Weekly horoscope: July 1-7

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of July 1-7. We have a very active and powerful sky all throughout next week, with very important astrological events taking place, right at the start of the week we are going to have a potentially life changing solar eclipse taking place in the sign of Cancer, then later on in the week Mars and Venus are going to change signs.

We start the week with a conversation of tension called a square between Mercury, which just recently entered the sign of Leo and Uranus in Taurus. This is a very powerful aspect, because Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, and when these 2 power players form conversations, it can have a very strong effect on our minds, perceptions, awareness, what and how we communicate, and Mercury in the sign of Leo is a very prophetic energy, so chances are epiphanies, sudden realizations, glimpses into the future are likely to take place during this aspect. A square is a tensionate aspect which we perceive as an inner or at times outer stress, but this energy doesn’t necessarily have to be anything negative, because stress used in the best ways possible can become a very powerful motivational force which can determine us to take action, make decisions, mobilize ourselves. Uranus is the planet of chaos, of surprise, of the unexpected, it tends to shake up everything it touches, it is an incredibly quick energy, while Mercury in Leo is also significantly fast, quick, hasty energy in it’s self, so chances are whatever this conversation is going to create in your life, it will come as a flash, a moment of maximum tension and stress can create the perfect setup to make all the right choices and take the most favorable actions. But in order to use this energy wisely, we need to have a significant level of self knowledge and self discipline, otherwise, Mercury in Leo will have us express everything we feel, think, the moment when it reaches our awareness, and this can come across in all the wrong ways to other people, and it can create conflict and misunderstandings. It is true that this intense energy might not give us a choice if we wanna speak our truths or not, because everything within us might compel us to express ourselves, and to make our point of view crystal clear, what we do have a choice over is how we wanna express those thoughts, if we stand from a place of compassion and empathy, then we do have the power to choose our words carefully and structure our thoughts in such a way, that they don’t offend anyone, that they deliver our message they way we intended it to be understood, and for this we need to know how the other person thinks. Also, Uranus always likes to shock, so for some people this might mean that unexpected information, communication or a heightened sense of awareness can reveal certain truths to them, which can be a plan changer, but as long as we know ourselves, and stand from a place of wisdom, we all have the intellectual power, offered us by Mercury, to carefully choose how we use this information, truth, awareness.

Just before the most important astrological event of the week takes place, the eclipse, the Sun in the sign of Cancer is going to form an opposition with Saturn in Capricorn, which implicitly means, that the eclipse (new moon) is also going to oppose Saturn and this is probably the most powerful and impactful conversation, because it will highlight everything that restricts us in our lives, and prevents us from living the way our hearts truly desire, during this transit we are going to feel and be aware more than ever, of everything in our lives that disadvantages us, and which ultimately stop our progress in that area of our lives which matter the most to us. This can be a number of different things for different people, for some these restrictions are material in nature, for example some might have the talent, the skill, the knowledge, but it’s their lack of resources which prevents them from being able to fully use their talents and skills, for other people it’s about compromises which they have made, where certain moral or material obligations they have towards other people, which cause these restrictions, for others, it could be something totally from the inside, like traumas, fears, insecurities, lack of self discipline and ambition, while for other people the big obstacle is time, they may not find enough time to take action, to invest energy into that area of their lives which they would see evolving, or they might not have worked towards the refinement of their skills and masteries, so they might not have invested enough time and effort into learning and self perfection.

Regardless of what restrictions are present in your life, one thing is for certain, this conversation of tension, serves to reveal the absolute truth of our existences to us, it is meant to show us, teach us, help us understand why we ended up in our current situations, all the things that we did right to obtain advantages, and all those things which we overlooked and cause our disadvantages, and this is something extremely important because it is also going to show us what it is that we need to do in order to accomplish our goals, or which way are our goals and future plans materially applicable. If we come to the conclusion that there is no material applicability, then we are invited to change and adapt whatever we wish to accomplish, whatever we wish to work for, in order for it to be possible to exist materially.

This powerful aspect of restriction, is something which compliments the eclipse energy, because the eclipse is also going to form another conversation of supreme harmony with Neptune, and while this guarantees a blessing for all of us, it also has a tendency to send us into a fervor, we can become totally blinded by the illusion of love, optimism, fantasy, thinking that anything is possible as long as we believe in it and desire it with all our souls. And since Neptune is retrograde, during this time we may not need any outside, physical proof of the validity of our faiths, so this can cause us to have unhealthy expectations, thinking that a big miracle is imminent, sure to happen. However, if we balance this deep deep faith which sources from deep within our beings, with the cold hard reality highlighted by Saturn, then we are already in a position of balance, because we can take our faiths, premonitions, the expression of our spirituality and love as a big motivational force to move forwards, and to do everything in our power to use the eclipse energy towards our own advantage, but we also bow before physical reality in the sense of, expecting only those blessings, “miracles”, changes, evolution of our situations to enter in our lives, to manifest, which we have worked and most importantly sacrificed for.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be work in it’s physical sense, this can also be inner work, trying to establish an inner balance, working towards becoming a better person, sacrificing your own emotional needs in order to help other people around you, unconditionally sacrificing your time and resources for helping all those people who you love, investing your time into study of a subject etc., this can play out in an infinite number of different ways, the shape and form of the work doesn’t matter as much as the effort you put into it, and it is those things that Saturn can work with. The restriction that it represents can be very 2 sided, because Saturn is a very powerful karmic force, and it actually enables miracles and spiritual energy to manifest into matter, if one truly worked towards this in a karmic sense, but it can also take away one’s spiritual power of manifestation, one’s good luck, if their good fortune advantaged them greatly in life, without their direct contribution. Gratitude, awareness and wisdom are the only things which can change this, once you have learned the lessons, Saturn tends to lift it’s restrictions, because wisdom give a person a very potent spiritual gravity, which balances out the karmic forces.

Saturn and Pluto in the sign of Capricorn also form conversations of harmony called sextiles with Neptune, so this means that spiritual energies, magical forces, the power of karma, the power of fate is going to be deeply woven into the eclipse energy, and chances are it is this power that is going to conjure the most powerful, life changing events, which the eclipse is going to produce, with the condition that during this time we must choose to be our wisest, most stable and most righteous versions, where ultimately Saturn asks us to be perfectly aware of what comes from our Egos and what comes from deep within our hearts. If the two have even a small degree of harmony between them, than chances are the eclipse is going to produce some wonderful changes in your life, but if there is a strong disharmony between the ego and the soul, that powerful lessons are gonna come which are going to teach you how to obtain that harmony and how to better understand yourself, and this in it’s self is also very positive and miraculous in the long run, in the big picture, because once you understand that you are also soul, you can find your place in the world.

To read more about the eclipse and all of it’s implications, please follow the link to the article specially dedicated to it’s astrological analysis:


Around the time of the eclipse, give or take a day depending on which side of the planet you’re on, another very important astrological move takes place, Mars enters the first degrees of Leo, where it joins Mercury. Mars represents our ambitions, our dives our greatest motivational forces, all of our inner strength, while Leo encourages self expression, creativity, manifesting one’s power and influence, so this will activate the symbolism of mars that much. Besides the feeling of empowerment, of finding inner resources to fight for what is truly important to you, this can also cause a very strong emotional reaction, to all the truths that are present in your life, and right after the eclipse those truths are going to be that much more significant because the awareness is guaranteed by Uranus in Taurus, which forms a celestial dance of tension with Mars. Some of us are going to be extremely displeased with ourselves and with our past choices, the person who we were in the past, and this will cause a severely self critical approach, which will later on transform into all the determination, reason we need to change our ways in such a way that we can actually be pleased with all of our actions and everything that we chose to put our focus on. For other people this can come across as a sense of pride and joy, because they can become aware of the strength, resilience and righteousness they displayed in the past, and this ultimately serves to strengthen one’s faith in themselves, in their souls, and the person who they actually are.

From another not so personal perspective, the conversation of Mars and Uranus is a very volatile energy, which can cause chaos, disruption, conflicts, accidents, fires, earthquakes, natural calamities, strange weather phenomenon, emotional irritability, and for some people it can also mean financial losses, because Mars in Leo, likes to take risks, Uranus the planet of chaos is in Taurus, a sign which represents values, finances, maters of money, so during this transit, only take risks, make investments if you either accept the possibility of loss, or are certain that your actions are going to pay off.

Another very relevant astrological event taking place next week is Venus entering the sign of Cancer. This is a moment that many people have been waiting for, because it gives a tremendous power to our emotions, and it has the potential to attract love into our lives. If we take the tremendous karmic force of the eclipse into consideration, then Venus moving into the very sing where the eclipse took place give this area an even greater importance, chances are fated romantic encounters are going to happen for many people who are single and looking in the weeks to follow the eclipse, while for those who are in an established bond, this can mean the strengthening of their relationship on a very deep soul level, and if 2 souls are in perfect harmony with each others, than no outside influence or obstacle can come between them, when this happens a bond for life, an alliance for life is not just a dream, but it can be reality every single day.

The change for fated love encounters and for soul connections to take place during this time it that much higher, because Uranus in Taurus is going to form a sextile with Venus, and Taurus is the home sign of Venus, so this means unexpected surprises, revelations, shocks in love. If there was a time when Cupid is motivated to fire more arrows then usual, then a time like this is when he fires a whole volley, barrage of arrows.

This has also a physical element to this, because of Taurus, which represents physical beauty, and later on in the week, the Moon in Virgo is also going to form a sextile with Venus and a trine with Uranus, so you are going to feel physically the most beautiful and attractive, and you can use this power to attract compatible partners in a physical sense.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and that it offered you some guidance, stay tuned for next weeks forecast, when we’re going to officially enter mercury retrograde season!

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