Pick-a-card reading: What change will the eclipse bring into my life in the next 6 months?

Hi everyone! To celebrate the upcoming solar eclipse taking place in the sign of Cancer, I have created a special pick a card reading with the topic: “How are the eclipse energies going to change my life in the next 6 months?”

Take a second and relax, focus on the question, look at the 4 piles of cards, and choose one which appeals to your intuition the most. Jump to the interpretation of the pile chosen by you. Enjoy!

Group 1:

10 of Air, Death, 6 of Cups reversed. For group No. 1, the energies of the eclipse are going to bring forth a big opportunity, which is going to help you close a chapter of your life, but the closure will implicitly involve a new beginning. In other words, you are going to move on with your life from your current situation, and leave behind everything, almost literally, and begin a new life somewhere else. The 10 of Air, is the card of migration, travel (especially long distance, overseas, or far away from where you are currently living), so this may mean a big opportunity which is going to enable a relocation and starting a new life, new career from scratch, leaving behind your past, from every single perspective. The 6 of Cups reversed speaks about the importance of the place, because you are going to move to a region, geographical zone, country which always attracted your soul, you’ve always dreamed of living there, or it could also signify that either you visited that place already once in your life and you simply fell in love with it, or someone you currently know lives there, so this will be a union as well. The 6 of Cups reversed can also mean, going to a place where no one knows you, where your past is no longer relevant, significant, enabling you to live the present more than you ever could.

Group 2:

Gaia (The World), The Chariot, Queen of Swords. For you guys the eclipse energies are going to conjure a powerful completion. These energies come across as something you have been wishing for, working for, focusing on for quite some time now, some of you even all your lives, and in this sense Gaia represents the fulfillment of that goal/wish/objective. This is extremely important because it could be one of your big dreams, it could be something which has been missing from your life, it could also mean recognition for your past work, good deeds, or it could be simply a major karmic reward meant to balance out your karma, reward you for all your good deeds and good choices, creating a sense of justice, fairness in your life. The Chariot is also very important, because it means your personal triumph, and it also signifies a greater sense of freedom, liberty, giving you total control over where your life is headed towards. The Queen of Swords is also a very important sign, because it tells you that either you have been planning this for quite some time now, or you intuitively, logically, or based on the wisdom of your life experience, you know, that something like this has to enter you life, and it is something you are waiting for in order to follow your big life goals, those which are currently not possible due to either material restrictions, or lack of time.

Group 3:

Explorer of Water, Hierophant, the Lovers reversed. Those of you who were drawn to No. 3, these energies aren’t going to bring forth one specific major event, but a whole chain of smaller events, which are going to enable you to create the changes which you wish to have in your life. The Explorer of Water, speaks about the eclipse energies infusing you with a great spiritual power, which you are going to use to enter your state of flow. Once this happens, your emotional power is going to attract a number of very ideal opportunities, new sources of income, generosity and admiration of others, an increase of your popularity into your life, all of which will strengthen you from every single perspective, socially, materially, intellectually, emotionally, and this is all you need in your life, because if you have the right amount of resources and abundance you have everything you need to create the most fantastic life for yourself. The Hierophant is a very positive card because it signifies your stability, your new position in society, you shall be looked at with respect and admiration and some of you guys are going to start a new career in teaching, coaching, mentoring others, or writing and sharing your knowledge with the world. The Lovers card is in reversed position, because it tells you that once you enter in your state of flow, you will break free from attachments, from a relationship of any nature you don’t wanna be in, break free from moral, material and legal obligations which bind you down. For a few number of people, this actually meas a divorce, which is going to feel like a breath of fresh air giving you back your freedom.

Group 4:

Awakening, The Magician, The Moon. This is a very unusual combination of card, meaning that whatever the eclipse is going to produce for you is deeply spiritual in nature, and it will give you the power, understanding and wisdom to make significant changes in your life, through your own, unique, individual relationship with the Universe, and everything that’s going to change, evolve, transform within your soul is going to be reflected materially as well. The Awakening card tells you that this is part of your destiny, and this will be the moment your personal aspects align for you, everything falls into place, and perhaps the most significant advantage is going to be a revelation, helping you understand the biggest truths of your existence, who your really are and most importantly the Moon card signifies that whatever is going to happen is part of your soul’s journey, the next stage of your personal evolution, unlocking new skills, potentials, talents and creativity, the likes of which you never got the chance to experience before. Once this deeply spiritual transformation, or better said upgrade takes place, the Magician card suggest that you will have the power to manifest/attract everything in your life which you will ever need.

Thank you so much for playing, I wish everyone a blessed eclipse, and may it bring forth true miracles into your lives!

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  1. I have not checked in here for some time because I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are great quality so I guess I’ll add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend 🙂


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