Tarot-scope for the month of July 2109

Hi everyone and thank you for joining me for your Tarot-scope for the month of July. From an astrological perspective, July is going to be a very active and powerful month, with very many significant and potentially life changing aspects taking place, but out all of them, perhaps, the solar eclipse on the 2nd of July in the sign of Cancer is going to be the most important one.

If you’d like to learn more about the eclipse and in which way those energies can influence your life, just read the article specially dedicated for this event:


Because of the powerful influence that the eclipse is going to have, I also included an oracle card for each sign in order to give you a bit of guidance, asking the Universe to reveal what changes/closures/new beginnings can take place in your life, under the influence of the eclipse. Thank you for taking the time and patience to read the article, I hope it will offer you a bit of guidance and hope, enjoy!


10 of wands reversed, 2 of wands, 9 of coins reversed. For natives born under the sign of Aires, the month of July is going to bring some very significant closures, long awaited resolutions, events which you desperately need in your life, in order to advance, evolve, leave those things, situations, obligations, associations which you no longer wish to have in your life and attract the most appropriate replacements. The 10 of wands in reversed position is a very favorable card, which signifies, that all those problems, worries, fears, insecurities, material and financial obstacles, possibly debt which weighed heavily on your shoulders is finally going to lift, you will find solutions with more ease then in the previous 10 months, your well being from every single perspective is going to increase, you will have time to just relax, breathe and enjoy calm, peace of mind, and simply just be OK with yourself and the direction towards which your life is heading. The 10 of wands in reversed position also speaks about rewards, this can either mean material rewards which source from your work (for example accepting to do overtimes, past investments, past projects which didn’t have the chance to come to fruition yet, past favors or help you offered to other people) or it can signify that something which you struggled with in the past 10 months, something which from a psychological perspective oppressed you, is either going to disappear from your life, releasing it’s grip on you, or it will greatly improve in such a way that instead of being a source of stress and worry, it will become a source of feeling accomplished.

The month of July is also going to be quite rewarding, because of certain choices, decisions, actions you took in the recent past, you might not have been feeling extremely confident and sure of yourself when those events took place, but you will get the chance to see just how good, constructive and wise your past choices were, and this in it’s self is going to increase your self confidence, and give you the chance to enjoy the fruits of your inner work, self discipline, endurance and sacrifices you’ve made in the past in hopes of making your future easier.

Even thought, life is going to feel much easier, solutions, guidance, helpful events, break-through are going to reach you, the 9 of coins in reversed position tells you that you are still not going to be very pleased with your material/financial independence, but no longer in the sense that obstacles and the lack of prosperity is going to burden you, but instead, you will still depend on dealings with other people, you won’t be your own “boss” as much as you would like to be, and you will still have to manage your time and resources carefully. But this dissatisfaction is not lack of gratitude or appreciation for what you have in your life, but rather a motivational force, a source of ambition, a drive for the future, because ultimately, to live a totally independent life is your biggest desire, and the month of July is going to give you signs, that if you try your very best and stay focused, it’s not an impossible dream or fantasy, it can actually become reality.

Eclipse energy: 9 of Earth. This is the Gaian version of the 9 of coins, which in your main reading was reversed. This is a very good sing, an encouragement from the Universe and from your own higher self, telling you that each step you will take after the eclipse, each choice, each action, is actually going to lead you towards a sense of greater prosperity, but not just in a material sense, but in every way possible. Your dream to obtain a higher level of independence and being your own “commander”, so to speak, not depending on other people and the choices they make, is going to come true, and by the month of September, you are going to see clear and palpable signs in this sense. The 9 of earth also tells you, that before significant progress, evolution and opportunities are going to enter your life to enable your dream, you must first learn to show greater appreciation for yourself, for being present in your own life, for not giving up despite of many obstacles, for sticking up for your own truth and for all the things that are important to you and of course for all the scarifies you have made in order to be kind and generous to your loved ones. All of your realizations, gestures of compassion, all your struggles are not as meaningful to you as they should be, but if you learn how to appreciate your own power, your own strength, and ultimately, for always making the choice to be strong and keep on fighting, rather then give up, surrender and let your sense of independence be swallowed by compromises, then it’s exactly what you appreciate the most, that you are going to attract into your life.


6 of Swords, 7 of Swords reversed, Justice reversed. For Taurus natives, the energies of July, especially in the first part of the month are going to feel extremely heavy, because the power of fate, and more importantly the strength of your own soul is going to awaken you mind, your thoughts, which on the other hand is going to trigger a powerful emotional reaction, all of this to raise your awareness to the fact that what you desire deep inside and what is currently present in your life, doesn’t really match, and even though in the present moment this doesn’t really bother you, because you’d rather stay in your comfort zone where you have safety, stability, a lot of benefits, and even thought you couldn’t say that you are totally happy this way, your life is bearable, it’s not really bad, you can find some satisfaction in it, and of course you have worked and suffered much in the past to get this far, to make it as stable as it is, and perhaps this is why you feel very hesitant to make any big changes, take risks, or to abandon your current stability. The 6 of swords speaks about changes, advancements, evolution which are inevitable, and the month of July is going to prepare you mentally, perhaps not in the most favorable sense to welcome these into your life. For some of you this relates to career and work, either you are starting to burn out, and what you do is no longer a source of fulfillment, and this implicitly means that sooner or later you will have to move on, or it could be that some very significant changes, restructuring, division or change of leadership is going to take effect at your place of work, and this will inevitably require that you adapt to the changes, maybe take on a new role, new position, change departments, or change the psychical location, and all of these things are going to frighten you and cause you stress, because it involves learning new things, your current reputation won’t have that much significance, and from more than one perspective, it will signify the end of your current stability. For other natives, this won’t have anything to do with career and work, and will rather mean having to move on from your current relationship, because it hit a deep freeze, it’s stagnating and it’s no longer a source of authentic love, but rather just comfort and routine. There are absolutely no hard feelings involved, neither conflict or fight, but realizing the need to move on, losing the emotional and material comfort that your current relationship offers won’t be easy. In rare cases, this can also mean a move overseas, or an opportunity to start a new life somewhere else, which will come as a surprise, but because you will have to make the choice to either go with the flow and cease the chance, or to sacrifice this opportunity in order to be with the people who you love and who are there in your life in the present moment, taking this decision will be very very difficult and emotionally demanding. Of course as I said before, July is merely going to prepare you for these changes mentally, everything that you will have to do, complete, decide upon in the close future will be revealed to you, and it will give you the time and opportunity to go within yourself and reflect, and most importantly to be totally honest with yourself about what you truly desire in life, and this in itself is going to be life changing, because many times you let fate make the hardest choices for you, but this time you won’t have that luxury, soul searching, going deep within and finding your own truth, looking at your life as objectively as possible are going to be the only sources of guidance.

Eclipse energy: 8 of Fire. This card perfectly completes the interpretation of the main cards, because the 8 of fire signifies divine timing. The image depicts a meteor shower, as symbol of the time of the year when Earth’s orbit passes through an area of space full of meteors, and this annual phenomenon puts on a wonderful celestial show for the people of earth, but it also brings space matter, rocks and dust to our planet, which is actually a source for some of the most exotic minerals, metals and chemical substances. Similarly, Divine timing is going to bring changes into your life, changes which you might not desire at the moment, but those changes are destined to provide your life with challenges, excitement, and opportunities for you to evolve. The number 8 combined with the image of the card, can signify, that while July will prepare you for the changes which are about to come, the time when they actually enter you life if going to be the month of August around the time of the Perseid meteor showers.


10 of Wands reversed, The Fool, Ace of Cups. This is a truly beautiful combination of cards, signaling a huge energy shift which is already taking place in the lives of natives born under the sign of Gemini. The 10 of wands reversed, speaks about the more distant, but also the recent past, where you faced an infinite number of challenges, personal trials and tribulations, hardships, losses, unexpected twists of fate, but perhaps the most significant thing that was weighing your soul down was the problems, negativity and suffering which others have projected upon you. Some sourced from toxic relationships which you fortunately ended or are ending at the moment, but stress, worry, a state of persistent concerns for a family member or loved one, who needed your help and undivided attention also tormented your fragile heart. But all of these things, all of your hardships, all sources of major concern are going to disappear from your life, allowing you to close a chapter, a cycle of 10 years, finally draw the line, harvest conclusions, lessons, clarity and most importantly to be endlessly proud of everything that you have achieved. For some of you guys your achievements aren’t really physical, palpable, material in nature, but on a soul level their gravity is massive, because you successfully cleared all of your past karma, released old emotional baggage, and all your gestures of kindness, compassion and self sacrifice are going to make sure that the new cycle is going to be more than generous and kind to you.

The Fool card completes the sense of the 10 of wands reversed perfectly, because it shows you what comes after the end of the past 10 year cycle, and it represents a very significant new beginning, which is not going to start abruptly, you won’t jump from one state into the other, it won’t be a quantum leap so to speak, but rather a period of rest, easy energies, lightheartedness, laughter, joy, not taking life and anything too seriously, focusing upon all the small pleasures and joy of life, giving your inner child all the “food”, entertainment, play, excitement, chance to express it’s self that it so desperately needed after a tough 10 years. For some of you this period of rest will be very short, for others it could be a couple of months, but regardless of it’s duration, new opportunities are going to enter in your lives, which will mark the beginning of your new cycle. These opportunities have very much do to with new social connections which you are going to make, that is why not taking life seriously and just allowing yourself to be the child that you are deep inside is going to advantage you that much more. When you are trouble free, excited, free, full of life, and your senses are fully satisfied by all the small pleasures life can offer, you are your very best version, self expression, humor, laughter, flirts, your personal charm, persuasion, expressing your knowledge in a fun way, make you an irresistible people magnet, and while you might have attracted the wrong kind of people as well in the past, this time, because of your good karma, you are going to attract all the right kinds of people, who might be fascinated by your uniqueness, and that can lead to significant professional, artistic, business, project type collaborations, and the Ace of Cups, for some of you who are single means love, but not just any kind of love, but a fated one.

The Ace of Cups can signify a number of different things, it could be a new romance, friendship, children, divine love, a profound emotional fulfillment, a favorable turn of fate, but there is one thing which all possibilities have in common, and that is happiness, joy, bliss being happy with who you are and with your life.

Eclipse energy: 8 of Earth. This card can symbolize one of 3 possible things, for some of you the eclipse is going to bring you a chance to reconnect with your parents, with your family of origin and this very powerful emotional connection might also have a material element, like a big gift, present, significant material advantage. For other natives, they themselves are going to become parents, and in their case the 8 of earth signifies that they are going to fulfill the role of parenthood and the wisdom, teachings, lessons learned from their own parents are going to serve them as significant, solid moral guidelines. Additionally, the 8 of Earth can also mean something totally different, like a powerful mentor, teacher, guide, very influential person is going to enter their lives, a person who is going to change the way they see like and think about themselves forever, and this is going to be something fated, predestined.


Judgment reversed, Knight of Wands, 2 of Wands reversed. The month of July is going to be an extremely powerful time for those born under the sign of Cancer. From a strict astrological point of view, this could be due to the fact that the solar eclipse takes place in your sign, and that represents a powerful rebirth, the completion of another milestone in your evolutionary journey, and before the new one begins, the Universe is going to offer you the opportunity, to enjoy your place of power, towards which you have worked for on a deep soul level, but always sticking up for your principles, protecting your emotional purity and innocence, being compassionate to others, and blocking out all the filth and negativity of society, which sounds easy, but is extremely difficult to actually accomplish and it takes an infinite amount of inner strength, enduring a lot of self criticism, being always aware of the emotions you put out in the world and trying your very best to stay as fair and moral as possible.

The Judgment reversed speaks about a powerful karmic force which is going to emanate from within you, rather then you being caught up in it, being a victim or a passive beneficiary of good karma. What this actually means is going to be totally different for every Cancer native individually, it will very much depend on what was going on in your life in the past 2 years, which area of your life demanded all your attention and focus, for some of you this will play out as fated events taking place in order to advantage you professionally, the Universe is going to allow the fulfillment of one of your major professional goals, and of course the pleasure, satisfaction and contentment that comes with it, while for other natives a karmic justice is going to take place in their lives, the hand of fate turning around an unfairness, disadvantage that you suffered in the past 2 years. Another way as this energy can play out as: fate is going to offer you a second change, if you made poor choices or missed big opportunities in the past 2 years, chances are these are going to return to your life and if you are wise and aware enough you will turn the lessons of the past into a major success.

Of course, for a special few natives, fate is going to show you that you’ve made all the right choices in love, especially those who stayed single for a long time because they’ve refused superficial relationships, and potential lovers who offered them anything else except true love. So in this sense, for those natives who chose to stick up for their ideals and remain single, fate is going to bring a person into your lives, who is going to be exactly what you have been waiting for, but that person won’t be very easy to get, because their moral standards are going to be even higher than that of your own, so you will have to bring out your very best and loving selves in order to cease this opportunity.

The Knight of Wands can also signify that some of your guys will also be involved in artistic projects, or project based work, or it could be that you will have the chance to show your skill and talent in one of your most loved hobbies, so July is going to be very active, lucrative with a lot of dynamism and depending on your level of awareness and courage it can be a time of great successes and accomplishments.

Eclipse energy: 9 of Fire. This card signifies that the eclipse is going to fill your entire being, both your body, soul and ethereal aspects of your body with pure spiritual energies of such intensity, which you’ve never experienced in your life. For a very few natives, this will be a kundalini awakening, while for others your intuition is going to be so strong and active, that it’s almost gonna make you telepathic for a few days.

Regardless how this spiritual power infusion is going to play out, one thing is for certain it will come to your advantage, you can tap into the full strength and intensity of your emotions in order to manifest what your soul (not you Ego) needs the most for you to have in your life.


9 of Cups, 3 of Cups, 7 of Cups reversed. As you can see the dominating energy for natives born under the sign of Leo, is that of water, which is a symbol of your emotional world. July is going to be a month for powerful emotional closures, a time to reflect on all the bad, or better said carefree choices you’ve made from an emotional perspective, and most importantly, it’s going to be a time for some very much needed self love, which is going to start a chain reaction, harmonizing all your existing relationships, regardless of their nature.

The 7 of Cups reversed speaks about the past, and you might have chosen to be around or to accept in your life all the wrong people, some of them were toxic narcissists, draining your energies, while others simply didn’t care about your wishes, desires, preferences, and always put the spotlight on themselves, never ever on you. Lies, deception, gossip, judgments were all things which deeply bothered and hurt you, and it might have caused many conflicts in the past, because you were quick to express your hurt, disappointments and confront those people who hurt you or deceived you emotionally. All of these events taught you to be more careful, more cautious, to put those people who you are willing to let into your life and heart under a “microscope” before you do so.

The 9 of Cups and the 3 of Cups are wonderful signs, because the month of July, especially the first part is going to turn the tides, from an emotional perspective. Your existing relationships are going to strengthen and very important revelations are going to reach you, showing you that those people who you love dearly and were always one way or another part of your life, were fated connections, fated encounters, and you are going to appreciate their presence, because they are going to be a source of joy, happiness and fulfillment in your life. Some of you guys might be surprised with something very special from your family/close family member/best friend/lover which may involve a trip, holiday, a material gift of something which you’ve desired for a long time, or a voucher for an activity which always fascinated you. From more than one perspective, the people present in your life are going to make one of your dreams come true, it’s to offer you the joy of an experience, it will still matter very much, and you will have a special moment which you’re probably going to remember all your life.

The 3 of Cups speaks about possible gatherings, reunions, celebrations, festivals etc, which you will, get the chance to partake in, but it can also mean that some of you guys are going to be invited to a wedding, a ceremony to celebrate love and life.

Eclipse energy: Explorer of Fire. This card signifies the ritualistic dance of your fiery souls, in other words the eclipse is going to ignite the full force of your inner Sun (the sun being your astrological ruler) and that will empower your souls to draw into your life professional opportunities, destined to offer you the means to earn your living doing what you like and love doing the most. Some of you guys are extremely versatile people, so you are compatible with very many jobs, in your case the Explorer of fire will signify that you will fall “in love” with a specific activity, you will find something (or vice versa) that will bring you great creative satisfaction, you will feel totally in your element, and it will ignite your passion for creativity, and for self expression. Other natives know exactly what they love doing the most, but never found the right opportunities, or it just wasn’t prosperous enough to offer them a decent life materially, for you guys such an opportunity will come into existence, or it could be that you are going to find the resources to create it for yourself.



10 of Cups, The Fool, King of Swords. This a beautiful combination, signifying that July is going to be a month of action, rewards, completions and a state of heightened hope for the future. The 10 of Cups firstly speaks of the emotional aspect of the events of July, for some of you guys powerful karmic events are going to take place, with the end result of connecting you on a deep soul level, stronger than at any other period in your lives with your loved ones. This includes your family, parents, children, siblings, in other words anyone who is important to you, everyone who you whole heartedly love, regardless if they are part of your every day life, or if there is big psychical distance between you. The karmic events that are going to take place will be totally different for every Virgo native individually, but the end result leads to the same “destination” and that is the expression of feelings. Regardless if it’s a hardship in your own life or in someone’s who you love deeply, or if it’s a big joy, or some wonderful news, the impact of the events is going to reveal to you just how loving, faithful, honest, and righteous all those people who you love and decided to have in your life are, and of course reciprocally they are also going to appreciate your qualities and your presence in their lives just as much. For those of you whop are in established bond, this is very significant, because life will require you to form a perfect alliance, team, work together with your partner, and this is going to reveal the synergy, the deep soul connection and love between the 2 of you, and besides obtaining success together, as a team, your true reward is going to be the feeling of just how fortunate you are, how kind fate was to you to bring you together with your partner.

The Fool card signifies a powerful new beginning which is waiting for you. This can be new studies, the start of a new job, a new project, (for those of you who are single it can even mean a new relationship), a new important acquisition, an investment which looks very promising etc., but while the beginning it’s self is truly new, the idea is something you have been working on for quite some time now, and there might have been risk attached to this, and it was the risk or uncertainty which stopped you or prevented this from entering your life earlier, but it is also something which depended on Divine timing, in the sense that you needed to wait for the right moment, you needed to feel the guidance and the full force of your inner voice steering you in the right direction. And this was a very wise choice indeed because, things will start to come together, align, complete each other in the month of July, giving you a much needed boost of enthusiasm and hopefulness.

The King of Swords, speaks a bout the progress and evolution in the form of communication entering your life. This could be in the form of a very good advice or professional expertise entering your life, or it could be documents, legal issues, responses from authorities, institutions, banks, it could be new business offers, projects, or some other communication which will make you fully aware that you can potentially have many more resources or sources of income than you possess in the present moment. Every new information that’s going to enter your life, especially towards the end of the month, is going to advantage you greatly, because you will be able to make solid future plans, anticipate everything that’s gonna happen in the following months, and it will give you the practical information and know how needed to offer you more control over your life.

Eclipse energy: 10 of Earth. This card signifies that the eclipse is going to bring you a powerful completion in the next 10 months. This completion has to do with your material life, so this can either mean the purchase or promise/offer of a house, receiving a part of your inheritance, or some kind of significant financial gain, which you desperately need in order to ground yourself fully from a material perspective, and to have the time and energy necessary to focus on other aspects of your life.

For some of you the 10 of Earth may signify that in fact you are going to work on your own personal inheritance, in the sense that you will try and put together all of your life’s saving, in order to be able to leave something behind for future generations after you’ve served your time in this incarnation.

For other people this won’t be as much about your personal finances, but rather you will start a very important phase in your life’s purpose, start on a career you’ve always dreamed of and which gives you all the opportunities to express your creativity and use it to create something which is going to be your life’s grand masterpiece.


Page of Coins, 6 of Wands reversed, 10 of Wands reversed. Natives born under the sign of Libra are going to have a very versatile month, with a lot of smaller, but much needed positive changes, a lot of solution for the most urgent problems or in that area of your life which is currently under the most pressure, but from an emotional perspective it’s very two sided, because while the progress and evolution of things are going to be a valid source of joy and optimism, there are still old problems which cause frustration, impatience and stress and it is those which you are going to be dissatisfied with.

The Page of Coins is a very good sign, because it promises solutions, opportunities, gains, extra sources of income, small manifestations of good fortune materially, help from others, especially your loved ones, and most of all an improvement of the quality of life. For those of you who are struggling financially and materially this can signify a material opportunity which can help you get out of debt and start saving in order to prevent such problems from ever impacting your life. For other people it may mean an advancement in career, like a promotion raise, while for others it will signify a perfect opportunity to start a new business.

In some cases, especially for those natives who are parents, the page of Coins can signify the success, material well being, prosperity of their children, which will bring them great joy and a sense of pride.

The 6 of Wands in reversed position means that your triumph, your victory, the realization of that dream which you are currently working for, striving for, sacrificing for has a very high chance of completion, you are almost there, everything that you have done in order to create it in your life was well worth it, every gesture of yours contributed to it’s success, but it is also something which depends on divine timing, and in this sense, your hands are tied, your need to accept that certain things which do not depend on you won’t move faster if you focus all your attention or worry about them, in fact those actions are quite counterproductive because they only create frustrations and frustration is a feeling which blocks the state of flow. The good news is that you might receive some information that the month of August is going to be very relevant in the sens that it will be the time period when divine timing is going to allow you to make significant progress.

The 10 of wands in reserved postilion is also a very good sing, because it means that something is going to enter your life, which will take your focus away from all the problems, worries (especially the ones which source from other people in your life) and thoughts which are heavily weighing down your heart and mind alike. For some of you guys this can signify a new hobby, a new filed of interest, a new activity which bring you great joy and also help you express your creativity and give you the chance to socialize. For those of you who are single, this can mean flirts, romance, sexual activities, making new friends, connecting to like minded people. All of these lighthearted and fun activities are going to raise your vibes, make you be your idealistic, romantic and hopeful self, helping you find your inner strength to carry on and face any problem and obstacle with greater ease.

Eclipse energy: Justice. Ironically, in the classic Tarot, the Justice card is your signs correspondent, so this makes it’s message that much more significant. It tells us that the eclipse energy is going to bring significant inner changes in the next 11 months. Some of those inner changes will be absolutely necessary, because you might blame yourself for making some unwise decisions in the past, it can also be a very distant past, which one way or another have massive reverberations in your present life, and closed the doors for certain opportunities, which were totally irrelevant for you when you were younger, but right now you would wish nothing more than to have them in your life. Forgiving yourself, accepting yourself, being kind, gentle and compassionate with yourself (this doesn’t mean ignorant, ignoring your mistakes is the biggest mistake you can make) is truly important, because this is the only way you can learn true authentic life lessons, and use the wisdom that sources from them to make the right choices in the days to come. And chances are, it will come very soon, because the Justice card also symbolizes decisions, choices, options which you have to make, and which will have a legally binding effect, advantaging you in the long term.


6 of Coins reversed, Queen of Swords, 4 of Swords reversed. July is going to be a very active and busy month for you guys, and the 6 of coins reversed tells us why. In a reversed position the 6 of coins signifies the flow of money, but not in most positive way possible, because it does signify a steady flow of income, and even prosperity, but unfortunately your material needs of July are going to be equally demanding, so every extra income, every bit of spare resources are going to be spent. This isn’t really a material loss, because the items that you are going to purchase, and the necessities which you are going to cover with this money is going to be something which will make your life easier, more pleasurable, and after all in order to keep the flow going, you also need to know when to let go of your resources, so take this as an investment in yourself, rather then a loss. For some of you guys this won’t be as much about yourself, but rather your family, especially for those natives who are in an established bond, the 6 of coins reversed might signify that you will need to support your partner or children in July more than in any other time.

The Queen of Wands is a very favorable energy, because it means that you are going to be at your best, fittest, most balanced selves from an intellectual perspective. Your mind is going to be especially sharp, your logic and rationality are going to be on overtime, and if we add to this a little bit of your innate intuition, then July is going to be a month, where your intellect will solve all of your problems, it will help you make the very best decisions, choices, actions possible, and it will also make you a very important person in the lives of those people who surround you. You may find that many of your friends and family will turn to you for advice, for clarity, for you to express your unique perspective, how you feel about certain things, making you a source of wisdom and good advice. This can also mean new social connections, new acquaintances, new business opportunities, new plans and ideas for the short term future.

The 4 of swords reversed speaks about evolution of an area of life which was stagnating. For some of you guys this might be something related to your psychological well being, meaning that you are going to regenerate, find new sources of pleasure, fun, relaxation in order to recharge your batteries, and with the help and support of friends, you are going to be at your very best, meaning a full recuperation, if you might have had a period of downfall in the recent past. For other natives this isn’t as much about a psychological state of well being but quite a physical one, if you had any health problems, diseases, especially problems with your back, bones, muscles, then the 4 of swords reversed might mean a very beneficial doctors visit which will provide recovery, healing, solid and helpful advice. For those natives who have had their professional lives under the influence of standstill, then this means that the vicious cycle is broken, new business new opportunities, new clients, advancements in career are going to enter your lives.

Eclipse energy: The Canoe. This is the Gaian version of the Tarot’s Chariot card. This means that the eclipse is going to guide you, steer you, intuitively push you in the right direction in order to realize one of your big goals. The meaning of this card is significant evolution, transiting into a stage of life where your dreams are no longer surreal, but very palpable and obtainable, it means your own personal triumph in at least one area of your life, but your victory doesn’t depend as much on your choices, actions, what you do, but rather on your psychological state, on your resonance. The starts are simply going to align for you and it will bring out your very best version, one which is destined fro success.

Additionally the Canoe can also signify travels, in the sense of visiting certain places which always called to you on a soul level.


The Hermit, 8 of Wands, The Empress reversed. For natives born under the sign of Sagittarius, July is going to be a very busy, hasty and quite magical month. The Hermit signifies that there are many things present in your life which await progress, evolution, completion, a new course of action, and all of these things require your focus, attention and input. You might have been preoccupied in the recent past with the problems of other people, present in your life, you might have been asked for favors, or you might have lent someone your help free willingly, or your social life may have demanded your presence, but regardless of what it was that distracted you from your own problems, the time has come for you to focus all your attention, all your ambition, all of your inner strength upon yourself, and come up with solutions, plans and most importantly to invest all your spiritual energy to make things work out, progress, evolve, shift from stagnation. While all of this mostly implies working, planning, creative and lucrative efforts, it also has a good side, because it will distance you a little bit from society, giving you the chance to spend time with yourself, listen to what your inner self, your being is trying to express, to better understand your emotions and how you feel about certain things. All of this can translate into finding your inner truth, being in tune with your emotions, your mind understanding your heart and forming an alliance of supreme harmony, and that in it’s self is one of the greatest strengths of any Sagittarius native. Also for some of you guys this will also involve spending some quality time in nature, going outdoors, maybe a mini holiday, trip to the forest, mountains or a river, something which is going to recharge your batteries both physically and spiritually.

The 8 of wands is also a fantastic sign, because it’s the Tarot’s symbol of Sagittarius, meaning that for a good few of you, fated events are going to take place in your life. The 8 of wands is the card of celerity, fast moving instant energy, so whatever has to happen, is going to come with great speed, and it is going to change your circumstances just as fast. This can be communication or visit from overseas, or it could be an invitation, this could also mean evolution or progress in that area of your life which is currently stagnating or moving pretty slow, it could be an offer of love, new romance, a possible new relationship for those of you who are single, it could be a big opportunity to relocate, move, start a new career for those of you who have been wishing for such an opportunity, and last but not least, for some of you it can mean finding the appropriate person/professional/associate/partner who is going to help you accomplish a major goal of yours.

The Empress reversed is not a very good sign, because for some of you guys this can mean psychical illness, hormonal imbalance, fertility problems, sexual dysfunctions, weakening of the immune system or the digestive track.

For other natives the Empress in reversed position signifies overspending, giving into life’s pleasures without limiting yourself, so in this sense July is not going to be a very favorable month to make significant investments, to buy very expensive items, or to waste money on things you might regret later on. It can also mean a very short term prosperity, which you are going to spend, consume as soon as it enters your life.

Eclipse energy: Two of Earth. This card also resonates with the meaning of the main reading, because it signifies material/financial balance. The eclipse energy can potentially motivate you, give you insight, inspiration, advice from very experienced people in matters of money, on how to obtain a greater sense of material well being. For those of you who have any kind of debt or unpaid financial obligations, the eclipse energy can trigger such events, which can greatly help you to cover everything that you owe to others (regardless if it’s a person, a bank etc.) and can also help you achieve greater prosperity in order to compensate yourself for all those times when you had to miss out on the small pleasures of life because of material restrictions. For other natives, this won’t be as much about obligations and debt, but rather finding a much better strategy in order to manage money, and this in it’s self can give way to new sources of income, or to reduce your expenses so massively, that you are going to have much more resources available to send on all those things which bring you joy. For those natives who are parents, the 2 of coins may signify a material help or a big gift from your children which is going to delight you in every sense possible.



Ace of Swords, 9 of Coins reversed, 2 of Wands reversed. Natives born under the sign of Capricorn are going to receive a lot of clarity in the moth of July. From this perspective the Ace of Coins signifies a divine gift of communication, connections, new opportunities for study, work, refinement of skills, reaching new levels of mastery, opportunity to work towards a higher degree, or for some very lucky few a one in a lifetime chance, or better said offer to become teachers/mentors/trainers, in other words to use their knowledge and professional experience to help, guide and teach others.

For other people this will play out as events which have the power to reveal many things which are hidden from Capricorn natives sight (for example what certain people truly think about them, their true reputation at work/socially, the full picture of certain things which happened in the past etc.) and this information, clarity, being able to see the big picture is going to offer these natives a very significant advantage, both socially, knowing who it is that they should be careful with and of course materially as well because the information, communications that the Divine will gift them with in July is going to help make very solid, logical, rational, very well put together future plans financially, plans which are going to pay off big time towards the end of the year.

The 9 of coins in reversed position speaks about money, financial gains, savings, something which you have worked for very hard in the recent past, and you might have had plans on how to spend a part of your savings, or invest it, or put it to good use, and it is these plans which are going to suffer unexpected changes. You might have extra expenses, someone very close needing a loan or material support, or it could be an unexpected break-down of a more expensive household electronic, unexpected repairs, but of course this doesn’t necessarily have to involve any kind of material losses, it could also be a situation which prevents you from focusing on your financial life, for example unexpected overtime at work, a very big workload, lack of spare time.

The 2 of wands in reversed position, may signify that towards the end of the month, you will have to express certain choices, preferences, our take on a situation, which will put you in a very delicate position, because regardless of what you decide, it will close certain doors for you, disconnect you from certain people, distance you from a group, while opening up new possibilities at the same time. In Tarot most of the “2”s signify choices which we have to make, the 2 of wands highlights those choices which involve your inner creativity and self expression, so this might be something which will enable you to choose an appropriate means for investing all your creative energy into something, implicitly connecting you with certain people who will enable that, but it will close the doors for whatever it is that you are currently using as a means to express your creativity.

Eclipse energy: 9 of Air. This is an incredibly powerful card, because it signifies that the eclipse is going to close a chapter in your life once and for all. If you have any regrets from your past, any sources of hurt, traumas, missed opportunities, for which you might be blaming yourself, then chances are powerful epiphanies and sources of wisdom are going to enter your life and reveal to you, that you did absolutely nothing wrong, in fact, your failures, mistakes, bad choices were blessing in disguise, because you simply couldn’t be the person who you are today without those. This card also signifies a very powerful and strong spiritual connection which you are going to develop, it will enter your life in times of maximum hardship, inner crisis, when your soul is gonna cry out for divine help, and not only will your receive the help which you are going to ask for but it will also strengthen your faith in the Universe, in yourself and in your life’s story.


6 of Coins reversed, The World reversed, Judgment reversed. For natives born under the sign of Aquarius, July is going to be an extremely powerful karmic month, when certain injustices which you suffered in the past are going to be reversed by the unbound power of karma, morally and emotionally simply feeling that justice is on your side will offer you a great satisfaction and inner peace. If these injustices have anything to do with a divorce, past relationships, past friendships and alliances, anything social, where certain people might have doubted you or accused you wrongly, then this will just be a moral satisfaction, because all bridges have been burned and the damage simply can’t be undone, not even by the hand of fate.

The Judgment reversed speaks about divine justice illuminating your life, showing both you and everyone who is relevant in your life the naked, unmasked truth about the events of the past which disadvantaged you. If you were the victim of any foul play, deception, lies, gossip, you will receive apologies, gestures of regret and asking for forgiveness from those people who wronged you but also from those people who chose not to be on your side during your hardships. The Judgment card is reversed, because other than a moral satisfaction and a sense of peace, this won’t really change anything in your life, because you already moved on, and you are trying your best not to be influenced in any way by whatever took place in the past.

The World Card is in reversed position for exactly the same reason, closure will enter you life, but perhaps you may feel that certain things happened a little bit too late, because that which is already broken can not be fixed, or glued back together, and this isn’t because of your desire for revenge, but rather your wisdom and rationality, telling you that some people, situations, society, the World in general never change and the only way to go is forwards, never looking back.

The 6 of coins reversed speaks about certain promises which have been made to you in the recent past, this could be either a promise of a business, material support, help from someone, an offer of a new job or a new position in your career, or it could simply represent an expectation which you might have from someone close, like parent/family member, either way, the promise is not going to be fulfilled or it’s going to be delayed for an indefinite time. While this in it’s self won’t really disappoint you, if you’ve made solid plans based on this and took it for certainty it’s going to cause big inconveniences which can lead to conflict. The best way to go about it, is not to take anyone’s word for granted, and not because of lack of trust, but rather always be open for changes, and unexpected events to occur, this way your plans will always be open for quick adaptation or change.

Eclipse energy: The Builder. This card signifies, that the eclipse energy is going to bring a sense of greater stability into your life. For those of you who are struggling financially or who are not very satisfied with the way your career, job is evolving, then for you guys the builder means solutions, stability, grounding, in this area of your lives. The most important aspect of this is the recovery part, because it won’t just bring an end to stagnation, or give you a greater sense of prosperity and liberty, but it will also give you the chance to recover everything you have suffered in the past. This can mean either the pleasure of material freedom, for others this will give them the chance to fully immerse in their careers and reach very important personal goals, while for others it will mean a stable new relationship which will give them more emotional comfort than they ever had.

Regardless of how the symbolism of the Builder is going to play out in your life as, one thing is the same, it will be long term, permanent and solid.


Queen of Swords, 6 of Wands, King of Wands. Natives born under the sign of Pisces, have every reason to be excited, because the month of July is going to be a time of progress, clarity, finding your position of power, and ultimately achieving, completing certain goals, and things aligning for you perfectly in order to be as close as possible to the “light and the end of the tunnel” a bright and busy future.

The Queen of Swords speaks about certain decision you made in the recent past which are going to pay off very soon, you might have seriously questioned your own logic, rationality, knowledge and level of professional expertise at that time, but the way things are going to evolve are going to be a clear testimony to the fact that everything you did, your choices, communications, diplomatic efforts, saying NO when it was needed, being assertive and very rational were the best attitude you could have taken.

The Queen of wands also speaks about the future, meaning that important communication, information, documents are going to enter your life, and more importantly you are going to meet deadlines, your intellectual efforts are going to be very productive and they are going to serve you as your biggest strength and asset during this time.

The 6 of wands, is probably the most favorable energy, because it signifies that the moth of July is a time when very important breakthroughs are going to take place. For those of you who run your own business or are freelance, this will mean success in your activities, business coming in, new offers and opportunities directed specifically towards your direction, and most importantly plans, ambitions, projects, promises which you started 6 months ago, are finally going to come to fruition, opening another phase of your business/career’s evolution.

For those of you who are single and were looking for love, the 6 of wands might signify that someone very compatible might enter your lives, but it’s not gonna be you who has to do the persuasive talk, the convincing, the courtship, but rather, that the person who’s gonna enter your lives will sweep you off your feet. It can be a very strong and romantic fire sign like Leo or Sagittarius.

The King of Wands is also a fantastic sign, meaning a time of creativity, passion, fully living the present, expressing yourself, feeding your soul by participating in various different activities, all of which bring you both pleasure and enable you to express who you truly are. For some of you it can also mean love, passion, romance, sexuality it can also mean that a very inspirational and motivational person is going to enter you lives, who will have a very good influence on you, empowering you to take action, be active, creative, and carve your place in the world.

For those of you who are dealing with stagnation in one or more areas of your lives, all this fire energy is wonderful news, because either you are going to receive significant help, or if the stagnation was caused by you not feeling too well, inspired, in other words not your usual self, then your inner fire is gonna ignite and burn stronger then ever.

Eclipse energy: Three of Fire. This card reveals to you what the eclipse can bring into your life from a very different point of view. Regardless of how the events are going to play out in your life, everything that’s going to happen will enable one of your biggest dreams, one which is so lighthearted, so pure, that it can manifest in a myriad of different ways: you will get to chance to live a different kind of reality, where each day is a celebration of your life, each day is an endless source of inspiration, of magic, of being part of a community, the joy of simply being alive. How this happens, what triggers this, if it’s something that’s gonna come from the inside, or if some fated external event is going to trigger this state, doesn’t really matter, what truly matters is, that this is how your life is going to look like.

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