New Moon in Leo: unlock the full potential of your creativity!

Hi everyone and welcome to another astrology article, today I’m going to be writing about the upcoming new Moon in the sign of Leo, taking place on the 31st July-1st of August, depending on which side of the planet you’re on.

As you probably know from previous articles, new Moons are associated with new beginning, setting out new intentions, new plans, new initiatives which have a high chance of completion either by the next full Moon or in 6 month’s time.

Leo is a very powerful fire sign, ruled by the Sun, so this new Moon is pretty special for the reason that it also takes place in the Sun’s home sing, making the influence of the Sun that much more powerful, and all manifestations that have to be triggered after this new Moon, are going to come into our lives that much quicker. The Sun is the symbol of the self and the expression of your personality, but from a very different perspective it’s also a symbol of our power of manifestation, so during this time expressing ourselves, our desires, that which we want to accomplish, and making relevant choices, actions in order to get where we desire to be, can have a much greater impact than any other time. This is going to be valid, all throughout Leo, season, because besides the Sun, there’s a very powerful Mars in this area of the sky, and later on we are going to have the Moon, Venus, and after Mercury goes direct (around the 1st of August) it will make it’s way into Leo as well, putting the emphasis on the symbolism of this sign.

Leo rules a couple of different things, it promotes creativity, giving birth you your ideas, desires, everything that is born within yourself, it also rules children, it rules self confidence, taking risks, aiming for big goals, it equally rules the inner child, enjoying all the joys of life and psychical existence, and it’s also the sing which represents leaders, people of great influence, kings, nobles, VIPs, and very influential people.

During this time, everything related to the symbolism of Leo is highly encouraged, especially investing all of your time, energy and resources into yourself and making yourself the happiest as it is in your power. Your creativity, putting your time and effort in order to give life, shape, form to your ideas, or artistically or in any other way expressing what you feel inside may be rewarding, both drawing the admiration and respect of others around you and it can also have material rewards to it, because Venus is going to be present in this part of the sky at the time of the new Moon, greatly increasing the beauty and the power of attraction of your creations or expressions of self.

Being brave, bold, more self confident than ever, and acting from a place of self assurance, self trust and self love can also bring you unexpected rewards of any nature. Because Leo rules risk, taking chances, during this time we might see many people taking all sort of risks, gambling, making big investments, playing with “chaos” so to speak, and many of these gestures and action are going to pay off handsomely. Usually during Leo season, we see big lottery wins, big accomplishments being made public, we can see world leaders and highly influential people making the most controversial moves and supporting their decisions, actions, regardless of how other feel about this.

The risk and gamble part of Leo’s symbolism, is also supported and greatly complemented by another celestial conversation of supreme harmony taking place at that time, which is Mars in Leo, trines Jupiter in Sagittarius. This is relevant for a number of different reasons, first of all both planets are in fire signs, so this makes this energy much more intense, volatile, and much more likely to manifest, another thing worth considering is Jupiter is the planet of expansion and good fortune, while Mars is the power of the primordial self, of our instincts and urges, so things we feel very strongly about during this conversation, and if we choose to take some form of action or to express is, it can lead us to great success. Sometimes being a little bit overconfident, and blindly trusting your instincts and your gut feeling can pay off, especially if usually you aren’t that kind of person, getting out of your comfort zone may be the very best choice you could probably make during this aspect.

But like every astrological theme, this can also have a shadow side, so here are certain things we should be very careful about. As I said earlier, the element of fire dominates the sky during this time, so there is a risk of being perceived as arrogant, self absorbed, hotheaded, impulsive and egocentric, so even thought it is going to be very difficult to think things through before speaking/acting, because this is very quick and hasty energy, it is advised to always have a sense of empathy, because there is a tendency to overshadow the opinion or choices of other people, and this can lead to conflicts and misunderstanding. Probably the biggest “No-No” during this time is to rub in your own happiness, success, accomplishments, in the wounds of less fortunate people who really don’t need to hear those things, bur much rather need hope and kindness.

For those people who are usually shy, where self confidence and expressing yourself doesn’t come easily, then during this aspect you must not let your shyness stop you from expressing your will, because this is a time of maximum celestial empowerment, which you should really take advantage of.

There is also another area of life which Leo influences, and that is sexuality. It doesn’t rule partnerships, forming stable bonds, new relationships etc., so it’s not love from this perspective, but what it does rule is the expression of love, specially from a physical perspective, attractions, and ultimately sexual activities, which are a totally natural part of life. So during this time, especially after Venus enters the sign of Leo, it activates the romantic vibes of this part of the sky, giving you the chance to be your most attractive self, and depending on what you put out in the world, you have the chance to attract someone who you are very compatible with on a psychical level. This is further emphasized by the presence of Mars, which is the symbol of the male principle of sexuality, making you very persuasive, and increasing your chances to convince someone to give you a chance, or to form certain connections with you. In other words, this can be a fantastic time to attract people who you can connect with psychically and enjoy that special chemistry, and you can never know where things might advance from there.

Around the time of this new Moon, there are other celestial conversation happening in the sky, which can also have a massive influence:

The new Moon is going to meet in the sky with Venus, meaning that whatever you choose to express, create, put out there can have the chance to be very rewarding, and if it’s matters of love which you desire to attract in your life, this can offer you a heightened personal magnetism.

Both the new Moon (conjunction of the Sun and Moon) and Venus are going to form a square with Uranus in Taurus. This is a conversation of tension, which can bring unexpected surprises your way, because Uranus is the planet of revolution, chaos and unpredictability, so you might be surprised, even shocked by the reaction of other people, or perhaps you will find the self expression of other people a bit unusual and shocking. This is an extremely quick and hasty energy, meaning that you can have moments of maximum bravery, or inner stress which might determine you to speak as soon as the thoughts appear in your mind, and you may find yourself having difficulties holding yourself back from expression of your opinions or reacting to wherever you see or hear. All of this can be a very positive, motivating, creative stress, impulsiveness, as long as you keep a healthy measure not to overdo it, because otherwise a very powerful Uranus having a conversation of tension with the Sun can create accidents, so risking your physical well being, risking big sums of money or your material stability during this time would be very foolish and unadvised, and also this can lead to conflicts, tempers can run especially high with the chance of violence.

The square with Venus however can create shocks and surprises in love, you might get declarations of love from people you least expect it from, truths regarding love and the way people feel about you may reach you in the most unexpected ways, but there is always a positive side to all of this, some of those surprises may be those of the pleasant kind, perhaps the declaration of love and admiration might come from a person you secretly like but never even dream of them feeling that way about you.

While Uranus loves to shock and surprise, it loves to bring things which you expect the least, regardless of where it is in the sky, but when it converses with the Sun in Leo, then it usually creates the biggest and most unexpected events.

Jupiter from his home sign of Sagittarius is also going to form a conversation of supreme harmony called a trine with both the new Moon and and Mars in Leo, which has the potential to amplify, expand and increase the intensity of all the symbolism of the sign of Leo and all the planets involved, making that energy that much more lucky, and greatly increasing the chances of success. Since both Mars, the Sun and the Moon represents different aspects of the Self, it’s very obvious that you are going to accomplish something which all aspects of your being deeply desire, depending on where Leo falls in your personal chart, but even if you don’t know this, the general symbolism of Leo and of this new Moon can also advantage you greatly.

Another very important celestial activity is that of Mercury standing still in the sky, preparing to go direct, and make it’s own way into Leo, but it has yet to traverse it’s shadow (the path it took back into Cancer, when it went retrograde), so this in itself is going to bring us knowledge, wisdom, lessons learned, conclusions drawn, especially those which have to do with our emotional lives and relationships with people who we love. To add to this, Mercury is going to form a trine with Neptune, which is a beautiful celestial blessing, unlocking the full power of our true soul wisdom, intuition, giving us the chance to take on board all of the karmic lessons we received during this Mercury retrograde season, and to use that wisdom and life experience the best ways possible. This is also a very magical and prophetic energy, very intense premonitory dreams, visions, spiritual guidance may reach us during this time. Since Mercury is in Cancer, which symbolizes emotional intelligence, and balance between emotions and logic, and Neptune is the planet of divine mysteries, of the psyche and unconditional love, this conversation can offer us the true power of love, allowing us to create miracles just by feeling infinite love for someone or something. Mercury is also going to stand across the sky from Pluto, which means that all of those karmic lessons which we have learned or those moments of emotional clarity that we received during this time, are going to help us and empower us to make significant changes in our lives, eliminating our fears, obsessions, false logic which held us in place emotionally. Also fated events can enter into our lives during this time. This in it’s self is a conversation of maximum tension, and this can also play out as, fate (symbolized by Pluto) taking a curse of her own accord, regardless of how wise, cautions and diligent we are (symbolized by Mercury) there are certain fated and karmic events which we simply can’t elude, can’t stop, have no power over to prevent, so we might be challenged to just accept them and work with what we got in the present moment.

The way I personally like to view this celestial dance of tension is that Pluto is simply helping us to eliminate, all of those emotional obstacles which are rooted very deeply in our psyches, by using the intelligence, clairvoyance and logic of Mercury to reveal it to us and give is the ambition to choose to act differently, to dare to take off our own shackles and allow our heart to breathe and feel freely.

Thank you so much for reading, this new Moon is going to be a moment of joy, revelations, surprises but most of all optimism and joy of being alive, so use this time well and focus upon everything that makes you happy and makes you feel alive.

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