for you to accept surrender, and not focus all of your emotional energy unto not very palpable things, even if they are emotional in nature, but rather accept their ephemeral nature, release them, and make a place in your heart and life to opportunities which truly advantage you and give you the chance to be your very best version.

The 10 of swords means the end of a cycle, the end of a struggle, the inevitable death of a situation which simply doesn’t come to fruition, the end of a relationship or marriage, the end of a career or a job, so it’s not a defeat in the real sense, rather an invitation from the divine to let them go, move on, take initiative and abandon that which simply isn’t working in your life, and by doing this your heart is going to be free and with time it can accept everything that has to take the place of everything that will disappear from your life.

The King of Coins is a fantastic sign, because it shows us the BIG picture of why these closures have to take place. Out of all the Kings of the Tarot this one symbolizes stability, grounding, security, balance, protection and most importantly permanency. So, this isn’t just about endings, but much more about new beginning and solutions, which wanna enter your life, symbolically these are starting to pile up, just waiting for your attention, for you to see the opportunities and cease them and ultimately for you to make place for them in your life, by surrendering those things which are not helping you in any way anymore. This card can also symbolize a new job offer, material help and stability offered by an earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) or a materially prosperous partner. So, do not be sad, don’t disrepair, because all of the closures that are about to take place in August are also bringing with them sources of hope and solutions which are going to offer you stability, the sense of being protected and comfortable in your own life, and more importantly to make that sense of stability long lasting.

Advice from the Universe: The Awakening. This card symbolizes the power of karma, the hand of fate, the astrological correspondent of the North Node (which is currently in the sign of Cancer!), so regardless of what happens, how gloomy your situation may look like, you must know that everything is in your beings highest good, these events are meant to guide you and steer you towards the best future for yourself and loved ones, and more importantly this is also a spiritual awakening, which will source from deep within your soul, and will give you the power to fully immerse in your life’s story and use your spiritual gift to co-create,co-direct it along with the Universe, and for this to be possible you need to be receptive to the events of divine synchronicity that are about to enter your life.


King of Swords reversed, 7 of Coins, 6 of Cups reversed. From an astrological perspective the month of August marks your Solar return, when the Sun enters it’s home sign, where it is the most powerful, so this month can be a potentially very significant time for you guys.

The King of Swords in reversed position means that a lot of news are going to reach you, some of which may not necessarily be the most pleasant kind, but regardless of how this plays out one thing is for certain all communications heading your way are going to reveal to you your true position, where you stand socially and in relation to other people, and most importantly they are going to reveal to you everything/everyone who you can’t rely upon in the future.

In some cases the King of Swords can represents communication or relations with authorities (like banks, council, legal documents etc) and since it’s in a reversed position it means that all communication is going to go pretty slowly, and they may announce delays, change of plans, change of strategies, unexpected complications, but it’s not bad news, or nothing to be frightened of, it will just represent minor inconveniences, but on the other hand it can offer you extra time to think, maybe rethink, and make changes to your own plans, and from this perspective time is the most precious thing anyone or anything can offer us.

The 7 of Coins is a very good sign because it speaks of rewards, harvest, honors, gratitude going your ways. From a strict material perspective this can be an extra source of income, someone returning something they owe you, it could be financial rewards thanks to overtime, or work you did in the past, or it could even signify extra work for the future which will be more rewarding than you could possible expect. From a spiritual perspective however, the 7 of Coins is an even a better sign, because it means that there were certain seeds of intentions which you might have planted in the Universe around the beginning of the year, and wherever you wished for back then is slowly going to manifest, offering you the fruits of your spiritual labor. Of course do not mistake this for miracle energy, because no matter how this plays out, you worked for this, you invested time and energy into making your dreams come true, for some of you this is actual physical work and time, for others more of a spiritual work and meditation. What matters the most is that prosperity and karmic rewards are heading your way, and if you are going through a tough time financially, then this is going to help you out big time.

The 6 of Cups in reversed potions speaks about emotional progress, breaking free from the past, forgiving and forgetting people who may have caused you emotional distress, and moving on with your life. For some of you guys this may not be as much about the distant past, like your younger years, but the recent past where you might have had conflicts, disappointment, break-ups, may have been the victims of gossip or backstabbing, and in this case the 6 of Cups reversed means that you will find the emotional power to rip this out from your life and not allow it to turn into an emotional blockage or to determine you to mistrust people.

Advice from the Universe: Four of Water. Through this card the Universe is asking you to take a deep look at everything that’s happened to you in the past, and put all your wisdom and life experience which sourced from the lessons of the past towards your advantage, because just as the 4 seasons succeed each others, so do the cycles of life, so just how the cycles of life played out in the past, so will they in the future,but you have the privilege thanks to your life experience to co-create your future along with the Universe by making the best choices and taking the most ideal actions by applying diligence, caution, wisdom and when it is needed the ambition, endurance and passion which your sign is so notorious of. Taking your time to think things through very deeply, instead of making choices impulsively can give you the advantage to know and anticipate the future, and that in it’s self, many times is the true key towards success.


7 of Wands, 3 of Wands, 6 of Coins reversed. For natives born under the sign of Virgo, the month of August is going to demand action, enforcing your will, acting upon your inner impulses and perhaps most importantly to trust yourself, trust your own perception, your vision and your own logical processes, even if what you think and feel is not supported by others.

The 7 of Wands can represent 2 different attitudes which you have to master, one of them is to have courage, and sufficient self trust, in order to do what YOU think is best even if the way you see things, or feel about a situation is not shared by those around you. There are many times in life, when the opinion, expertise, vision and practical experience of a person greatly surpasses that of a crowd or of a collective, in fact our history is an endless source of examples, humanities greatest scientific discoveries and technological advancements were offered to us by visionaries who’s opinions and theories, at that time were ridiculed even laughed at. You may not be an Einstein, but perhaps out of everyone from your social circle, you hold the most valid logic and your own unique wisdom may be the most constructive, and when you actually feel aligned with your inner truth, not expressing it or ignoring the call is very counterproductive. Additionally, the 7 of wands also describes situations where life may require you to defend your most valued and most highly regarded principles, because that is part of who you are, and those have to be woven in every single action which you choose to take, adding your own personal touch to everything that you do. So, in conclusion, a myriad of events await you in the month of August, some of which will be fated/ karmic in nature, meant to reflect back at you your own power, you may be forced to express your own truth passionately, even with the risk of offending others, because this is the only way the Universe can show you just how learned, professional, skilled, and wise you have become and you have every reason to trust yourself and ask others to trust your vision and perspective when the situation needs it. This is all going to lead you towards seeing your true worth, and this inner psychological progress is going to be the key to success, because you will have the chance to apply everything you know, everything that you have learned, as long as you defend yourself from external criticism, ultimately when you trust yourself, others will find it easy to trust you as well.

The 3 of Wands signifies evolution, movement, receiving all the right information, guidance and increasing your awareness, giving you the opportunity to see the smallest details and the BIG picture simultaneously, in matters which are most important and relevant in your life, and for Virgo natives, governed by Mercury, the planet of the mind, knowledge truly means power, power to accomplish, power to create, power to change and readopt everything that you desire. From a totally different perspective this can can also symbolize long distance journeys, especially overseas, or across a body of water, so for some of you this might mean a surprise holiday or invitation to somewhere exotic.

6 of Coins reversed. This card signifies that you will need to make certain financial sacrifices in order to advance with your plans, this might signify a donation, a present, or financial help that you will need to offer someone, or it could simply mean investing in yourself, like buying something of greater value in order to make your life easier.

Advice from the Universe: Nine of Water. This card signifies, uniting yourself with source, going within yourself and finding serenity, peace and an infinite well of spiritual power and inspiration from within yourself. You might be going through a phase in life when you need to be as lucrative and creative as you possibly can, and in order to make sure that you are never without inspiration and that you don’t have to depend on external Muses, getting in touch with your spirituality, faith, and the wonders and mysteries of your own soul is highly recommended. If you are feeling drained, defeated, life is weighing too heavily on your shoulders, then a retreat within yourself, or going to a place of great natural beauty, in the heart of nature can be the very best source of regeneration to recharge your batteries.


9 of Cups, Justice, The World. This is a very positive and uplifting energy, promising you the chance to draw into your life all those things which are meant to replace the losses (regardless if we are talking about material losses, relationships, friendships, job/career) which you have suffered in the past. Whatever is going to enter you life, will be a sign of karmic justice, meant to compensate you for any injustices, hardships, sacrifices, emotional distress, traumas which impacted your lives.

The 9 of Cups speaks about emotional healing, the chance just to simply be OK with yourself, your life, your choices, not to focus at all on the past, but more on the present and to appreciate and rejoice in the person who you have become. This card can also signify reaching a state of emotional maturity, a state of being where understanding all the lesson of the past, and perceiving the negative events as sources of wisdom which weren’t meant to cause you harm, but rather enrich your existence and your soul, by successfully overcoming those obstacles, can give you the chance just to be happy with what you’ve got in the present moment, feeling pride, joy and gratitude towards yourself for all the times when you stayed strong and chose not to give into depression, and ultimately this is food for your soul for the future, because your inner happiness can fuel your optimistic, romantic and idealistic Libra natures. We can also look at this from an astrological perspective as the blessing and gift of self love offered to you by your governing planet, Venus.

Justice. As I mentioned above, this card speaks about karmic justice that has to enter you lives. This doesn’t necessarily mean a random, unexpected event of good fortune which will transform your life into a daydream overnight, but rather being empowered, guided, aligned with you own inner truth in order to make all the right choices for yourself, choices which will help you create the stable, grounded and safe future which you are so tirelessly working towards. In rare cases, if any of you guys have any legal cases, issues concerning the law, legislation, trials, or are waiting for a response from an institution of the state, the this card promises you significant advancements, evolution of your case, and most importantly information regarding the possible future outcome, giving you time to prepare yourself.

The World card is also a very favorable sign, because it means completion, an end that also gives birth to a fantastic new beginning. For those of you have are going through any kind of hardship, this means the end of the struggle, and the arrival of easier, happier, lighter times. For those of you who have invested work, material values, time into something like a project, future plan, goals, the purchase of something important, then the World speaks about success and reward. This can also means healing, or improving health if you are dealing with these kind of problems, or it could play out for some people as simply starting a new life somewhere else.

Advice from the Universe: 10 of Water. The symbolism of this card completes the main reading perfectly, because it signifies flow, evolution, constant change. One cycle succeeds the other, no hardship, crisis, pain, distress lasts forever, for some people the flow is happening at a slower pace, and that in it’s self is a blessings, because time is the most precious gift anyone can offer us, while for other people it’s happening at quantum speeds, but this requires them to have the awareness and mental power to match that speed. Ultimately this card comes as a promise from the Universe that things will get better, improve, evolve, advance, and if you follow the voice of your soul, the rivers of your own beliefs are going to take you towards your happiness.


5 of Coins, Strength, Judgment. For natives born under the sign of Scorpio the month of August is going to have lows followed by very intense highs, which won’t only offer you a sense of accomplishment from a material perspective, but also clarity, spiritual guidance and karmic rewards.

The 5 of Coins is most definitely the card which represents the lows, because you are going to have a short moment (a couple of days) of financial difficulty, or your health may suffer undesired changes. If the symbolism of the 5 of Coins is going to play out materially, then the lack of resources, or the apparent poverty will be due to delays, money which you are relying upon and should normally enter your life without any problems might get stuck, there might be delays, or unforeseen circumstances may block it from reaching you, and this can cause major inconveniences if you are not prepared. For other people, especially if you are living with life long conditions this can represent a flareup, and unforeseen medical expenses, but it can also mean smaller accidents which might require you to rest for a couple of days. An accumulation of stress, worry, sleepless nights or overdoing physical work can also lead to this, in which case it can represent a nervous breakdown, meant to release the inner pressure, followed by a hasty recovery. Regardless of how the 5 of Coins manifests in your life, do not panic, don’t be disheartened, because it’s only going to last for a short time, after which you are going to get back on your feet, and use everything towards your advantage.

The Strength card, speaks of the high which is gonna follow the low, and from this perspective you are going to feel empowered both mentally and emotionally to go out there and do everything you need in order to obtain important goals for yourself. Your ambition, determination and inner resilience may prove to be your greatest ally, because you will find the inner power to accomplish BIG things for yourself, and if any of you guys perform work based on creativity, then August can bring you unexpected rewards, so when inspiration hits you, express it, apply it, find a way to manifest it and most importantly share it with the world, because the stars are going to smile upon you. For other natives, this is more about mental sharpness, tapping into the full strength of their intellect, the energies of the planets are going to make your mind more fertile than at any other time, giving you the chance to give birth to the most groundbreaking, revolutionary, visionary ideas, which can uplift and inspire other people, and this can attract all the right kind of focus, attention and delight of others into your life.

The Judgment card signifies, that expressing your self, ideas and creativity in the month of August, can bring you significant rewards, for some of you guys it’s gonna be the love, gratitude, admiration, respects of other people, while for others this can take a very material for as well. What’s even more important that all of this is going to feel as if you are being guided by a higher force, and if some mysterious energy is infusing your being with inspiration, activating your intuition helping you make all the right moves, and ultimately giving you the chance to attract what you desire the most into your life.

Advice of the Universe: The Star. The message of this card is very simple, it symbolizes the power of hope. Being hopeful and trusting the story of your life, and viewing the spirit of the Universe as kind and loving, whose ultimate purpose is to enable the highest good of all living beings, gives you a huge spiritual power, it unlocks the magnetism of your being, by finely tuning in the resonance of your thoughts to divine frequencies, which in turn will give a totally new meaning to the phrase “the Universe is conspiring in your favor”. Regardless of how bad the situation looks like, of how disadvantages you are, if you tap into the power of hope, your soul smiles upon the starts, and the stars are sure so smile back at you, and they will conspire in the true sense of the word to send you aid, trigger coincidences meant to favor you, and guide you in the right direction.


9 of Coins reversed, 10 of swords reversed, King of Swords. The month of August is going to be pretty intense for natives born under the sign of Sagittarius, because it’s going to be very active, dynamic, they are going to be over-solicited, mentally they will struggle to keep up with the events hastily succeeding in their lives, but ultimately everything is going to lead them towards progress and a sense of accomplishment.

The 9 of Coins reversed can mean a number of different things, but regardless which shape these energies are going to take in your life, know that ultimately it’s towards your advantage and good reputation. This card, in reversed position signifies that you will have to give up, or perhaps sacrifice your financial well being, your prosperity, perhaps tap into your savings, because unexpected expenses might enter your life, and even if this is not something you desire to do in that moment, you will have to take care of the situation. The good thing about this is that it won’t be a struggle, it’s not going to lead you into debt, the best way to understand this energy is like having to invest in yourself and in your future, a choice or a course of action which life/fate made in your place. For others, this can mean having to help someone you love, like a parent/child/close relative/partner etc. and in this case helping someone who is very important to you, is like helping yourself, at the end of the day, this is the main reason you have savings and have money put aside for emergencies. For other people it’s not as much about money, but more like about time, you may be required to do some overtime at work, or you might be asked to get involved in certain lucrative activities which normally aren’t part of your daily routine. Regardless of how these energies manifest for you, know that the time, money, energy you have to invest in whatever situation is going to necessitate your intervention, it’s going to produce rewards in the future, your sacrifice will definitely not be in vane, as I said before, the best way to look at this is as a forced investment in yourself.

The 10 of Swords is a very karmic card, which tells the story that something which you have thought of as lost, over, hopeless, defeat, is miraculously going to turn around, and offer you resolution, a possible new beginning. This can be a loss that you have suffered in the past with little hope of recovering it, it could be the long time stagnation of a project you have been working on in the past and gave up on it, it could have been an investment you thought of as lost, it could be a situation where you appeared to be the defeated one, the loser, or it could be the revival of a relationship where you thought you have burned all bridges. This card is in reversed position, because whatever applies to your situation, it was lost, defeated, had a negative outcome only in your mind and thoughts, in actual reality it was always destined to teach you a karmic lesson of patience, staying hopeful and believing in yourself, and once those lessons have been learned, the Universe has no more reason to keep things unresolved and can allow closures or a total turn in the situation to occur.

The King of Swords signifies very important communications, information which you need to advance with different areas of your life are going to reach you. It can also symbolize your logical, rational, cool thinking side, which needs to rule your being in the month of August, because the fast moving, dynamic succession of events may require you to be in top mental shape, because you will need to make very quick decisions, choices, actions and reactions all of which have to be very logical, rational in order to ensure that you don’t miss out on any relevant opportunities or make bad moves if you get a bit over flooded emotionally. This card can also symbolize your own status, where a lot of people are going to seek your wisdom, expertise, opinion and life experience, they are going to turn to you for advice and guidance, but it can also symbolize a male air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) who can potentially help you out and offer you guidance, support.

Advice of the Universe: The Seeker. This card speaks about taking things lightly, shutting down your worries, sources of stress, concerns and awakening your inner child, because problems can only weigh you down and consume your inner power if your give them importance allow them to have more gravity on you then it’s healthy. Being lighthearted, treating certain things as merely a game, not accepting the seriousness and density of matter to take away your sense of freedom can ultimately lead to quantum-leaping forward towards to happier times and finding solutions much quicker. The seeker is also the card of risks, so if you feel very strongly about making a bold move, playing with risks and the uncontrollable power of chance, hazard, opportunity like gambling, asking someone out who you might not think you have a chance with, expressing your feeling even when you know there is a risk of upsetting someone, can lead to unexpected success and gains, as long as you apply balance, rationality, and measure. A small risk can make life interesting and fun regardless if it pay out or not, but blindly risking everything always has a bad end.


Hanged man reversed, 6 of Coins reversed, 2 of Coins reversed. The month of August has very versatile energies in store for natives born under the sign of Capricorn. The presence of Saturn (your ruler), Pluto and the South Node are further going to continue to offer you a sense of greater clarity, in order to reveal to you and help you acknowledge the most important karmic lessons of your life.

From this perspective the Hanged man in reversed position speaks about fated events which are going to shed a totally different light on the most relevant hardships you faced in the past, making you see that everything that apparently disadvantaged you back then, your failures, all those moments when you simply couldn’t be as successful as you wanted to be, were in fact, blessings in disguise, because they prevented you from creating a life for yourself, which on a soul level you weren’t really sure you wanted to live, and more importantly, life is going to show you some very relevant negative examples of other people who succeeded where you have failed, but in the present moment their success binds them down and forces them to accept compromises, all of which you are totally free from, making your life much more enjoyable, meaningful and freer than theirs. Through these series of events brought to your attention through divine guidance, you will get the chance to find gratitude, a sense of appreciation, that Fate herself, restricted your success every time you wanted to achieve something which wasn’t actually aligned with your inner truth and your life’s purpose. The reason why your hardships seemed to be so intense, was actually due to your own sense of ambition and determination, instead of waiting for success to fall into your lap, you invested hard work into advancing in that area of life which you desired back then. All the work that you put in it was not in vane, mainly it taught you how to master your skills and how to reach a state of self discipline, and in the present moment it is those very lessons that enable you to be where you are in life. The Hanged man in reversed position can also signify that everything you have scarified for in the past, has a high chance to bring you unexpected rewards in the future, regardless if it was actual work and long hours which you have invested into something, or if it was favors, and unconditional help you offered to others, everything is going to be slowly starting coming back to you, much to your delight.

The 6 of coins and 2 of coins both reversed, come as a warning sign to pay very close attention to your finances and material situation, because there is a tendency of wastefulness and overspending which might cause you problems towards the end of August. The 6 of coins reversed can signify that someone in your life might ask for your help, for a loan, or it is you who would like to help them unconditionally, and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, be sure not to be excessively generous, because that can be also an act of self sabotage. Also this could also represent investing in your self, or purchasing something very important for you, and while you should absolutely do this, be sure to apply measure and caution, because the 2 of coins tells the risk of mismanaging your financial situation.

Advice from the Universe: 10 of Air. This card advises you to leave behind all those relationships present in your life which do not advantage you in any way, or which are a constant source of worry, disappointment, do not serve your beings highest good, especially if there might be toxic people and narcissists around you. As you can see this card depicts a flock of wild geese flying to a land with a more favorable climate, in their typical V formation. This can symbolize a time in life when you are called to be totally free from emotional perspective, by having the courage and a fearless, self confident state of being, so that you can leave behind everyone who is preventing your happiness, knowing that doing this is only going free up space in your life and more importantly in your heart to find those souls who actually belong in your life. The V formation represents the rune “Kano” which encourages you to enter into a state of total emotional clarity, and focus all of your being power upon yourself and by doing so, you are going to open new opportunities for yourself to get where you desire to be in life.


5 of Cups reversed, 3 of Cups, 4 of Coins. These cards might represent a very unexpected turn of events in the month of August, for natives born under the sign of Aquarius. The 5 of Cups in reversed positions speaks about reconciliation, apology, someone who really disappointed you, let you down, hurt you, or betrayed your trust is going to initiate reconciliation, express their regrets and maybe ask that you give them another chance. If this was a past relationship, then this gesture is meant to heal your wounds, offer you closure, rebuild the bridges that were burnt, but it might not resurrect the relationship, but rather transform it into an amicable one. If this was a business partnership, work related relation, or friendship, then there is a high chance for the connection to be resumed, and forgiveness on your behalf to take place. Regardless of how this plays out in your life, it’s not the actual event that matters the most, it’s much more about the feeling, it’s life’s way to show you that you are such a wonderful person with such a kind and warm heart, that even those people with the biggest egos, have a tendency to appreciate you, given they have time to reflect and see things without the gravity of their egos.

The 3 of Cups is also a wonderful card, which speaks about celebration, joy, bliss, emotional rewards entering your life. Usually the 3 of Cups appears before a very good, long lasting new friendship, alliance is born, when your soul connects to those of others and this offers everyone a sense of belonging. It can also mean an unexpected invitation to a ceremony, celebration, party, social gathering, wedding, an important event that’s gonna take place in your family, allowing you to enjoy all the small pleasures of life and make you feel like a very valued member of the community, family, social circle you belong to.

The 3 of Cups can also mean inspiration, divine guidance on an emotional level, a heightened intuitive power, new dreams, wishes, goals of emotional nature that are about to be born inside your soul.

Last, but not least the 4 of Coins comes as a sign of your worth, which is going to be reflected in the material aspect of your life. This can mean a number of different things for example your wisdom, diligence, careful planning regarding your finances are going to pay off big time, creating an unexpected financial gain, it could be that some past investments are finally coming to fruition, or it could mean your legal share of something that you are going to acquire and keep safe for times when you will need it. For other individuals the 4 of coins could be the expression of their ideas and creativity which is going to attract offers in their lives, which could lead them towards a very substantial financial gain.

Advice of the Universe: 3 of Fire. Through this card the Divine would like to invite you to celebrate yourself. There are certain times in life, when things shouldn’t be taken seriously at all, especially when you have been pressed down by problems, worries and insecurities for a while, and just taking some time for yourself and truly celebrating your life, your dreams, your successes, all those times when you had the opportunity to shine, can enable you to heal and regenerate your inner strength. When you have fun, when you allow yourself to indulge all your senses in the small pleasures of life and open yourself up unconditioned by shame and expectations of other people, then your being is going to operate on very harmonious frequencies which can attract a lot of positive vibes in your life, a lot of people who are totally on the same wavelength as you are and ultimately recharge your batteries.


The Magician, The Star, The Devil. Judging from these card natives born under the sign of Pisces are going to have quite a magical month in August. The reading is opened by the Magician card, which means that in the past year you might have worked on projects, you might have been planning to upgrade at least one area of your life, you might have been working on obtaining very important goals for your future, and this month you will have opportunities to manifest everything that you have been working on. For some natives, this simply means accomplishing objectives by applying wisdom, rationality, mastery of your skills, using various things that you have learned throughout the years, and of course making all the right choices while patiently waiting for the seeds of intention to grow and prosper, and all of this is ultimately going to pay off, especially if it has anything to do with your creativity and ingenuity. For other natives the Magician card has a much more magical, even metaphysical meaning, it speaks about using your spiritual power, the strength of your souls, the purity and intensity of your emotions to plant seeds of intention in the Universe, and from this perspective, whatever you have dreamed of, asked for, wishesd and meditated upon in the month of January, is finally going to come to fruition and enter your life manifested.

The Star card comes into focus to complement the meaning of the Magician, promising you a lot of unexpected but very pleasant surprises. Some of these are going to be moments of divine guidance when you are simply going to feel blessed, the whole Universe is going to conspire in your favor to make your life easier, by putting you in the right place at the right time. This can also refer to the past, when you spread hope, kindness and compassion helping and supporting someone who was going through a very tough period in their lives, and this gesture of yours is going to return to you greatly amplified, this can take the form of a BIG gesture of gratitude, or it can be a karmic reward for all the good karma that you have generated for yourself. But, most importantly, the Star speaks about the future, just as you are going to see your hopes and dreams manifest before your very eyes offering you advantages, that won’t only bring you joy, but it will ignite the flames of hope in your hearts, bringing out your very best selves, and your faith, spiritual power, and self love is going to be contagious, inspiring everyone around you to feel hope with the same intensity as you do.

The Devil is also quite a magical card, which speaks about material progress, money, wealth finances or social advantages that are going to reach you and offer you big opportunities, but this won’t be very easy energy, it won’t fall in your lap, but rather it will require you to make sacrifices, compromises, and to use your emotional intelligence in manipulative ways. This could be a situation of “I scratch your back if you scratch mine”, or social advantage might require you to gain influences by offering presents, being nicer then you actually are, or to adapt a very chameleonic attitude, or the necessity to feed someone’s egom all of this to gain ground. Even thought, all of these necessities for you to reach a position of advantage can be considered a bit shadowy or of questionable morality, sometimes in life the goal justifies the means, especially if whatever you can gain can ensure your greater prosperity, which you can share with your loved ones. Another possible interpretation of this card can come as a warning to be very careful of excesses, especially if those have anything to do with addictions, or obsessive sexual desires.

Advice from the Universe: The Canoe. This card encourages you to stay on your path, continue working towards you hopes and dreams, and to find the ambitions, passion and determination within yourself to always try your bast and advance forward. The Canoe is the Gaian version of the tarot’s Chariot card, which signifies evolution, movement, dynamism and persona triumph, so you know that this is your ultimate destination, the Universe has your back and it’s always guiding you, all you need to do is trust yourself, trust your intuition and make sure that you are always open to a state of flow, and that will guarantee your triumph.

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