Weekly horoscope: July 29 – August 4, creative chaos at it’s finest!

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of July 29 – August 4, we have a very powerful and intense sky with a lot of planets in Leo, including it’s ruler the Sun, which will put the emphasis on this area of the sky, and on that area of your life which is ruled by Leo.

Regardless of what other planets are present in the sign of Leo, whenever the Sun enters it’s home sign, Leo season is always one of great self empowerment, where we are given a celestial opportunity to manifest things which are the most important to us, and make significant progress towards giving our lives a more authentic feeling, making sure that we did everything that was in our power to align our external realities, with the truth that is burning brightly within us. The fact that we have many planets and a very potent astrological event taking place in this sign (new Moon) makes this that much more powerful and relevant.

We are going to start the week with a celestial conversation of supreme harmony which we are going to inherit from last week, and that is Mars in Leo is going to form a trine with Jupiter in Sagittarius. Mars represent our drive, the force of our ambitions, the courage and boldness that sources deep from our primordial self, and in certain cases our willfulness, the inner warrior, it’s symbolism being empowered by the fact that it’s traversing a fire sign, while Jupiter is also conversing from a fire sign. This energy can help us move forward, can help us accomplish very difficult things, which might require us to take a risk, get out of our comfort zones, express our truths, put everything we got into our creativity, allow our heart and our deepest feelings to guide us and give us strength. This is also promoted by Jupiter, being the planet of expansion and providing us celestial protection and good luck, but also by the Sun, which is our power of manifestation, the expression of the Self, being even stronger then at any other time, due to the fact that it is in the sign it rules, and soon it it also going to be joined by Venus, the minor planet of good fortune, so this energy encourages you to feel confident, to trust yourself and your feelings, and have the courage to express yourself, your creativity, give shape and form to your most creative thoughts and express the vastness of your emotional world, speak your truth is you are fully aligned with it and stand from a place of honesty, dare to be yourself, set your inner child free, doing all of these things may lead to rewards and success.

As I said earlier, right at the beginning of the week, Venus is also going to enter the sign of Leo, putting the emphasis on love, value, self worth and of course the beauty of being alive. Among other things like children, inner child, creativity, self expression, rulers, risks, sensuality, Leo also represents the heart, both from a physical sense, but also the symbolic sense, and as soon as the goddess of love and beauty is going to step in this area of the sky, it will activate our true feelings, that which we feel deeply in our heart of hearts, unconditioned by anything external or internal. This energy first of all may unite us with our most authentic truths of what we love and how we truly feel about various things in our lives, and because the Sun is also in very close proximity to her, chances are that the truth is going to burn much more brightly inside of us, than any conditioning, emotional compromise, self manipulation or any other external influence, while it may be our choice to express our truth or not (with a Mars this powerful, it may be very challenging not to express our truth during this time), it reaching our consciousness and awareness won’t really be much of a choice because one way or another this energy is going to find a way to unite us with our most authentic feelings.

This is also encouraged by another celestial conversation which is taking place in the sign of Cancer, where a Mercury still retrograde at the very beginning of the week is going to converse with Neptune. Cancer also rules our emotional worlds, where our souls feel at home, where our souls can connect to other people or the place which we live in, our families, our ancestral inheritance, so from this perspective, Mercury is going to reveal to us the most important conclusions about this area of our lives, it might determine us to once again, take a journey inwards and reevaluate all of the most relevant happenings of the past, which shaped and formed our emotional worlds, and see things from a totally different perspective, and ultimately it can give us the chance to integrate all the lessons of the past, life experience, and all that wisdom which sources from our karmic journeys into our emotional world, promoting healing, releasing old traumas, illusions, misaligned beliefs and ultimately reforging our inner truths, to match with the life we wanna be lining in the future and the person who we are working towards to become.

If all of this wasn’t enough, there is going to be another celestial conversation happening in the sky, which is going to include the new Moon as well, and this is one of tension and stress, promising us the most unexpected surprises, shocks, unexpected turn of events, unpredictable twists and turns of fate, which can change our situations in an flash, and that is Uranus, the planet of chaos, revolution, magnetism from the sign of Taurus is going to form a square with the Sun in Leo, then with the new Moon, and with Venus as well. This energy can be quite heavy, restless, unsettling, it can cause anxiety, emotional and mental instability, making it very hard to us to focus or to keep ourselves gathered and concentrated. While this conversation of tension is in full power, it would strongly be advised not to take major risks, not to make very big investments of which outcome depends on chance, not to perform very risky psychical activities, and try your very best not to be impulsive and express things which you might regret later on, because even though Leo rules risks, Uranus adds a touch of chaos to everything it touches, and during this conversation the emphasis is put on the Sun, the ruler of Leo, so manifestations and the result of risks may take very unexpected and unpredictable turns which might not always advantage you. Also Uranus is associated with rebellion and uprising, so expressing your ideas and principles way too boldly, being overly self confident might irritate people much more than it would usually do and this can give birth to conflict and even violence in a flash of a moment without any warning signs.

This energy can bring us surprises and unexpected events, it might reveal to us what certain people really think about us, which can change everything (for some people for the better, for others for the worse), it can bring to the surface truths of all kinds, declarations, confessions of all kinds including love from people who we least expect it from to reveal that they have a romantic interest in us, which can also change many things, it can bring us the most surprising and unexpected opportunities, but regardless of how this manifests in your life, know that everything that’s gonna happen, every surprise or unexpected twist of events, is going to leads you to your ultimate truth, because only by being aware of your own position, the true feelings which other have for you, the way they see you, and their true desires towards you, only by knowing all of these can you make valid choices for your future, and most importantly it gives you the opportunity to align your own feelings, opinion and desires with the cold hard truth.

For some people the touch of Uranus won’t necessarily mean any external event or influence, but rather a moment of epiphany, of sudden realization, where you will have the chance to perfectly understand your own feelings, get the chance to acknowledge your most valued truth on a soul level, in other words if your soul had a voice and would wanna tell your something in the most clear of ways, without a chance for misinterpretations, then it would use the power of Uranus to make you aware of what it desires. This can be something extremely powerful, because at the end of the day the truth of the soul is irresistible, ignorance and self neglect is the only way to disconnect from what your soul wants, and doing that might not be really an option when Uranus is in the picture, besides the fact that doing such a thing would be self sabotage, so chances are that whatever is going to reach your awareness during this time, regardless if it’s an external event, or an internal epiphany, it’s going to be a game changer, because it’s going to lead to your most authentic truth, to what your soul truly wants, and when we possess such a very powerful awareness, we have no choice but to surrender, in some cases admit defeat, break free from all illusions which might determine us not to follow the desires of our souls, and do what we have to do.

This energy can feel very chaotic, confusing and discomforting at first, but know that everything is for your being highest good, this is meant to ensure that you are gonna create a future for yourself which will be based on truth, and that is a foundation that’s never going to give up on you. Sometimes, this can play out as the “ Tower” card of the tarot, where the foundations of your life may be solid truth, but what’s built upon them might contain illusions and misaligned beliefs, if this is the case, Uranus can be the lightning striking at your tower, demolishing the illusions and leaving only the foundation, giving you the chance to rebuild a smaller but way more sturdy tower. Even in the Tarot, the card which follows the Tower, is the “Star”, the symbol of hope manifested.

And perhaps we will have the opportunity to experience the blessing of the “Star” card as well, because Jupiter from his home sign of Sagittarius is going to form a conversation of harmony with the Sun, greatly expanding it’s power, and the Sun is the source of all life, after all, so this will make sure that the very powerful Uranian influence is going to be one which serves your highest good, giving the the unbound power of hope, optimism and faith, and during a conversation like this, the resonance of your thoughts and feelings is going to matter very much.

Right around the 31st of July and 1st o August, depending on which side of the planet you’re on, we are going to have the highlight of next week, the superb and beautiful new Moon in Leo. By this time Venus is also going to be present in this area of the sky, promoting the energies of love, and empowering you with a heightened sense of self confidence, but one which might not come that easily, because it can be challenged by Uranus, but if your emotions, and the love that you have in your heart is authentic, then this can truly become a time of great rewards, if you choose to follow your heart, express your creativity, put your artistic talents to good use, and perhaps most importantly allow your being to be guided by the inner child.

Right around the new Moon, Mercury is going to stand still in the sky and prepare to go direct, and because this happens in the sign of Cancer, this is going to mark the completion of whatever emotional healing needs to take place inside of you, this has the potential to highlight everything that Pluto wanted to transform inside your emotional world, when the very potent oppositions took place last week. Chances are that during this new Moon, when Mercury will start to go direct, you are going to find emotional clarity, healing, it can highlight all that you need to let go of, the hurts and pains that you have suffered in the past, and most importantly through wisdom and self knowledge to reclaim the shards of your soul, those which still exist, but are trapped in the past, allowing you to feel more complete, whole, regenerated on a soul level, and better understand and value all the lessons of the past, and most importantly to allow yourself to glimpse into your future, because the wisdom and knowledge that you have accumulated during this Mercury retrograde season were all meant to give you that privilege, to know and feel the future, so that you can prepare yourself, release that which you simply can not change, abandon all those goals which no longer serve your being’s highest interests, and focus all your emotional power and emotional intelligence to fight and strive for that which truly matters to you.

To read more about the new Moon taking place in the sign of Leo, we have a specially dedicated article for this event, which can highlight all the different aspects and influences in more detail. You can find the link below:


Later on in the week Venus is going to get closer and closer to the Sun forming an imperfect conjunction, which is going to unite us more and more with the most authentic expression of love within ourselves, but also our inner and outer beauties, everything that makes us attractive, unique, special, and expressing all of those things or weaving it into your creative work can attract success and rewards into your life. Of course this also speaks about love, the flames of love can ignite in your heart more than at any other time for several different things, love for an activity, hobby, love for yourself, love for another person, romantic love, and sexual desires.

Since Mercury is going to go direct right around the time of the new Moon, it’s going to start making it’s way back into Leo, but before that it will re-travel it’s shadow path making it’s way back to 30 degrees of Cancer, and then entering Leo, which is going to bring dynamism, evolution in communications, the end of stagnation in at least one area of your life, which is ruled by Cancer, but even more importantly it will help you and guide you to use all the lessons, life experiences, wisdom and knowledge that you had the chance to unite yourself with during retrograde season, and with a heightened degree of self knowledge, emotional clarity, acceptance of the course of karma, and being able to see clearly what is the most important for you regarding the future, to make choices and relevant action to ensure the fulfillment of the life you wanna live in the future.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope that you have a blessed week and manage to use the blessings of Jupiter, but even the surprises of Uranus to your greatest advantage! Have a blessed week everyone!

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