Weekly horoscope: July 8-14

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of July 8-14. It’s going to be quite an intense week, with a very active sky, the energies are going to be quite versatile and dual, and of course there is also going to be the start of Mercury retrograde season, which beings on the 7-8th of July, depending on which side of the planet you’re on, and ends around the 31st of July.

Even though we begin the week with a Mercury retrograde, it’s not going to represent a major energy shift, because we are already feeling the effects of the retrograde, and have been doing so all throughout last week, when Mercury started to slow down and stop in the sky, creating a lot of stagnation, confusion, miscommunication, so we are already used more or less to it’s energies. What is truly going to change, after it officially goes into retrograde, is that we will have the tendency to use the energies very constructively, by going inwards, asking ourselves some key questions, and depending on what information is available to us, we are going to rethink, readjust, reevaluate all of our plans, and situations in life influenced by Mercury. Also as Mercury stops in the sky and moves backwards, making it’s way back to the sign of Cancer, it will pass zero degrees of Leo, which is the activation point of January’s eclipse, so it has the potential to shed light about the most important karmic lessons, changes, closures and new opportunities which that eclipse produced.

To read more about what Mercury retrograde season can bring into our lives we have a special article dedicated to this astrological event, you can read it by clicking the link below.


There is also another very tensionate energy which is going to follow us into next week, and that is the conjunction of Mars and Mercury in Leo, forming a square with Uranus in Taurus. Now, this energy is extremely chaotic and volatile, because Leo is the sign of self expression, of showing the world who we truly are, sharing, expressing our ideas, principles, thoughts and of course feelings, and these things can be done very creatively and in a peaceful manners, but since Uranus adds chaos, shock and surprise to everything it touches, chances are a lot of conflicts, heated debates, emotional overflow might influence all of our communications, actions, choices, way of thinking.

Also, during this aspect the truth might hit us pretty hard, because Uranus raises our awareness, and since this is a conversation of tension, it might reveal truths which we may not be ready to accept, unexpected communications, confessions, news, gossip might reach us during this time which have the potential to shake us up, shock us.

Also, Leo is associated with taking risks, so the square between Uranus and Mars may determine some of us to dream big and risk everything to get in a flash where we desire to be, but during this aspect we should always use our rationality, diligence and the wisdom we possess from life experience in order to balance out these very powerful impulsive energies, but since Mercury is also part of this conversation and is in shadow, chances are we might not wanna be as diligent and as rational as we could be.

From another perspective, when there is a conversation of tension between Mars and Uranus, usually this means accidents, disasters, calamities, social unrest, violence, protests, uprising, revolution, in every sense possible.

But of course it doesn’t necessarily have to mean anything negative or destructive, these energies can also bring unexpected changes in a flash, it’s very quick energy, Mars and Uranus being the quickest, hastiest planets, and when they meet in the sky, regardless of what type of conversation they are forming, whatever they produce it comes quick without warning.

The very best way to use, and survive this energy is to rely on our awareness, the sharpness of our senses, the intelligence we possess, always taking into consideration the frequency of our thoughts, what and how we are currently feeling, and with the right degree of self knowledge, we can transform any tension, stress, inner turmoil into resourcefulness, by stopping ourselves from chaotically expressing everything we think, and when we are faced with a choice or unexpected event, if we use the self knowledge and rationality to consider what effects our current actions and choices can bring for our futures, then this diligence can save the day.

Another aspect that will cross over from last week into next week is the opposition of the Sun in Cancer and Saturn in Capricorn. This is probably the most difficult to bear energy, because it comes as a permanent wake-up call, like a 24/7 reality check reminding you of all those restrictions which are present in your life, all the obstacles, all of the barriers, which are preventing you from living the life, especially the emphasis being put on the emotional side of life, the way your soul desires, and the ways it would make you the happiest. As we advance through next week, this energy is going to be more intense, as the opposition will start to perfect, ultimately, this might feel very dense and heavy, but the main purpose of this celestial dance, is not to punish us, not to make us feel all of our vulnerabilities, but rather to give us a very valid picture of what is possible in our lives, and what can only exist in the world of fantasy and daydreams.

The Sun’s opposition to Pluto, can conjure some very powerful fated events, meant to bribing you those closures which you desperately need in your life, but this energy and basically everything that is happening next week, is just a wind up, a concentration of celestial powers, gaining momentum, for the Lunar eclipse, taking place on the 16th of July in the Sign of Capricorn. That astrological event is going to be a life changing one, because it represents fated closures, resolutions, culminations which will close a major karmic cycle of our lives, while the Solar eclipse, which took place on the 3rd of July will provide a powerful new beginning to take the place of everything that’s gonna disappear from our lives very soon.

This eclipse is also going to be very relevant for the collective and humanity in general, because the Moon is going to sit on top of the South node, while the Sun on top of the North node, signifying that everything that’s fated to happen during the eclipse, and 6 months after, is meant to push us forwards towards evolution, to help all of us make a quantum leap in the direction we desire both as a collective, but individually. But in order for this quantum leap to occur, we have to pay close attention to whatever the conjunction of Saturn, Pluto, the South Node and the Moon are going to reveal to us about our lives, about our pasts, all the mistakes, bad choices which we made in the past, and it will invite us to transmute those bad memories into sources of great life experience and be a constant reminder of who we once were, and were we started from. This is also a perfect and powerful opportunity for emotional healing, Pluto represents the subconscious, our most hidden feelings, all of the traumas that are still very much alive inside of us, and it it these that it brings to the surface, it’s those traumas it will resurrect, not to hurt us, but for us to use the Power of the Sun (the Self), the energies of Cancer (love) and the North node (where our futures are heading towards) in order to eliminate those psychological obstacles, free ourselves from all of our shackles, all of our personal illusions and misconceptions, and by doing this to reclaim our personal power over our being, and ultimately to use all the wisdom of the past, all our life experience and free will to push ourselves towards evolution, progress, a new life, a life which is no longer restricted by the past.

There is a conversation of supreme harmony taking place during the first part of the week, Venus in the sign of Cancer is going to form a sextile with Uranus in Taurus (the home sign of Venus) and this can represent a number of different things which can surprise and delight us. This energy can play out as unexpected romantic interests entering your life, if you are single and looking, then chances are during this transit you can attract someone who you are really going to like both physically (Taurus) and on a deep soul level (Cancer) and this could be the start of a wonderful relationship.

Venus also rules values, material good, finances, so for other people this energy isn’t as much about love, than it is about unexpected material gains, rewards, an expression of gratitude which is beyond your wildest expectations, or it could also play out as an expression of love, through material means, a present, a gesture, an invitation somewhere etc. Cancer is also the sign of mother and motherhood so this aspect can also represent motherhood, unexpected pregnancy for some of you.

Another conversation of supreme harmony, meant to balance out the heavy earthy energies of the oppositions, is Neptune in his home sign of Pisces, sextiling Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This conversation represents the power of faith, the power of spirituality, the miraculous force of spiritual purity, of hope, of dreaming big and fighting for what we believe in. Saturn is the power which demands hard work, sacrifices, time, energy, blood, sweat and tears, but once it’s requirements are met it never ceases to reward, while Pluto signifies the power of fate, and Neptune our own connections with the Divine, and the divine power which exists in all of us. So this could manifest as good karma saving the day, as one of your dreams, which you have worked for being enabled by fate to manifest and take a psychical, palpable form, this can also represent fated connections taking place, like finding your soulmate, meeting those people who are destined to enable your success and vice versa. This aspect also tends to reward actions of compassion, selflessness, self sacrifices, it can provide karmic justice and balance, by highlighting all your good choices, all those moments in life when you did the right thing.

Around that time Neptune is also going to form an even more harmonious conversation called a trine with the Sun in Cancer. This aspect is going to perfectly counterbalance the tension, friction, stress, volatility of the oppositions, because this is a major blessing, of hope, of optimism, of feeling untied with the Divine, being at one with every single living being on the Planet, this is an overwhelming spiritual energy of unconditional love, compassion, empathy, humanitarianism that is meant to empower us on a soul level, and give us the wisdom, inspiration, intuitive knowledge, courage, and faith to overcome all obstacles, and to make us feel more at home than ever in our own lives. The power of the Sun can also be understood as the power of manifestation, as the divine energies expressing themselves in matter, as above, so below principle, so to speak and this could mean only one thing, for the most spiritual, introverted people, those who truly wish to align themselves with unconditional love, this energy can enable powerful manifestations of their faiths, miracles, moments of bliss and happiness, moment when they feel the divine closer to their beings then ever.

The middle of the week can be extremely challenging for some of us, because we have a very powerful T square between Mars and Mercury in Leo, Moon in Libra, Uranus in Taurus. This aspect can signify the coercive force of fate, we might find ourselves forced to make decisions, take actions, express our options and preferences, without having any time to think about it. Mars and Mercury in Leo, will make sure that what we truly feel in that moment is going to matter very much, that is why self knowledge can greatly help us out, because once we know ourselves very deeply, we can anticipate how we are going feel about something in the future, not just the present. The choices we are going to have to make may have to do with terminating a partnership, or forming a new one, accepting an offer of collaboration, one which requires the termination of others, this can mean decisions which you are going to have to make in your love life, family life, and it has the potential to have an impact on your financial situation as well. The best way to use this energy is to think very clearly, rationally, trying our best to silence or discipline any heated emotions, and to make choices, take action think of only the best possible outcome for our beings, leaving pride, envy, jealousy, stubbornness, desire for vengeance, self absorbed attitude out of the picture.

Now if this wasn’t enough, towards the end of the week, we have another very powerful conversation of tension, an opposition of Venus in Cancer, with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This energy is going to be extremely challenging especially from a psychological perspective, because it will make us question everything that we love, we are going to be invited to question our own self worth, all of the things that grants us our value both professionally and as human beings, and this challenge also extends to all of our activities, do we truly love what we do? Do we love the emotional side of our lives? Are we happy with the amount of love we receive from others, or are there restrictions blocking us from being fully aligned with love energy? And most importantly, do all the things that we love and wish for ourselves have a material pliability or are they merely products of our imagination?

The influence of Pluto is also very relevant, because after we reach the most important conclusions, we have the chance to change all those things which do not serve us, which are not a source of love and emotional stability, all those things that don’t bring us joy and take away our own self worth and self love from us. Some of the things we identify as obstacles blocking us from feeling love, are going to disappear from our lives, for example toxic friendships, compromises we no longer desire, a relationship that no longer makes us happy, it could also be our careers, work, jobs, professional associations if we were to come to the conclusion that it’s no longer what we desire to have in our lives.

There is also a very positive side to this, because all those things that we do deem as a valid source of love in our lives, we will have the tendency to focus upon them, protect, care, reinforce everything that is aligned with our souls and the love we have in ourselves. From this perspective this aspect can resurrect (Pluto some times is associated with resurrection, and the South node represents the past) old friendship, old alliances, old relationships, it can create new bridges to replace the ones that we have burned, it can heal old wounds, it can give us the courage and determination to try again, and not make the same mistakes which we made in the past.

Ultimately, this aspect can also represent divorce, separation, the breakdown of a stable relationship and partnership, especially if there is a power struggle present. If there is an inequality, or a very unjust division of power and influence in the relationship/marriage you are in, then chances are, change is near, and many times that change comes in the form of a separation, divorce, legally binding end. But of course this can also mean that peace, equity, fairness a greater sense of equality can be reached through diplomacy and negotiations, if the love which binds you is strong enough.

In conclusion, these energies are quite challenging and in general all of them are about truth, equity, fairness, justice and it is these aspects of our lives which we are being invited to look at, reevaluate, analyze and reach very relevant conclusions, which later on are going to turn into choices and actions.

But of course there is also a spiritual and very karmic element to all of this, which represents the build up of the momentum leading to the lunar eclipse (full moon) taking place in Capricorn which is going to provide us with all the closures and fated events which need to take place in our lives, but in order for everything to be clear to us, to know just were we stand in life, professionally and in matters of love, we need to see the full picture and the most important truths which influence our lives and the directions where ww wish to head towards.

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