Pick a card reading: What does the Universe want me to know?

Hello everyone and welcome to another reading. This time we are going to do an intuitive reading, with the topic, “What does the Universe want me to know?”. For this reading I used 5 different deck of cards and allowed the wisdom of the Universe to channel through me. But in order for this reading to make sense to you, I need your cooperation, so please read the instructions below:

  • Relax, take a deep breath;

  • Mentally ask the Universe to guide you;

  • Look at the picture displaying the 5 piles of cards for 30 sec or so;

  • Allow your intuition to guide you, and choose a number (1-5). Try not to choose randomly, choose the one that draws your attention the most, the one that triggers your intuitions;

  • After you feel that you made the right choice, skip the interpretation of the other 4 numbers, and jump straight to the one you chose;

  • Enjoy!

Pile 1:

Those of you who chose number one, you might be going through a period of self doubt. In the recent past there may have been very many disruptions in your life, which put all your plans on hold, and really tested your endurance and resilience, especially mentally. While you did your best to keep your cool, your psyche, your soul got tired, exhausted.

The Universe wants you to know, that there is absolutely no reason for you to doubt yourself. The Magician card tells you that you are very talented, very open minded, have infinite potential inside of you, and not just on a spiritual level. You are a very good planner, a mindful person, very compassionate, and probably inspire others in your life through your work, and just being yourself.

Ever since you were a small child, you felt that there is SO VERY MUCH creativity inside you, and even thought you tried your best to express it, you feel like you didn’t get the best chances in life to do so. Maybe you weren’t lucky enough to find the right job which would allow you to excel, or perhaps you couldn’t finish your studies, or you simply need a bit more boost, a bit more trust, encouragement, belief from people around you.

The Universe knows all of this, and know how you feel, the double 6 of wands reversed, means that you were so close to giving up on yourself, on your path, on your dreams, but somehow you always found that little spark of hope in your heart, which was more than enough for your dreams to survive.

The Universe tells you that, you do not need to worry, it is NOT going to let you give up, even though at times it may seem that it is asleep, just quietly watching as you struggle, this couldn’t be more wrong. The reason things don’t always go according to plan is, that you have the tendency to rush into things, and to give everything that you have inside all at once. That is why such a tendency can’t be encouraged by the higher forces, because they don’t want you to burn out!!! They want you to learn measure and balance, and to believe in yourself and your talents and potential even more than you have ever done in your life. The Universe doesn’t care about other people’s opinion, it wants you to know that if you judge yourself based on the mirror image society is reflecting back at you, you are making a horrible mistake.

The Universe is your biggest fan in the whole world, and it is waiting for you, to believe in yourself and strongly and devotedly as IT believes in you. But for this you must go through hardship and failure, to toughen you up. And not in the classical sense at all, if you are able to find inspiration, an inner source for creativity even in the darkest and hopeless times…. then imagine what you are going to be capable of when your life is full of joy and laughter.

The Wheel of fortune speaks for it’s self, dispel all doubt, your chance will come, it can not be any other way, the Universe has everything planned out for you, BUT you need to accept the fact, that you don’t always make the right choices, your plans don’t always benefit you, so the Universe is slowly taking over and guiding you towards the fulfillment of your dreams, and it doesn’t care how much you protest and resist, because what it has in plan for you will exceed you wildest imagination, you will be much happier, much more yourself, than if it would simply allow you to manifest your own plans.

Pile 2:

Those of you who chose 2 might be facing a time of extreme inner turmoil. The Moon suggests that you are very restless, and the reasons which cause you to be in such an agitated state are totally out of your grasp, there is nothing you can do to change the situation.

The Universe wants you to know, that all of this isn’t a punishment or the result of bad karma. You did absolutely nothing wrong, in fact you always did the right thing, made the right choices, were mindful of the feeling of others, and several times sacrificed your own well being to help even total strangers.

So, you might ask yourself why aren’t you in a better situation? Why are you being bombarded with unrest, doubt, fears and worry?

The answer is not something straight forward, it’s a very complex psychological phenomenon that you are going through. The person who you became, can’t fully establish him/her self in the physical world, you can fully fit into society, regardless of your efforts and inner work, you can’t find a place for yourselves anywhere, where you can 100% fit in, or perhaps you are looking for a house, place where you can feel at home.

These feelings generated by not being able to be yourself 100%, or all the compromises and acts of self sacrifice that you may have done, have left you feeling alone, and insecure, frightened by the future, stressed of what is going to come and how you’re going to cope with life and manage everything. You may also be facing stress generated illnesses, like headaches, pack pains, hair loss, insomnia etc.

The Universe is well aware of everything that you are going through and firstly it would like to offer you an apology! It feels for you, and it is sorry that despite being an exemplary individual and of pure heart, you have to go through all this pain, but it is something necessary. It has to teach you how to ground yourselves, how to immerse even more in matters, the 4 of coins means that you need to learn and accept that in life the indulgence of the senses, being a bit selfish, being way more mindful of your own benefit and good is imperative to survive. There is little it can do if your moral values greatly exceed that of society and of the times we live in. Your purity, your selflessness, your altruism is causing a great disharmony between yourself and the world you live in. This imbalance will cause you to feel as if the world is rejecting who you are. The Universe can’t change the world, BUT you can, but in order to start doing that you need to chill out, you need to live the ways of the world, you need to learn how to be more flexible and give the ego, the physical body, the senses what they require, a bit of pleasure, a bit of self love, pamper and learn to ACCEPT help from people who love you and owe you. It’s clear that you helped many people in your life, and some of them may be ready to jump in and help you, materially, practically but you need to accept the help and let down your pride. Once you do this money and riches will come your way, you will harvest the rewards the Universe wants to give you (through other people), and you can finally take a break from life and concentrate on yourself and your pleasure!

Pile 3:

Those of you who chose pile 3 might be dealing with love related issues.

I see three possible situations:

It might be that you already found love, and very soon you might be asked the big question, but are very uncertain what to answer. You heart clearly tells you to say YES, but your unconscious mind is terrified, because you life is going to change, and you do not feel ready at all. Also you may have people in your life that might not agree with your decision, and you are trying to please everyone. If this is your situation the Universe wants you to know that, leave your fears behind, the feeling, the emotions, the pure fulfillment of the soul is all that matters, and if your partner, the person who you are in love with makes you feel inside as if you are in the embrace of a giant, warm, soft teddy bear and make you feel the safest you’ve ever felt in your life…. there is no question about it, you must listen to your heart, and those who do not agree with your decision do not love you and have no place in your life.

For some of you this might be a third party situation where, a third person came into play, and this made you feel very confused, as if you’re struck by lightning. Guild, shame, love and lust all mix together and form a state of total indecision. Th Universe wants you to know, that before you break your relationship, before you make any choice be sure that it’s not just a phase you are going through, be sure that it’s not a state where you are overwhelmed by hormones and lust, because if you have children, or your relationship before the third party situation arose was going pretty well, and despite the boredom which can set in from time to time you were respected, loved and your integrity was untouched, then do not sacrifice your stability and future happiness for a silly game.

For those of you who are single, this is wonderful news. The Universe is encouraging you, to open your souls, your hearts, your minds, your whole being, because the ONE for you is very close. The Chariot, the lovers, the 2 cups are all messengers of love, but not any kind of love, but one that will change your life forever and the feelings that you are going to feel will transform you into a better, brighter, more complete version of yourself.

Pile 4:

Those of you who chose number 4 might be working, planning, contemplating hard to “upgrade” your lives. You desire change, you desire more freedom, you desire the chance to travel, and to see the world from a different, new perspective that you have always dreamed of. While, your life, the way it is now benefits from stability, connections, you have already achieved a state of well being, a state of financial and professional stability, you are doing pretty well regarding achievements in life (and we’re not just talking about material ones, but also studies, competitions, self expression, appreciation by others), but you reached a stage where you want more, you want something different, you want something which you’ve always felt that you must do, see, or live. You are waiting for your destiny to be fulfilled and certain events to occurs in your life, which will trigger a sense of self accomplishment, a sense of being fully alive, of being the ultimate masters of your own fate.

You probably strongly believe that if you believe strong enough in something, persevere, never give up and focus on your goals, the Universe will sooner or later start conspiring in your favor, which is absolutely true.

The message of the Universe is quite straight forward. You have all the knowledge, skill, experience you need in life in order to achieve your goals, no matter how wild/big/unrealistic they are, but you need to be patient. While you may be in total control of your own fate, you are not in control of time, and the flow of time. Right now it is very important to keep the inner fire burning, the spark of imagination and desire needs to be fed, but if you rush this, if you take a huge leap of faith without thinking it well through, you might end up losing your material and social security, and the sacrifice is not really worth it. Trust the Universe, trust the divine timing, the Universe proved to you numerous times throughout your life that it’s your greatest ally, so you need to trust it and let it make the initiative when the time is ready for you.

Pile 5:

Those of you who felt guided to choose pile 5. May have begun something new, or are thinking of beginning something new. This might be a new job, new project, new studies, perhaps moving to a new place, or buying a house, or beginning a new relationship.

The Universe wants you to know that it fully supports you, and you need to take a deep journey down on memory lane and analyze all the sign it has given you the last 2 years.

First of all you were inspired and guided towards the idea of this new beginning, you felt that the time to act was fast approaching, and your intuition was confirmed by events in your life which quickly started erasing the ‘OLD” from your life, making space for this new beginning.

You may have lost your old job, your relationship, the place that you were renting, a project you were working on, or many complications in your life arouse in order to shake things up.

All of the losses, dissatisfaction with the old situation, or the possible betrayal of friends/colleagues/partner came in your life to show you that the old energies have no place in your life any longer, and the change you desire is not just some wishful thinking or fantasy but it’s a necessity, and the Universe is guiding you towards a new beginning, by making place in your life, and cleansing it of people and things that are holding you down.

Those of you who already started something, may be going through a difficult time, especially from a finial perspective, you may feel uncertain, or you may feel regret that you jumped into all of this, because in order for you to be where you are now you had to sacrifice your financial stability, or your social security. The Universe wants you to know, that yes things don’t look very promising and prosper at the moment and it may seem that you made a big mistake, BUT it wants to assure you that nothing was a mistake and things will start falling into place. The seeds of intent were planted, and the time to harvest will surely come, all you need to do is hold on and try to stay as balanced as possible, it’s not long now before the signs that you need in order to feel secure will come.

Those of you who haven’t got the the stage to begin anew and are just thinking about it, the Universe ants you to know that it has your back. It knows that you are a bit fearful of the “NEW” that is why all it ask of you is to have a little bit more patience, because it will bring signs, connections, opportunities, help from other people your way, all of which to make this change easier for you.

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