Weekly horoscope July 22-28, Mars and Jupiter ignite the fires of passion!

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of July 22-28. We have a very active and powerful sky, with very versatile energies, some aspects are going to promote stress, conflicts, inner tension all for the sake to motivate us to take action and express ourselves, while other conversations are going bless us with hope, self confidence, and motivation to fight for what’s important in our lives.

We are going to start the week, with a very powerful opposition, that of Pluto in Capricorn and Venus in the sign of Cancer, even though this celestial dance of maximum stress is going to lose some of it’s intensity by the very beginning of the week, it is still going to have a pretty powerful influence. When Pluto forms an opposition with a planet it tends to drain all of it’s power, and transmute it, change it, or better said, it challenges us to take a much closer look, at what we do with the symbolism of that planet, which in our case is Venus, the power of love, and self worth. During this time fated events might enter in our lives, forcing us to be much more aware of what we love, regardless if it’s a person, love for an activity, love for our careers, self love, in other words everything that we invest emotional energy into. If during this time we might realize that our love is not healthy and balanced, that perhaps we give too much emotional importance to something or someone, or if we allow others to have way too much power and influence over us, restricting our emotional freedom, then Pluto comes to our help, providing us the inner power to change all of this, and to find a much healthier expression of love. This aspect of maximum tension can also increase sexual urges, trigger obsessions, give birth to infidelity and third party situations, meant to challenge our relationships based on love and mutual emotional support. Fated closures, endings, break-ups, divorces, bridges being burnt in relationships is also very likely to happen, but we must approach this with a certain degree of spiritual awareness and wisdom, because all those challenging events triggered by Pluto are meant to help us by showing us the truth to where our personal power lies, in which way can we reclaim it and empower ourselves emotionally through self love and self worth.

There is also a supremely harmonious celestial conversation which takes place at the same time, Mars in the sign of Leo forms a trine with Jupiter in Sagittarius, this is going to feel like a breath of fresh air, like an infusion of divine power, the awakening of the true power of the self and this energy is meant to balance out the tensionate Pluto opposition. Mars, especially in the sign of Leo, represents the power of the self, the inner child, the expression of one’s will, it greatly empowers leaders, everyone who is under the public eye, it promotes creativity, self expression, and perhaps most importantly love, sensuality, passion, sexuality, fun, and it also has the potential to unite the primordial self (all of our primordial instincts) with our conscious, conditioned self, and this in it’s self is going to provide us with all the right impulses to attract and cease significant opportunities into our lives, those that matter to us the most. These energies are extremely quick, fiery, volatile, because both Jupiter and Mars are in fire signs, so this energy might determine us to be bolder, braver, more self confident than usual, so we might take risks, or not shy away from risky situations, with a high chance of the risk paying off, after all Jupiter is the planet of good fortune and it greatly amplifies all the symbolism of Mars is Leo. We can also see this energy play out on the world stage, because Leo rules nobility, world leaders, kings, VIP’s, so during this time important decisions which may impact us as a collective may be expressed during this time. Additionally Leo is also the sign of creativity, which means that artists, inventors, creative people in general are going to have a very productive and rewarding time.

Even though this is a supremely harmonious aspect, there is also a shadow side to this, Mars in Leo, amplified by Jupiter can determine certain people to be way too bold, excessively self confident, arrogant, express their opinions instantly expecting everyone to respect that, also it may give some people a false sense of security, that their reputation is much greater than it actually is. This can give birth to selfishness, egocentricity, self importance, thinking that one is the center of the Universe, and conflicts, mutual blows, even violence in some cases might follow the expression of such an attitude.

Now, if this wasn’t enough, there is also another supremely harmonious conversation taking place in the sky, which also promotes love, Neptune from his home sign of Pisces is trining Venus in Cancer. Both of these planets are speaking to each other from signs in which they are most comfortable in, adding greatly to their power and symbolism. Venus in Cancer is all about love, but it’s not impulsive, fiery, steamy kind of love as Mars in Leo, but rather love which is born from the depth of our souls, based on compassion, selflessness, the desire to care for another person, to share our own advantages and happiness with others, a kind of motherly love if you like, and Neptune, the higher octave of Venus, the symbol of the mysterious power of the Higher self, pure,divine, unconditional love, just complements the symbolism of Venus. Because all of this is happening at the same time, Pluto challenging us to unite ourselves with the power of our own love and express it in a healthy way, Mars in Leo igniting passions, desires, romantic interests, and Venus conversing with Neptune promoting the purest form of love, this is going to be a very powerful time for those individual who are single and looking for love, because chances are, that fated encounters can happen during this time. This energy can also promote healing, or trigger events which can help us release all hurts, pains and wounds that we suffered out of love and previous relationships, and it can help us not only to forget, but ultimately to forgive, appreciate the life lessons which source from past relationships and move on, being our most loving and emotional baggage free versions, and this in itself can only attract a greater expression of love into our lives.

For those who are in an established bond, this aspect may reveal to them the strength of their love, or perhaps the weak point of their love, helping them to find a greater sense of balance, and take their love to a whole new level. Also, this very active sky is going to reveal very significant truths about relationships, if you are a victim of a master manipulator, who is using your kindness to their own advantage, or a toxic narcissist is taking away your self worth, then Pluto comes to your rescue, helping you break away from all toxic relationships, not only by showing you the truth, but also giving you the power to express your truth and eliminate them from your life.

Later on in the week we are going to have a grand fire trine, between Mars in Leo, Jupiter in Sagittarius, and the Moon in Aries. This harmonious aspect further amplifies the fires of passion, it unites us with our true wills, which doesn’t source from the Ego, but rather from the depth of the soul, and it helps us take all the right actions, make all the right choices, to get where we want to be in life. This is also a fantastic aspect for people who create, regardless of what, how, in which way, your passion, determination, ambition, devotion and love for creativity is going to be your greatest ally.

The Moon is going to form squares with other very important power players, like Pluto, Venus and Mercury, but these aspect of tenison, in my opinion come into play as a positive stress, a huge motivational force to trust and express our inner truth and to act based on what we truly feel it’s best.

Just around this time the Sun is going to enter the sign of Leo, which further activates and amplifies all the symbolism of this sign, so everything happening right around this time is going to feel that much more intense, passionate, spirits are going to run high.

After the Sun enters the sign of Leo, it’s going to form a square with Uranus in Taurus, which might complicate things a little bit, because Uranus adds a touch of chaos, shock and surprise to everything that it touches. This can play out in a number of different ways, some of us are going to be shocked by the ideas, thoughts, actions of others, especially if those have anything to do with us or aimed at us, which for some people might not necessarily be surprises of the pleasant kind. This could also play out as a moment of irresistible inner impulse, which might hit us randomly, unexpectedly, determining us to act in very unusual ways, it might inspire us to try out new things, take risks, which we normally wouldn’t, get out of our comfort zones, but it can also inspire us to take big risks, gamble, trust our own instincts blindly, even if we are not sure if what we think is actually true or not. While this can be a positive motivational force for many people, this can also spell disaster for others, because it can make us very selfish, intolerant, egocentric, serving only our own interests, or blindly fighting for our own truths even if it’s based on misjudgment and misconceptions. Regardless of how this energy plays out, one things is for certain, there are going to be clashes of many contradictory wills, and we might even see this on the world stage, where public people may act in very unusual unexpected ways, or take shocking actions/choices. This can also have a physical effect on us, it can trigger panic attacks, anxiety, high levels of stress, angers, rage etc.

Another very important and impacting celestial conversation is the meeting of Mercury, Venus and the Sun in the sky. This is going to promote understanding, emotional intelligence, empathy, understanding our most important karmic lessons reading love and our love life, it may show us what it is that we need to do in order to fully heal emotionally, and forgive everyone who wronged us, even though this may open up some old wounds and determine us to mentally revisit all the emotional hardships of the past, ultimately everything leads to healing, forgiveness and a sense of unity with our loved ones, families, mothers (Cancer being the sign of the mother) and children (Leo being the sign of the child).

This meeting of Mercury, the Sun and Venus, can also bless us with dreams, visions, premonitions, a sense of knowing the future, reading love. Mercury and the Sun form a very special synergy every time they meet in the Sky (and this happens quite often, because Mercury most of the time is merely just a sign away from the Sun), their conjunction, promotes prophecy, visions, sensing the future, so during this time, very important guidance may enter in our lives, especially when it comes to matters of love.

Also, what comes trough as a major blessing of this aspect is the balance between emotion and rationality, Venus in Cancer makes us extremely emotional and everything that we sense and feel during this time may impact of greatly, and chances are emotions still run wild because of the opposition to Pluto, but the Sun and Mercury together are going to allow us to observe our own feelings, our own emotional states and responses and apply logic and rationality, a very healthy sense of detachment, knowing that we do have the power and choice to control our emotions when they reach dangerous levels.

Towards the end of the week, Venus, the planet of love is also moving into the sign of Leo, giving this sign and the area of our lives ruled by it an incredible power to find beauty in self expression and the expression of love, it can give us courage to approach those people who we feel attracted towards, but it can also mean a great reward for all of our work, creative efforts, and most importantly we might feel more courageous, braver, bolder than at any other given time, enabling us to take big risks, which have a high chance to become success.

In conclusion, even though emotions are going to be running extremely high, because of the opposition of Venus and Pluto, and very many events taking place during this time are going to feel fated and can change our emotional states very quickly, they are also going to be a source of great wisdom, life experience, emotional clarity and ultimately the chance to align with our inner truth and obtain emotional clarity and healing, and from this perspective Mercury retrograde is going to be a huge blessing, because it will open our mind so that we can take in everything and process both what is going on in our lives and what is going on inside our hearts.

The biggest and most powerful blessing in all of next week is certainly going to be the trine between Mars in Leo and Jupiter in Sagittarius, this activates the full power of Leo, making us our bravest, most courageous, most self confident and creative versions, where expressing our thoughts, ideas, feelings and creative impulses can lead to great rewards. If this wasn’t enough Leo is also associated with taking risks and gambles, which have a higher chance of leading us towards success that at any other time of the year, because Jupiter is going to bless us with it’s power of good fortune and expand the superiority of our wills, which means that risks and gambles which we feel very strongly about, can actually lead us to success which we might not ever dare to dream about.

Thank you for taking the time and energy to read this horoscope, have a blessed week!

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