Horoscope for the week June 2-8

Hi everyone and thank you for joining me for your horoscope for the week of June 2-8. There is going to be a very active sky during this period, the planets are going to form a couple of very significant aspects, and we also have an amazing new moon on the 3rd of June taking place in the sign of Gemini.

If you’d like to read more about the symbolism and impact of this month’s new moon, we have a specially dedicated article for this event, in which you can find detailed analysis of the most relevant celestial conversations happening during this period, here is the link to the article:


There is a lot of activity happening in the sign of Gemini, especially at the beginning of the week, as I mentioned before there’s a new moon taking place, which means the conjunction of the Sun and Moon in this sign, and also the ruler of this sign is going to be in the last degrees of Gemini, which will put the emphasis on the symbolism and rulership of this energy that much more. Gemini rules the mind, our thoughts, the way we express our thoughts, communication, the words that we use, and of course the internet and on-line community. Because we have so many influential celestial bodies in this area of the sky, this energy determines us to embrace our intelligence, our mental abilities, our rationality, the power of our words and the influence we have on other people through the way in which we communicate. This energy is designed to heighten our awareness, our cerebral activities, our inner mastery over our thoughts and their expression, so this gives us the potential to find the most ingenious solutions to any problems which we might have in our lives, to find the appropriate means to connect with those people, professionals, experts who’s work can have a very beneficial effect on our lives, and if it’s not professional who you seek connecting to, then this can also advantage us to find, discover, see where our potential of connecting to other people lies.

We must’s mistake this for easy energy, because it’s quite the opposite, this energy shows great potential, but in order to use it as such, we need to tap into our self discipline, we need to try our very hardest to see things very clearly, to be aware of our own mental weaknesses, and most importantly to have a heightened level of self knowledge to know exactly which part of ourselves is vulnerable to illusions, self deception, naivety and altering our perceptions in such a way that the inner truth is less obvious and less painful. Misunderstandings, illusions, fake news, not being fully in touch with reality, miscommunication, not being focused enough to cease quick opportunities are all disadvantages that both the opposition of the Sun with Jupiter, and that of Mercury with Jupiter can heavily influence. So during the first days of next week, we might not have enough clarity in our lives to be able to make solid decisions, the know which course of action is the very best option, and we may not fully be able to trust people around us, because of this lack of clarity and insight. Even those individuals who always try their very best to have full mental and emotional clarity in their lives, may be feeling a little bit foggy, unclear, unsure of themselves and of their inner truth. Meditation, taking time out, spending time in sacred solitude and consulting what your heart and emotions have to say about all those situation which require additional clarity might be the best idea during this time.

There is another very dominant energy which greatly contributes to illusions, gossip, fake news, the fake perception of holding your inner truth, and that is Jupiter squaring Neptune, who is at home in his sign of Pisces, the new Moon is also going to form a square with Neptune. Jupiter tends to expend everything it touches, and the energy of the square has the potential to highlight all of the bad qualities ruled by Neptune, which is overoptimism, pessimism, illusions, being lost in fantasies and miss-aligned beliefs, and giving importance to everything that you fear. Meditation, self discipline and always wanting to be aligned with your own truth can help you navigate easier through this energy.

On the third of the month, Mars in the sign of Cancer forms an opposition with Saturn in his home sign of Capricorn. This conversation can play out in a number of different ways, one of them being: feeling the need to take responsibility for everything that is happening in your life, good or bad, and acknowledging that only you have the power to accept things which you simply can not change, change those things which you do have full control and power over, and in this way you learn how to live a more balanced life, by taking charge of everything that is within your power, and always acting with maximum prudence, a sense of responsibility, and most importantly by adapting a non-judgmental attitude towards others, will make it that much easier to fully accept yourself for who you are and if you do not judge others, you can slowly but surely learn and get accustomed to not judging yourself and not being too harsh with yourself. This energy can also play out in a totally different manner, if we look at the collective, because Mars in Cancer represents the community, it represents the citizens of the world, the people, and their efforts to take care of themselves and each other, while Saturn in Capricorn can represent the leaders, the authority and control of the state/government over the people. The opposition between these 2 opposing forces can result in social tension, social unrest, revolution, rebellion and a cry for absolute justice for all the mistakes, wrong doings, inefficiency of the leaders.

If we add the energy of the new moon to this aspect of tension, that we can easily anticipate that media, social media, the internet, and any shape and form of communication, including art, is going to empower this expression of dissatisfaction of the people, citizens, the community with the actions of their leaders.

Later on in the week around the 5th give or take a day, depending on which side of the planet you are on, Mercury is going to leave it’s home of Gemini and dive in deeply into the watery sign of Cancer. The sign of Cancer represents family, the value and importance of family, of what family and unity with other people means for you, and what shape and size it takes in your life, but it’s also a symbol of where it is that your soul, your spirit, your higher self feels most at home. The fact that Mercury the planet of knowledge, mind and communication is going to enter this sign, is going to cause a bit of emotional revolution, because all of a sudden the way you feel about other people, the acceptance or rejection by which others are treating you with, the emotional significance of being stable and at home in your own life will all of a sudden matter more than any other aspect of our livef. Since, both Mars and Mercury are going to be in the sign of Cancer at that time, this will spark up the primordial instinct in many people, to try and establish a family and a home of their own, the sense of belonging somewhere, and being safe in your own life from an emotional perspective will matter that much more.

Mercury, at this time, from the sign of Cancer, is going to have a very harmonious conversation, called a sextile, with Uranus in Taurus. This energy is not as easy to bare and as harmonious as it seems, even though it’s a sextile, Uranus tends to shake up, revolutionize, give a touch of chaos to everything it touches, and since Uranus is a planet associated with pure energy, electricity, instability, adding this to the symbolism of Mercury, which is also a very dynamic planet, but it’s quickness and dynamism is partially drowned by the watery energies of Cancer, the end result is going to be a feeling of restlessness, when everything inside of you is screaming, urging you to take action, to use the power of your mind and intellect to bring significant changes, improvements, innovations to the emotional, familial aspect of your life, which may involve speaking your truth, resolving old conflicts, opening up old wounds and trying to close them once and for all. Or it could be your efforts and ambitions to find a way to pruchase a home for yourself or to upgrade your existing one. One needs a lot of inner strength and emotional maturity to use this energy efficiently, because Uranus is very chaotic, it might cause feeling of being absolutely overwhelmed and confused in one moment and having absolute crystal clear clarity the next moment. Uranus can also greatly amplify all our fears, the sensation of not being grounded and not being very stable both emotionally and materially, so during this conversation it’s not really advised to make very impactful on the long term decisions, investments, radical changes which you might regret later.

There is going to be a celestial conversation of supreme harmony between Venus from her home sign of Taurus and Pluto from the sign of Capricorn. This aspect is so beautiful and beneficial, that it can counterbalance all the heavy energy of the squares and oppositions happening all throughout the week.

Venus is incredibly powerful, because she is standing from her home sign of Taurus, so she is bombarding us with very powerful and potent venutian energies. She symbolizes love in all forms, shapes and sizes, but she is also associated with blessings, wealth, prosperity, and most importantly self worth. Pluto is an extremely powerful energy which further amplifies the symbolism of Venus, because it has the power to shed truth, light and absolute clarity on all those things that make us unique, distinctive, beautiful, attractive and it can highlight where our true personal worth lies. This conversation with Pluto is extremely important and beneficial, because, it can give us the focus, determination and inspiration to take a very deep and detailed look inside of ourselves, and to acknowledge our own worth, the beauty of our existence, and most importantly the fact that no matter who we are, no matter what we do, no matter which lessons our past taught us, the person who we are today, the being that we have become desires, needs and deserved unconditional love. And this awareness that you deserve infinite love for the simple fact that you are alive, that you have the courage to embrace and live life is more than enough to make you worthy of total unconditional love, in all of it’s expressions. Pluto, the great celestial alchemist, can also empower you (especially that it is in it’s retrograde phase, so it’s energies turn inward) to identify and eliminate or simply transform all the inner impurities, conditioning, traumas, psychological impact of those events of the past which made you doubt your worth and your worthiness to receive love, and by using the transformative powers of your inner Pluto to free yourself from shame, criticism, fake expectations towards yourself, you can experience one of the strongest and most pure forms of love: self love. A being who reached a state of self love, self respect and self worth has a totally different type of emotional gravity and magnetism, this can potentially unlock all the blessings of your inner Venus, and give you the opportunity to attract the most ideal, compatible and understanding people in your life. If you are single and looking you can use this energy to go out in the world, express who you are by being grateful, taking pride and joy in your own distinctiveness and beauty and by doing so, people who you attract are going to see you the same way as you see yourself. If you are in an established bond, then this energy can illuminate and highlight the best qualities in both of you, thus strengthening your bond and taking it to a whole new spiritual level.

At the very end of the week Venus is going to leave her home sign of Taurus and enter Gemini. This is going to be a great celestial moment for everyone who on a daily basis uses very strong Gemini energies, artists, writers, poets, language and communication specialists, diplomats, lawyers and digital artists, mathematicians, forecasters are going to be greatly advantaged. We mustn’t forget that Gemini is a very dual sign, and has a very wide range of perspectives, so it’s not the best moment to decide to undergo significant cosmetic changes, like new hair color, makeover, invest heavily in a new wardrobe or to get tattoos and piercings, because you might change your mind and regret after she leaves the Gemini.

This energy can also greatly advantage all those individuals who are very cerebral, who’s main power and force of attraction is their intellect and intellectual work. During this conversation, intelligence is going to be extremely sexy and almost irresistible.

As Venus changes signs and enters Gemini, this can also be a very powerful time to share your intellectual and artistic work with the world, especially via the internet, everything that is perceived by the mind as being beautiful or delighting your spirit is going to gain heightened value, so bloggers,writers, poets, photographers, digital artists, designers etc. can potentially have a very prosperous time especially after next week, and it’s also a perfect opportunity to launch a new website, or for a debut.

Thank you for taking the time and effort to read our forecast, myself Zan, and everyone here at OMN Family wishes you a wonderful, insightful and prosperous week!

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