Pick a card reading: The story of your life.

Hi everyone! Who said Tarot readings have to be boring? I invite you to play a game with me! Let’s imagine that your life is a movie, and naturally you are the main character. Your biggest fans are the Source and all your guides! Choose a pile of cards, which appeals to you the most, and find out what the Universe loves most about your show! Have fun!

1: Death/Death/Judgment:

The Universe was a huge fan of your character even from early childhood. The First Death card suggests, that you’ve always had a deep curiosity and fascination for the secrets and mysteries of life and existence, and this determined you to search for answers in the most unlikely places. This innate curiosity developed your intelligence, imagination, fantasy, outlook on life, emotional maturity, so you greatly exceeding that of your peers, which caused you to also live a double life. In every-day life you mustered the strength to shape you character in such a way to fit into society and meet it’s demands, but deep inside, you always knew that you are not the person who they think you are, but you could never show your unusual, artistic, visionary, idealistic, mysterious and hard to understand personality. The second Death card suggest, that the Universe fell in love with you, the moment you chose to become that person who you hid away, and by doing so you changed your life into something wonderful. All those things that you thought were just in your mind, dreams, and fantasies, became real, and the Judgment card suggests, that you inspired many other people to take down their masks and come out of the closet and be who they are and live life more authentically. The Source is delighted that, now you are a kind of super-hero, inspiring an helping others on a daily basis, and one of it’s favorite moments of your “show” was when you prevented someone’s suicide and saved the life of an animal! Your show is never boring or monotonous, because your intuition guides you and you are not afraid of taking risks.

2: The World/Page of wands/2 of swords:

The world card suggests that the Universe wasn’t just a big fan of your show, but he was also a mysterious co-character. Many times in your life you’ve met very unusual, extraordinary people, who excelled at something, and always had a life lesson reserved for you. The Universe chose to be like a chameleon and enter your story though the beings those people who inspired you had a deep impact on your soul. Some of them were part of your show for years, while others merely for seconds, but during those few seconds they left an impression on your being. The Page of wands combined with the 2 of swords suggests, that your life is like a detective story, where you are the detective, and you are chasing the mysteries of the Universe, who, wears many masks and always is one step ahead of you. Sometimes this causes you frustration, while other times you simply rejoice in the fact that life is never boring, never black and while, and you are so in love with the chase that many times you miss out on those opportunities when the Universe actually allows himself to be caught and be damasked. The chase continues, and perhaps one day you will catch the mysteries of existence but by now you know that the chase is like a friendly game and the more fun you have playing it, the happier you become.


3: Strength/Moon/Ace of cups:

This combination of cards suggests, that you weren’t always the main character of your story! You were born with more inner resources than you could possibly handle, and this almost infinite potential, somehow made you shy at first, and you’ve always used your “strength” and creativity, resourcefulness to support other people, whom at that time were the main characters. The Moon card suggests, that your show wasn’t like a movie, bur rather a series, which took place in seasons, recurring cycles so to speak. Slowly but surely during each cycle, there was a crisis, a very difficult situation which forced you to release all your strength, and by doing so you’ve gained more and more courage, self confidence, and finally came to understand the requests of the fans of the show (your guides) for you to take the main role, which you did! The Ace of cups suggests, that soon enough you are going to retire! This doesn’t mean that it’s the end of your show, far from it, it means that you will reach a state of absolute bliss, giving you the opportunity of being both the director, and the writer of the script! You won’t have to be the main character anymore, if you don’t wish, but one thing is for sure, the Universe and all your fans haven’t seen nothing yet! It is just now, after you have the power to write the script and decide your own fate that the true show is gonna start!

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