Pick a card reading: Why am I single?


Hello everyone, and welcome to another pick a card reading. This reading is dedicated for those of you who are single, and are wandering what the Universe has planned for you love wise and are asking yourselves the question: Why am I single? How will love come to me?

For this reading I used 5 different deck of cards and allowed the wisdom of the Universe to channel through me. But in order for this reading to make sense to you, I need your cooperation, so please read the instructions below:

  • Relax, take a deep breath;

  • Mentally ask the Universe to guide you;

  • Look at the picture displaying the 5 piles of cards for 30 sec or so;

  • Allow your intuition to guide you, and choose a number (1-5). Try not to choose randomly, choose the one that draws your attention the most, the one that triggers your intuitions;

  • After you feel that you made the right choice, skip the interpretation of the other 4 numbers, and jump straight to the one you chose;

  • Enjoy!

Those of you who were drawn to nr. 1 are very powerful, independent, fun loving, hard working people who try their best to fully live everything that life has to offer. Your lives are very dynamic, you don’t like or accept stillness, stagnation, rigid routines, and do everything in your power to stay active, alive and your social lives aren’t monotonous either. I am picking up a very well defined, warm, friendly, curious and very flirtatious personality. It is true, that you are officially single, but that doesn’t mean that your love-lives are empty, that you do not have lots of connection and even more admirers and possible future candidates. You have such a magnetic personality, that many times it draws in too many people, sometimes all at once. The problem is that you like to give everyone equal chances, so your friendly, warm, compassionate and understanding nature, topped up with your emotional stability and high morals, makes it very easy for people around you to fall in love with you, and that’s when the complications begin. You dislike strict commitment, you do not like the feeling, when someone focuses on you too much, you find it suffocating, and when this happens, you have a tendency to put them down softly, but firmly trying you best not to cause disappointment and heartache. If you ask yourself, why you’re still single, the answer lies within you! Your personality is way too colorful, too complex, you have many different sides, many different moods, you like opposite things at the same time, you get bored very easily, so you find it very difficult to be fully compatible with anyone around you. They say that opposites attract, but this isn’t really true in your case, because you do not have an opposite, you are too versatile, too open, too flexible, so what you truly need in your life is a person just like you, who lives by the same principles, so they can easily tolerate, or even encourage and enjoy your flirtatious nature, your outgoing personality, and all the attention that you get from others. Your worst nightmare is to be bound to someone who has jealousy issues, it is something that you absolutely avoid. The Universe advises you that being single is not exactly a state of being which you should end any time soon. Yes, it can be depressing at times, and you do have the “lonely and cold nights” episodes in your life, but right now, you have too much to do, too much to experience, too much to enjoy, and sacrificing your freedom for a committed relationship won’t benefit you, because the second you feel bored with your prater, when your full liberty is restricted in any way, you are not going to be happy, and no relationship is going to last. Take this time to enjoy yourself, to learn more about what you like, what kind of people you are actually drawn too, try out everything there is to try out, sexually speaking, and when the times comes for you to settle down, you will have lots of possible partners to choose from, because your lives will never be empty and there are people, who you already met in this life, and who are simply waiting for you, even if the wait takes 2 lifetimes. So, in other words when the time is right someone will arise from your past, someone who you already know, but will see in a different light, it won’t be their past selves which will attract you, but the person who they became.

For number 2 I’m picking up a state of deep loneliness. Perhaps you guys have always been lonely, even though you were in relationships in the past, you never found what you are looking for. What you seek in love in understanding, acceptance, something very deep and meaningful, where a certain telepathy can exists between you and your lover. In other words, you are looking for a true soul mate, someone,w ho can make you feel safe, protected, valued, and who you can fully trust.You are a very modest, realistic, grounded, and spiritual person, who by no means is naive, blinded by unrealistic expectations and illusions. The material aspect of a union doesn’t matter for you, neither does any advantage or benefit that you might get from a future partner, for you everything is about the soul, the psyche and how that person makes you feel.You had negative experiences in the past, you might have been lied too, or someone might have profited off your good will and caring nature, but the worst experience was, that you felt alone and lonely even thought technically speaking you weren’t alone.While, this experience was negative, it was a very very good teacher, it showed you, that being alone is way better than being with someone who makes you feel lonely inside. This experience also catapulted you to a new level of self knowledge and self acceptance, where you learned to appreciate yourself even more, and highlighted the fact that you deserve nothing but the best in life.The World card has a very significant message for you, the lionesses and solitude that you are facing, only serves to increase the joy, bliss, happiness of the moment when your soul-mate will find you.You must be patient and bare the weight alone, for now, because out there in the world someone exists, who is also looking for you, who also feels the same way, who also faced the same challenges in life, and is waiting for the moment when the Universe will unite your destinies.Do not worry about missed opportunities, not not consume yourself searching for them, do not worry about the fact that you might not be able to identify them when you meet, or when the moment happens, because everything will be timed perfectly and orchestrated by the Universe. It will be love and first sight, and your intuition will tell you with crystal clarity that they are the ONE.


For those of you who were attracted by number 3 I’m picking up a pretty tough time. The Emperor card suggests, that life threw a lot in your direction, in a pretty short time-span, and to top this up, you might struggle with finances, career, job, or to find places in society for quite some time now.Many times you had to totally ignore your love life, because others needed your help, your presence, your support, and you lost out on many things. You sacrificed too much soul, passion, creativity and you simply got tired.The 10 of swords reversed tells the story of defeat, you may feel that your life if too much of a mess for you to attract love, you might feel: who on earth would wanna be with you when you are dealing with so many issues.It also tells the story that you might have chosen the wrong friends, associates, business partners, or you might have been the victim of an egocentric narcissist who drained your spirit dry.The good news is that the 10 of swords is reversed, so the worst of the worst is over, and all the defeat that you faced, taught you how to avoid and eliminate negative people and parasites from your life.Even thought you might bare lots of scars, you are a SURVIVOR, you made it through the darkest night of your life, and finally you can focus on yourself, your well being and by doing so, by standing up for yourself, you are slowly changing your life. The Sun card suggests, that because you done all that inner work, because you created so much good karma for yourself, your vibration is slowly rising, and the moment it starts to rocket, different people will enter your life, people who have the same priorities in life and are guided by similar, altruistic principles as you are.Before a new relationship can begin, the Universe wants to send something else your way. A new friend/ friends or a group of people sharing a passion for something, who will boost your confidence, guide you in the right direction, support you emotionally, and help you make new connections. Thanks to this you are going to blossom, be a new, upgraded, stronger and happier you, and rest assured that the New You is not going to be single for long:)

If it was group Nr. 4 which caught your eye, then I have some wonderful news for you! You are probably a very spiritual and open minded person, a bit of a philosopher, an artistic soul who likes to dwell in the deeper aspects of the world. You know yourself very well, and know that you are simply too smart, too intelligent, too good of a psychologist and with an incredible attention to detail, all of which make you have VERY high standards. You know that very few people are compatible with you, so you are always honest both with other people and yourself, you know that only the sharpest minds, the most colorful souls, a fellow “artist”, so to speak, is only compatible with you.Because of your spirituality and knowledge you are extremely intuitive, and empathic, so you can already feel that your hermit days are fast coming to an end. You are probably feeling this for some time now, you are anticipating it, dreaming about it fantasizing about it.For you love isn’t something that can be found in matter, it isn’t something as simple and one sided as a relationship, partnership, marriage, symbiosis, so to speak, but it is something magical, an other wordly experience, a metaphysical fusion of 2 souls, the meeting and joining of 2 worlds, 2 galaxies so to speak.The Universe has guided you to number 4 not to give you a specific massage, BUT to calm you down and to confirm everything that you already know and feel.Magic is going to happen, alchemy is going to be displayed at it’s fines, your dreams, wishes, fantasies, all the work you’ve done through your meditations or other spiritual practices is going to pay off, you ARE creating this new reality, you are drawing in a soul who you’ve always dreamed of, the restlessness, impatience and unbound that you are experiencing is just an empathic echo, your premonitions are projecting the excitement of the future.

Those of you who have been guided towards number 5, are sure to have a beautiful and dramatic love story to tell your grandchildren.I sense events that happened in the past may have had a major impact on you. You had your share of beautiful moments, but also disappointment and heartache, you may have attracted some very bad, incompatible partners in your live, who provided you with harsh, but necessary lessons.The 6 of wands reversed tells you that you feel defeated in love, and you have very little expectations regarding the future, not only do you have problems trusting others, but also trusting your self.The 2 of swords tell us that you might have made a wrong choice in the past, you might have given up on a relationship, a person, a possible lover, because your life was simply guiding you to a different direction. You might have sacrificed a relationship, or a potential partner, in order for you to finish your studies, advance in career, or moved to a greater distance. The Universe wants you to know that you do not need to feel regret, or do not dwell on the fact that you made the wrong choice, or life, destiny, fate prevented you from being happy, because there is a place and time for everything in life. Back then the issues that you were dealing with were more important than anything and you didn’t really have a choice to make, it was almost like life made them for you.The Wheel of Fortune is the bearer of very good news, the Universe wants you to know that life is just a succession of cycles repeating, so nothing is truly lost. Soon the great wheel is going to turn in your favor, and a person who was always meant for you is going to resurface from the past, and you are going to get a second chance to be happy.Both you and that person are much more sturdy, wiser, stronger and tolerant today, life was an excellent coach, so all the obstacles (emotional, material or situational) will no longer hold you back and prevent you to be happy.Very soon Divine synchronicity is going to display at it’s finest , and that someone from your past is going to resurface, and you are going to see them in a different light, with an open heart and acceptance.

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