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Hi everyone, in this article I’m going to be speaking about the upcoming Neptune retrograde season, which starts on around the 22nd of June (give or take a day depending on which side of the planet you are on) and will last for a few months. As you probably know from previous articles, that when a planet goes into it’s retrograde phase, it appears as if it stops in it’s tracks on the sky and then it starts moving backwards. Of course this is an illusion, because in physical reality a planet can never move backwards, but looking at the sky from Earth we have the impression that the planet is traveling the opposite direction.

From an astrological perspective, during a retrograde phase of a planet it’s symbolism is gains increased momentum and usually turns inwards, so we are all more likely to experience it within ourselves, and it is from there that it ultimately manifests in at least one area of our lives.

So, before we get into the energetic shifts that a Neptune retrograde is going to produce, we must examine it’s symbolism. Neptune is the planet of the deep seas, a very powerful and mysterious watery energy, but unlike Mercury, which is also fluid, the waters which Neptune rules are static if perceived from the outside, and it is merely when we start diving in deep when we can see the internal dynamism.

Neptune rules a number of different things, spirituality, psychology, mysteries, secrets, emotional world, dreams, the inner mechanism of the psyche, the gateways to the source and the divine, the higher octave of emotions, compassion, humanitarianism, unconditional love, all of our extra sensory perceptions, the frequency of our thoughts and emotions. Of course like all other planets it also has a darker and more challenging side, so illusions, fantasies, psychological deviance, addictions, obsessions, miss-aligned beliefs, unhealthy principles, martyrdom,nightmares, night terrors, irrational fears and phobias, self sacrifice is also among the energies which are attributed to Neptune.

If we compare the core of our souls, the Higher self, and certain parts of our subconscious (the power and dynamism of the subconscious is ruled by Pluto) to a infinitely vast and deep ocean, the the power and symbolism of Neptune can be found deep deep down to a point which is close to the infinite bottom, which in it’s self can never be reached, because it’s infinite, and many times when we wish to explore that inner world, we dive into the great dark and mysterious unknown, because if we go in deep enough the light of the Sun (representing the expression of Self, the ego) can no longer reach it and illuminate it, so we have to rely on the light of our own inner truths to show us the way, symbolically it is a kind of spiritual bio-luminescence.

Neptune is the governing planet of artists, of those who use emotions, feelings, the distinctiveness of their own perceptions and inner journey as sources of creativity, those people who can manifest through arts or creation the dimension of their own souls, regardless if it’s sculpture, painting, music and dance, writing and poetry, acting, graphic design, fashion, make-up, virtual reality, or simply expressing your own feelings, your own perception of outer reality seen through the lens of the soul, all of these are inspired by Neptune.

Equally, it has a massive influence on spiritualists, mystics, seekers of the paranormal, psychologists, parapsychologists, those who walk a path between fantasy and reality, those who study emotions and who use emotions as a source of power.

In my opinion and experience the symbolism of Neptune can also include our empathic sense, our 6th sense so to speak, everything that has to go with intuition, non linear sources of knowledge, communication with the divine, traveling from one state of being to another, exploring the vast layers and dimensions of emotions.

This retrograde season of Neptune is going to be greatly amplified by the fact that he is in his home sign of Pisces, and is going to stay there all throughout this year and next. This is a very positive transit because on a global scale, for the wider range collective it’s going to highlight compassion, humanitarian efforts, it’s gonna determine all of us to come together, put all of our minds, skills and experiences together, in order to help the most disadvantaged people, no matter where they are on the planet. Uranus traversing the sign of Taurus also adds to this, because it emphasizes on the value of equality and equal chances for everyone.

Also, there’s a very long lasting conversation of tension, called a square between Neptune and Jupiter, both being in their home signs, makes this aspect very potent and impacting, because Jupiter tends to expand all the virtues governed by Neptune and infuse it with it’s specific grandeourous optimism. This energy can play out in two different ways, either it can give you a heightened sense of optimism, and fully believing without a shadow of a doubt that anything is possible and miracles happen all the time and you are more than likely going to witness one, or it could play out as extreme pessimism and severe depression, because Neptune especially in the sign of Pisces rules self victimization with a spark of all is doom and gloom attitude. We have to be very careful with this energy, because it can have a very powerful impact on our minds, and regardless if we feel way too optimistic or pessimistic, it can totally disconnect us from reality

A Neptune retrograde season is extremely beneficial for:

  • doing inner work, better understanding yourself, connection to Source energy;
  • accepting all the bad things that have ever happened to you, and transmuting them into a source of wisdom and valuable life lessons;
  • digging up old traumas, confronting them, and reprogramming your subconscious in such a way that you won’t focus on the pain and hurt when recalling the past, but rather the utility and value of those experiences;
  • practicing forgiveness, healing broken relationships, forgiving yourself for bad choices, mistakes, bad decisions;
  • looking at yourself from a different, highly spiritual light, where the interference and negative influence of society won’t distort your self image, and this can lead to self love, self acceptance and self worth;
  • very favorable time to visit a psychologist, counselor, healer and re balance yourself, and heal the wounds of the past;
  • perfect time for yoga, alternative medicine, connecting to nature, developing deep soul connections with other people, doing spiritual practices; meditation, etc;
  • finding and joining groups of people with the same interests;
  • perfect time to start expressing yourself through art, regardless of how talented or not you think you are, paining, music, dance, writing any for shape or type of art;
  • perfect occasion to discover your own authentic spirituality, the best moment to have healthy doubts, to question your faith and to seek for answers, which can confirm or infirm it;
  • a very good period to try out different paths, spiritual beliefs, which you haven’t had the chance to study yet;
  • magic, divination, conjuration, spiritualism, paranormal investigations, channeling, connecting to E.T. Consciousness etc. because a Neptune rx makes us much more telepathic than we usually are.
  • Your dreams may be direct messages from your Higher self, play close attention to the symbols that you can remember, taking notes or keeping a dream journal can be very effcient.

During a Neptune retrograde season it’s not really advised to:

  • take huge risks based on belief or intuition;
  • excessive escapism (drugs, substances, alcohol, living in a world of fantasy);
  • excessive gaming, immersing in fantasy (series, movies, comics, anime etc);
  • practicing the darker aspects of magic (demonology, necromancy, harmful spells, curses, revenge);
  • playing with hypnosis and auto-suggestion;
  • isolating yourself, breaking away from society in extreme measures;
  • using tarot, runes, divination excessively;
  • ignoring physical pains, symptoms, not taking medication in hopes of alternative medicine or alternative healing method being more efficient.
  • there is also a great risk to be victims of deception, and even self deception and psychological auto-sabotage, because during a Neptune rx season, we tend to be attracted to illusions, we tend to wanna believe beautiful lies, the Ego can take control quite easily by making us chase a “carrot on the stick”
  • since Neptune is also in it’s home sign of Pisces, it can also influence us with all of the negative aspects of that sign: dramas, being overly dramatic, victimization, putting emphasis on our weaknesses and vulnerabilities, obsessing over the past and things we can’t change, inability to live in the present.
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