Lunar eclipse/ full Moon in Capricorn, the full force of karma unleashed

Hi everyone and welcome to another astrology article, today I’m going to be speaking about the upcoming Lunar eclipse in the sign of Capricorn, taking place on the 16-17th of July depending on which side of the planet you’re on.

This full Moon/eclipse is going to be extremely potent, in fact, most of the main astrological events which took place in the year 2019 were all helping us, guiding us to reach this very special moment, we can consider it as building up momentum, gravity, power which is going to be released at the time of the eclipse, and the energies are going to trigger very powerful life changing karmic events, especially closures, endings and completions, which are going to close one cycle of our lives both individually and for the collective alike, which is going to give way to the Solar eclipse/new moon, which took place on the 3rd of the month, and the very powerful and karmic energies released into the world at that time can produce the significant new beginning and openings which need to replace everything that is going to end, disappear from your life.

To read more about the solar eclipse/ new moon in the sign of Cancer, which took place on the 2-3rd of July, please follow the link to our article dedicated it it’s astrological analysis:

This eclipse is going to be extremely powerful for a number of different reasons. One of them is that it’s the second eclipse taking place in the month of July, which means that the time period between the two is extremely intense, because the veil that separates the worlds is especially thin, and the cosmic energies, spiritual forces are that much more near to us and our thoughts, emotions and where we direct our attention towards this time is going to have major influence on how events are going to play out in our lives.

Another reason why this is life changing both of us as individual but for the collective and humanity in general as well, is because it’s going to take place on top of the South Node, symbolizing our relationships with the past, our karmic lessons, all of the karma that we had to re-balance, and Saturn and Pluto are also going to be part of this conjunction, and at the moment they are the biggest power players in the sky, profoundly changing, breaking down it it’s foundations and then forcing us to rebuild an area of our lives ruled by Capricorn, and for the collective this area is our governments, institutions, relationships of power, patriarchy, big corporations and our collective sense of justice and equity. Also to complete this astrological picture, a full Moon means the opposition of the Sun and Moon, so the Sun is going to illuminate the Moon from the sign of Cancer, where it’s going to be conjunct with the North Node, a symbol of where we are headed towards karmically, another milestone in our evolutionary journeys. If this wasn’t enough Venus is also going to be in the sign of Cancer, and even though she doesn’t form any perfect conversations, her sheer presence is enough to make all this powerful karmic energy involve what is is that we truly love in life and where it is that our true value and self worth lies.

From a strict collective perspective, this eclipse is going to give us a taster, of what the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto are going to produce for humanity in January-February 2020, so during, a couple of days before and after the eclipse pay close attention to whatever is going to happen on the world stage, because chances are, they will give us a very good image of what awaits us next year, and even though the power of this eclipse is extremely strong, it’s still insignificant, compared to the full force of the Saturn and Pluto conjunction in Capricorn in January 2020, whatever events that will produce, they will change the structure of the world, and the relationship of the individual with the power structures governing the collective forever.

The Power of this full Moon is definitely going to bring us a very significant karmic endings, closures, completions, depending on where 24 degrees of Capricorn falls into your chart, but regardless which area of your life it’s going to effect there are a couple of things which we are all going to have in common:

  • Saturn represents the power of karmic justice, so if there were any major injustices in your life which had a very negative effect on you in your past, regardless if that was your own wrong choice, bad decision or if it was the actions/inactions of others which disadvantaged you, chances are the closures are going to set you free, help you close that chapter of your life once and for all and break away from the past;
  • Pluto is the power of fate, so all those changes which do not depend on you, but rather are provided by destiny have a very big chance to enter your life during this time, up to 6 months after the eclipse. Pluto is also the symbol of psychoanalysis, so for many people these big closures and changes are meant to offer them healing on a deep soul level, because the endings and closures also help them regain all the power of their souls, by freeing the Self from the grip of the past sufferings, traumas, fears, emotional obstacles etc.
  • The South Node provides us with wisdom, life experience, the understanding and awareness of our major past karmic lessons, and it is this wisdom and ability to accept whatever is going to take place, which provides us with a huge push, impetus forwards, towards our futures signified my the North Node in Cancer.
  • The Sun, Venus, North Node in the sign of Cancer represent our emotional worlds, the home of the Moon, our relationship with the self, with our souls and ultimately with the Source it’s self, so this gives us the chance to align ourselves fully with unconditional love, self love, compassion, altruism, empathy, and the biggest opportunity that we are going to be presented with is to build our futures on these principles, allow them to be the foundations of our future selves, and regardless of what happens or doesn’t happen strict materially, we know and can have to absolute reassurance, that at least emotionally and spiritually, there won’t be any place for regrets in our lives.

Because of this highly magical and karmic nature of these energies, and the fact that Neptune also forms some very powerful and significant celestial conversations during this event, the power of fate can enable miracles for the most loyal, devoted, selfless and spiritual individual, and unfortunately it can also end the life story of people who have suffered immensely in this life and wish nothing more than to find peace. I know that it is kind of unethical to write about this, but at the end of the day, I think that the world is a very unfair and unjust place, and because of that not everyone can have a happy ending, and there are times in life, when the Universe takes away the most pure heated and fragile souls, because us, society in general couldn’t, weren’t able or chose not to take care of them, not to treat them with infinite compassion and understanding, and ultimately losing those people is truly our loss, our own karmic punishment for being ignorant. If such a thing might happen to you, if you would lose someone very important who had a very sad life, then rather then get angry, sad, disheartened, take this as a very powerful karmic lesson, that our own successes, our own triumphs and ultimately our biggest strengths and good fortunes are irrelevant and equal to zero if we don’t share them with unconditional love, with those souls who matter the most to us. There are some people who never ever express their pain, their suffering, their inner dramas in order not to upset others, not to burden other people with their own pain, and many times we find that exactly those people who choose to suffer in silence take the away the pain of others, support them and heal them emotionally, and in their weakness, fragility and vulnerability they are stronger then the titans themselves. But everything has a limit, everything has boundaries, and it pains me greatly to write this, but sometimes divine mercy, sometimes the biggest miracle for those people who are in constant pain and suffering is release from matter, and by no means am I talking about suicide, but rather about fated, divine intervention, because when people simply can’t take care of the most vulnerable individuals, then the divine surely will, and many times their fragile souls are shattered in so many millions of pieces over and over again, that this life has to fade away, for true healing to take place.

However, as I mentioned before, for other people, this energy is going to bring forth a major miracle, which is going to turn their lives around, offer them the chance to truly express themselves, their creativity, let their inner and outer beauty blaze like the Sun, and irradiate the whole world with the beautiful light of their souls, and it is those individuals who are going to experience miracles following this eclipse, who are meant to be the greatest and most impactful healers, light workers, psychologists, political activists, spiritualists, defenders of love and righteousness etc. in humanities close future.

If, during this time fate herself is going to smile upon you, make one of your dreams come to completion, empower your with resources, power, wisdom, knowledge, the likes of which you couldn’t even dream of, then know, that you are one of those people who are going to make the world a much happier, peaceful and serene place in the years to come, and that everything that has happened to you, guide you, lead you here, to this very special moment of your life, to embrace your true calling and true destiny.

There are also other very powerful conversations taking place in the sky, which may not communicate directly with the full moon, but they are going to have a major impact by making sure that we won’t be carried away either by optimism or pessimist, the square between Mercury in the sign of Leo and Uranus in the sign of Taurus, is going to act like a reality check, almost forcing us never to stray from reality, it’s going to provide us with a constant sense of groundedness in palpable reality, in the most unexpected and surprising, shocking ways possible. Uranus also forms a square with Mars in Leo, which can force us to be extremely anxious about everything happening in our lives at the time of the eclipse, and it may stir very powerful reactions and emotional responses both from ourselves and from other people.

Venus also forms imperfect oppositions with the Moon and Saturn and this is also meant to be a kind of reality check, making sure that the love we have in our hearts (greatly amplified by the Jupiter-Neptune square and the Neptune Venus trine) is not going to determine us to make very unfortunate self sacrificial choices, decisions for ourselves, and it also keeps the overflow of love and heated feelings at bay, by forcing us to be continuously confronted with cold hard reality, symbolized by Saturn.

Ultimately this very powerful and intense combination of celestial dances are meant to make sure that we use the energies of the eclipse in the wisest ways possible, by providing balance between hopes, optimism, personal illusions and actual reality. Also, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron are also retrograde during this time, which means that the symbolism of all these planets are deeply felt inwards, they are guiding us to discover the truth within ourselves first and only after we know who we are, what we want, what we love and what is important to us in this life, by taking into consideration both the desires of the soul, ego, and primordial self alike, then we will have the opportunity to rearrange our lives, both emotionally and materially to be a perfect match for the person who we are today. Of course all of this is happening collectively as well, humanity as an entity formed by the minds of millions of individuals is going through a major shift, and this eclipse challenges all of us to make our choices, and to reflect those choices by controlling the frequency of our thoughts, which in turn is going to pro-pulse us towards the future that the majority have chosen. But before we get the chance to step into a new era, we have to learn the lessons of the past, symbolized by the conjunction of Pluto, Saturn and the South node in the sign of Capricorn, and ultimately pay our karmic debts collectively. This may be extremely hard for many of us, because our ancestors may have accomplished incredibly great things opening up the gates of the future for all of us, but they have also done incomprehensible harm to themselves, to nature, and to other beings as well, and for those actions it is us who have to pay the price, before karma releases us collectively from it’s grip and allows us to rejoice in our futures.

Thank you so much for taking the time and energy to read this article and I wish everyone a blessed full Moon and may it’s energies push you towards your beings ultimate happiness!

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