Tarot-scope for the month of June 2019

Hi everyone, please enjoy our free monthly tarot-scope for June 2019. After our site’s official launch you will be able to contact our advisors for customized personal readings and guidance, so please stay tuned for future updates.


Aries June 2019 Tarot-scope

For natives born under the sign of Aries, the month of June might not go according to plan, or what they imagine it to be, because work related problems, issues, overtime, extra duties and responsibilities, or simply an opportunity to make extra income, which is too good to refuse, all of these events might complicate their lives. There is going to be a strong inner conflict, a part of their being might feel very at unease and stressed out, because more work and more effort is the last thing they need, but another part, the ambitious, devoted, responsible and determined side of their beings might convince them that this is a blessing in disguise, because the extra money/income/advantages might serve them even better in the future. Their work/careers/professional life, might require them to sacrifice time, which they allocated to spending with themselves, indulging their physical senses with pleasures, or it could be time which they might have planned to spend by attending social activities, journeys, celebrations, so even though financially it’s going to be worth the effort, from a psychological point of view, especially the first part of June is going to feel extremely hard, stressful, tiresome and time will pass very slowly.This could have a very negative effect on their social lives, because during the first part of June, Aries natives are gonna tend to be quite irrational, irritable, hard to approach and this could generate conflicts with friends, co-workers and their families.Those Aries natives who are in a steady relationship, might come across a third party situation, either they are gonna be approached by someone who will express romantic interest in them, and this will cause conflict and heartbreak in their relationship, or it could be that they find out about the infidelity of their partners, which will also going to spell disaster. Single natives might have an equally hard time emotionally, because they might be the victims of a narcissist, who at first is going to build up their hopes of romance, abandoning them afterwards, which won’t sit well with Aries natives.

Those of you whop are dealing with a court-case, legal issues, legal documents, succession, debt etc. might receive some very helpful and beneficial communication, regarding the positive evolution of these situations, and also a very significant decision awaits you in the months of June.

If you had any travel plans or booked holidays, then chances are these might suffer delays, modification or require additional payments.

The end of June might be a very spiritual period, in which you are seriously going to think about your future and the kind of life you truly wish to live. The spiritual vibes and probably the magic of Summer, are going to attract some very significant divine guidance in your life, or perhaps a moment of great epiphany, sudden realization, which will determine you make very solid plans for next year, a year in which you are determined to change your life from every possible perspective. It could be that you are gonna plan a move (to another place, another city, another country), and the start of a new career, new work, new activities, but these are only going to remain plans and blueprints, because you are gonna be well aware that in order to create such a big changes, time and careful planning are needed.

The advice of the Universe: 7 of Earth. This card encourages you to focus on your work, to focus on your goals, to focus upon material problems which need solution in your life. The effort, work, blood, sweat and tears that you invest in yourself today, might grow, evolve and advance into great prosperity and material liberty in the future, and everything which you sacrifice in the present moment, is going to feel that much sweeter, better, enjoyable in the future, when you will have even more opportunities to experience the pleasures of life, which you are sacrificing for in the present.


Taurus June 2019 Tarot-scope

The month of June is going to be quite versatile and productive for Taurus natives. Some of you guys might be dealing with financial problems, which are getting more urgent with each passing day, you either need to clear a debt, meet a deadline in regards to payments, or have to make a very difficult decision financially. This energy can also play out as having to make an investment, or wanting to purchase something very important and of high worth, but still not finding the right opportunity, the appropriate means for you. Regardless of which situation you are dealing with, the month of June is going to offer you solutions, opportunities, chances to solve all of your problems, but some of you guys might not be very happy because the solutions may require compromise, or the opportunities may not be ideal or highly advantageous. There is also an element of surprise here, because for some of you unexpected solution, unexpected offers of help and support may come from either your family or a very close friend, or someone who you have been very close to in the past, someone who deeply loves and respects you, but there’s physical distance between you 2.

When it comes to plans, strategies, things which you need to accomplish, then your intuition is going to be more active and precise then it ever was, the Universe is going to guide you with dreams, feelings, synchronicities, it will reveal what your options and and what the most ideal thing for you to do is, in regards to every decision you might have to make in the month of June. Also, it is very important that you trust your own wisdom, your own experience, your own way of looking at things and life in general, because there is going to be a lot of misinterpretation, bad communication, bad advice around you, and while this isn’t any kind of fowl play, instead your friends, family and people who love you might bombard you with a barrage of information, opinions and advice, something which you are going to find quite stressful and more confusing than helpful, but if you trust your gut feeling, if your trust your own wisdom and life experience, then you will have the clarity to select which information and advice is appropriate for you, and which you have to block out.

Documents, legal issues, communication with banks, institutions, contracts, and even official promises might suffer delays, might be blocked in the first part of June, and some of these issues might only find resolution in the month of October.

Natives who are in a stable relationship might receive some extra help and support from their partner or even children, and this act of kindness and moral support will further strengthen their bonds. Single taureans, however, might be in for a surprise, because someone from your past might reappear in your life, and an offer of reconciliation might shock and delight you at the same time. Even if you are going to decline, these events are going to heal the past, and help you towards reaching a heightened state of emotional clarity and acceptance of the past. You might no longer perceive yourself as a victim of a past relationship, but rather look at your past partner as a source of great life experience and wisdom.

Overall the month of June is going to be full of surprises and unexpected situation, you will find that most things will be outside your sphere of influence and control, but this might not be a bad things because some of the unexpected situations are going to surpass your expectations and they are going to be more ideal, more lighthearted, more pleasurable than you could have anticipated.

The advice of the Universe: The Moon. This card suggests, that your inner world is going to be especially active in the month of June, so this is an extremely good opportunity to get in touch with your spiritual side and use your inner power, your wisdom, intuition or simply put the power and potential of your soul to attract growth, prosperity, a greater sense of being alive into your lives. It is true that you have little control of how spiritual energies are going to manifest in your life, but as long as you trust the Universe and the power of your own soul, and silence your fears and insecurities, all surprises and manifestations of the spirit can delight you, and these are going to be especially potent and powerful during June’s full moon, a time of the month which can be really magical and romantic.


Gemini June 2019 Tarot-scope


For natives born under the sign of Gemini, the month of June is going to be a very active and intense time of the year, perhaps, the Sun and Mercury, their astrological ruler being in their sing contributes to this as well.

The first part of June is going to be very important, because fated things are going to take place, this could have a massive impact on your careers, work, life’s purpose, because this area of your lives is going to benefit from a massive upgrade, or at least a significant change. Some of you guys might have desired for a very long time to reach a state of greater liberty, freedom, more time for yourself, but your every day and work routines might have prevented this. Perhaps it is no coincidence, that the Universe is going to intervene in your favor exactly in the month when the Sun returns in your sign, either way, events are going to take place which will enable you to be a a few steps closer to your dreams, towards living your life the way you always wanted it.

This is not a very easy energy, and these opportunities aren’t just going to fall into your lap, for some of you guys they come as a reward for your past efforts, energies and work which you invested in helping other people or a community, for others it will require a compromise and accepting certain future obligations, which are gonna limit your liberty, but either way your new reality is going to be way more ideal than the one you are currently living.

Some of you guys are also going to suffer losses, defeat, a project, plan or an idea you had a lot of hopes for in the past, is finally going to reveal it’s self as unfruitful, but this in it’s self is a blessing in disguise, because the less options you have, the more control you feel like you possess over the directions towards which you life is heading. This might not necessarily have to play out as a defeat or the total abandonment of something which holds future potential, this could also signify a delay, stagnation, which in itself is good news because it gives you more freedom and time for yourself, it helps your mind focus on things which you can work with in the present, and not waste mental energy on “what if’s”.

Materially speaking, the second part of June is going to be quite enjoyable, because new sources of income, unexpected income, donation, presents, rewards or even a display of good fortune (winning a competitions, lotto etc.) can enable you to do things which you really wanted to do for a long time, but never found the money and time to do them. Some of those things might have to do with your health, if you neglected any medical problems, which weren’t really urgent or they might have been merely small inconveniences, then chances are, you will have both the time, money and energy to take care of them for good. For some natives these procedures are going to be cosmetic, or to do with beautification, like a tattoo etc.

Those Geminis who are single and looking, are going to be in top form, full of energy, passion, lighthearted vibes, making them extremely attractive and magnetic, so during the month of June, a little bit of self discipline, empathy, and holing yourself back when the situation requires it might be needed, otherwise you might find yourself being bombarded with requests to meet, dates, flirtation and even offers of partnership.

Natives who are in a committed relationship, might decide to take their love to a whole new level, and chances are plans for marriage, weddings, engagement might be created.

Advice of the Universe: 2 of Water. This card fits Gemini like a glove, because even the astrological symbol used for Gemini is the roman II (2), so this card has a dual message. Firstly it advises Gemini natives to fully embrace their duality, their multidimensional ways of thinking and seeing reality, and to put this to good use. Regardless which area of your lives requires your attention, if you focus every side of your being into singularity, then your duality offers you the ingenuity, skills, thoughts, and resourcefulness of 2 people, and as long as your 2 sides are in perfect harmony with each other, this can be a massive advantage.

From a different perspective this card signifies love and the birth of a relationship based on unconditional love and loyalty. This advises you to open yourselves up more than you ever done before, open your mind to new possibilities, open your heart in order to receive all emotions that others are willing to give you, and open your senses to identify those people present in your life who are a source of great blessing for you, and you for them, and this has the potential to bring you in a state of ultimate gratitude, serenity and inner and outer harmony, and for those Geminis who are single and looking, this can attract the “one”.


Cancer June 2019 Tarot-scope

Natives born under the sign of Cancer are going to have a very intense, rewarding and fulfilling month. In the first part of June, very important communication might reach them, regarding their personal evolution career wise, they might get an offer to occupy a superior position or a significant financial upgrade to their current ones, or some very lucky natives might even get an offer to start a new career, where someone, or an organization may make it extremely advantageous for them.

This can also play out romantically, because chances are single Cancer natives are going to revive offers to engage in new relationships, but the person offering their hearts, might not be someone totally new, it might be someone who is present in your life from quite some while now, but they haven’t expressed their true feelings yet, which they plan to do in the month of June, or this could be a person from your past, who is about to return and they want to start something significant with you.

For those of you who are in steady relationships, these energies are going to play out quite differently, because your partners may have a very difficult month and they will require your help and support, especially from an emotional perspective, and this unity and alliance is going to strengthen your relationship, trust and love for one another.

The month of June has also a couple of very significant surprises, which comes as a reward for something very positive, that you did in the recent past. This could be a material or practical help that you offered someone in need, who now is planning to return the favor and express their gratitude, or it could be the case of good karma manifesting, because it could be a karmic reward from the universe, allowing you to live one of your biggest dreams, or it could enable you to attract something in your life which you have been searching for a very ling time. This could also take the shape of a major purchase, or financial investment, BUT it’s not so much your own money that’s gonna be used, but rather this comes as a present from someone or a very fortunate opportunity.

If some of you are doing project, creative type of work, then the energies of June, favor a massive success, a massive reward which is going to surpass your biggest expectations.

While externally your life may be full of pleasant surprises and advantages, internally, emotionally you might not really be in top form, you might feel very tired and worn emotionally and you might gonna focus on the pains, hurts and failures of the past, rather then the positive happenings of the present moment. You might find it very difficult to be truly grateful and appreciate of everything the moment when it happens, because emotional exhaustion, may leave you feeling as if life is just passing by and you are missing out on so many things. Fortunately, all of this is going to change towards the end of the month, because so many pleasant surprises will enter you life, that you won’t have a choice other than slowly and surely opening up to the joys of life, and this is going to give you the opportunity to catch up with all the good things that have happened to you, and realize just how fortunate you were and just how compassionate the Universe was towards you. This will empower you greatly and give you the inner strength and self discipline needed to eliminate all past traumas, unrealistic expectations, and your personal illusions, wishful thinking and idealism that held your soul captive for quite some time now. It’s safe to say that the month of June is going to provide you with emotional liberty, and a material abundance which you can use to indulge all your physical senses.

The advice of the Universe: 5 of Water. This card suggests, that you have power over your own thoughts and feelings, so you have a clear choice on how you react emotionally to all things and situations that displease you. If you let go of your unrealistic expectation, (you might have very high moral and emotional maturity standards for people around you, because you forget that not everyone is an emotionally intelligent and sophisticated as you are), if you try to enjoy all those things which you do have in your life, and try your very best to ensure your own happiness by choosing to be appreciative, then you are going to enter into a whole new dimension, where the Universe can make all your dreams and wishes materialize, because by not having expectations and not allowing your mind to rigidly determine how success and happiness should look like, you invite the Universe into your life to work and rearrange those elements, building blocks which are present into a different shape which can serve your greatest good.


Leo June 2019 Tarot-scope

For natives born under the sign of Leo, the month of June is going to be quite a challenging one both emotionally and materially. From an emotional perspective, your astrological ruler, the Sun traversing the sign of Gemini is going to awake the most rebellious side of your being, and you are definitely going to reevaluate all of your relationships. You might be feeling incredibly stuck in your life, from an emotional perspective, because nothing and no one present in your life offers you the kind of emotions, feelings, moral satisfaction that you are desperately seeking, and this might determine you to express the way you honestly feel about situations and people in your life, even with the risk of offending people. Some relationships are going to be terminated by those people who simply can’t accept your inner truth, while others are going to be terminated by you, because you feel at disadvantage, and you know that you need to make order, clean your life from everything that doesn’t belong there. In the first part of the month this is going to be quite painful, because your own honesty and the light of your own truth will reveal some of your social connections, and you may find that many people are friends with you or keep you in their lives out of convenience, and this is going to hit home quite strongly.

In the second part of the month, this inner work, and social cleansing of your life is going to be very self-rewarding, because you are going to have the chance to appreciate and spend quality time with those people who passed your test, those people who you considered worth keeping in your life. Also this is going to open new doors and opportunities for you guys, in order to make new connections attract people in your life with similar values, proprieties, ways of seeing life.

From a material perspective, things might not be too great in the first part of June, because your finances suffered quite a bit in the recent past. Either you had to take time off work, or you suffered some financial losses, debt is knocking at your door, or you overspent a bit too much, so in the first part of June you will have to invest all your work, effort, blood, sweat and tears into finding ways to recover financially, balance out your material life. Towards the end of the month, you are going to have solutions, the weight will be lifted off your shoulders, even if it doesn’t means prosperity, merely getting by, it’s still going to feel like a personal victory.

From the perspective of matters of the heart and love, the month of June is going to feel rather tough for most Leo natives, those who are in an established bonds might risk a separation in the first part of June, and single natives might get really disappointed, because they are gonna attract only incompatible people into their lives. In the second part of June, however, all of this is going to feel like a blessings, because their self discipline and choosing to face the most painful truths present in their lives, is going to have a very liberating effect on them, it’s going to be a time of emotional rest, healing and recovery and enjoying the company of those people, who deemed themselves worthy to remain in the lives of Leo natives.

The advice of the Universe: 4 of Air: This card suggests, that in order to focus on all those things in life which are the most important and valuable to you and to make significant progress in that area of life which is most important to you, first you have to build a very sturdy, durable and practical “nest”. The nest is the symbol of your material, emotional and psychological fortitude, your self confidence, your self worth, having control over your life, and by actively being fully immersed in the eternal present you can guard your values, you can guard your heart, your soul, your persona by choosing who is allowed to enter your life (nest) and who you are going to block out. We can interpret the nest as your material situation which offers it it’s stability, your wisdom, awareness, self-discipline and self love is the “glue” which holds everything together and makes it a home for your soul. The eggs inside the nest are your future goals, they are the representation of your dreams and hopes, and those eggs can only hatch if you take good care of your nest and always guard it and keep it clean. The nest can also be a symbol, especially if you are single, that the events which are happening in your life are designed to make your nest compatible for you to attract your soulmate, and you are going to hatch those eggs together in supreme harmony.


Virgo June 2019 Tarot-scope

Natives born under the sign of Virgo are going to have a very busy and dynamic month, full of challenges, evolution but also success and the sense of completion.

The first part of the month is going to feel a little bit tense, because there are going to be deadlines, promises, legal engagements, work related obligations which have to be met, and this can only be done by investing time, effort and intellectual energies into this area of your life. At first, evolution is going to be slow and baby paced, but later on towards the middle of the month things will start falling into place. Those natives who made a past investment into something, or if they started or joined a project type work in the recent past, then the Magician card is the bearer of very good news, because things will start taking shape, pieces of the puzzle, especially the one which were not under your control are going to fit into place, and slowly but surely whatever you have planned in the recent past, is going to start manifesting, blossoming, bearing results.

Some personal problems and obligations coming from family relationships, will, only find resolution with compromise. You might have to sacrifice your own prosperity, spare time, psychological strength, to help a family member who is going through a hard time, or is gonna ask for your assistance. This isn’t going to be the biggest problem, because Virgo natives are well known for their generosity and spirit of self sacrifice, the true problem is gonna be convincing the family member or partner to listen to your guidance, advice, your superior perspective, your personal expertise. This might be something which will cause some friction, conflict, harsh words, but your emotional maturity is going to see you through and you are going to successfully take care of this family crisis.

From a material perspective, the middle of June is going to quite fruitful, either a past investment is going to pay off and greatly improve your financial situation, or it could be some form of successful business, partnership or a donation/present from a relative which is going to advantage you.

There are also a couple of surprises that are going to reach you, one of them is the return of an opportunity, business plan, project you thought to be long lost. One of your older dreams, which was abandoned, because the circumstances weren’t ideal, is going to be resurrected, and you are going to be presented with the opportunity to try again.

June is also going to be a very active month in regards to travels. Some of the journey you will have to make will be work/business related, while others will come as a form of invitation, perhaps to a celebration, a reunion, or it could even be an event taking place abroad.

Advice of the Universe: 4 of Earth. This card suggests that this time of the year, this phase of the cycle is going to be extremely rich and fruitful, resources, opportunities, chances, solutions, new plans and ideas, are going to be scattered all around you, and if you try your very best to always be as aware, lucid, open to new, and prepared to cease opportunities, then chances are, the work that you are going to perform in this period is going to lead you towards great prosperity and financial security in the future, which isn’t that distant, you can see the first signs of your current efforts in about 4 months time. Even thought there can be a lot of obstacles, even though it can be extremely tiresome and exhausting, because you kinda worked non stop all year round, if you find the strength inside of you to push a little bit harder and to keep up working, hoping, investing and of course dreaming with great ambition and determination, then the future is going to be that much sweeter, rewarding offering you the chance to live with maximum joy and appreciation all those experiences that you have to sacrifice in the present moment. In other words, your future self is going to thank you for everything that you do for yourself in the present, even if it’s not really easy, neither fun.


Libra June 2019 Tarot-scope

Natives born under the sign of Libra are going make very significant emotional progress and are going to have many chances in order to sort out certain problems which have been delayed several times in the past.

From an emotional perspective the month of June brings a lot of clarity and closures. Traumatic events from the past, losses, separation, a sense of disharmony with their families and friends might have given Libra natives a lot of head and heartache in the recent past. They might not have been feeling very alive, and their romantic and idealistic natures might have been affected by unfortunate events, leaving them to think that the universe might not favor them very much. To add to all of this emotional turmoil, some of you may have been struggling financially and with work as well. In the first part of June you might receive an unexpected emotional boost from the Universe, this might be a moment of epiphany which is going to allow you to tap into your subconscious and simply change your way of thinking and view of the world which is going to open up very significant doors for the future, because you will come to realize that it’s absolutely imperative that you take care of yourself as best as you can and that you really need to focus on living the eternal present, rather then be lost in your own romantic world. You will also come to realize that all the troubles and hardships of the recent past, all those times when life proved you the exact opposite of what your romantic and idealistic self anticipated, were actually a huge blessing in disguise, because life forced you to step out of your comfort zone, exit the proactive shell of your inner world and start working with reality. This is a very important wake up call for the future, because in the coming months new and fresh opportunities are going to enter you life, which some of you guys are desperately seeking in order to relocate, move to another city/country and being a new chapter of your lives, for other natives it’s not so much about physical relocation, but connecting with the right people, making a new friends and acquaintances, who can give a totally new meaning to life, who can enable you to live all those things that bring you joy.

Some of you guys are also going to have the opportunity to resolve problems which may have been neglected in the past, this might have to do with old debt that you have to clear, unpaid bills, a material obligation which you might have towards someone, or it could be a health problem which you keep having for quite some time and now you are actually going to see a specialist.

Some of you guys, who have suffered a degradation of your relationship with your families, especially parents are going to have the chance for a reunion, reconciliation, taking significant steps towards a more harmonious relationship, and you will also have the opportunity to say things which you weren’t ready to say, and of course to listen you your families feelings and perspective, and this communication can clear up many old tensions and emotional obstacles.

While you are going to make significant progress is every area of your life, in the month of June, however, taking financial risks, and making large investments is not really advised. Saving money and being very careful with your material resources is a much better course of action, because it can prevent losses and unfruitful risks from devastating your financial situation.

The advice of the Universe: Explorer of Earth. This card suggests, that all of those situations which have a significant impact on your life and the way you are living your life, especially the hardships and the unsatisfied needs are nothing new, you have gone through all of this in the past. This in itself is a great advantage, because you have relevant life experience, knowledge, know-how which results from past experiences, and you can use this to solve all your problems and all those things which do depend on your actions and choices. This can also give you a sense of safety and reassure for the fearful part of your being, that you have everything what it takes to survive and slowly but sure transform your life into a source of joy and satisfaction. By using your wisdom and practical experience you have the opportunity to be very efficient and fast in everything that you do, and keeping strong, ambitions and most of all hopeful is going to invite the Universe’s influence into your life and this way with your own knowledge, wisdom and the Universes guidance, you are going to be on the right path towards material stability and the realization of your most important dreams.


Scorpio June 2019 Tarot-scope

Natives born under the sign of Scorpio are going to have quite a prosperous month materially speaking, but they might come across emotional obstacles, misunderstandings and conflict.

The 10 of Coins is a very positive sign, because it signifies riches, unexpected wealth, material rewards resulting from past investments. This could either be a very prosperous month business wise, where new opportunities and work with high material potential just falls into your lap, it could also be as a material help offered by someone from your family, it could also be a very valuable present like a car or deposit for a house, or it could be your partner/spouse who receives the material advantage, that’s also gonna benefit you as well.

In very rare cases the 10 of coins can signify inheritance, or some kind of wealth which is passed unto you, because of your legal status.

Career wise, June is going to be a very prosperous month, because many significant connections are going to be made, this may means that either your get a new colleague who is a fantastic addition to your team because of their mastery and knowledge, or it could signify an alliance, partnership with another company, professional which is going to advantage both parties. Even though the material potential is great, the amount of work, effort and sacrifices that you’re gonna have to make in order to grab those opportunities is going to isolate you from every other aspect of your life, which can cause tension and conflict with your family/partner.

From an emotional perspective disagreements, conflict of interests, or even total separation (end of a long-term relationship, divorce, or a break) is likely to happen, to those natives who are in an established bond. These events are going to have a very negative emotional impact on Scorpio natives, forcing some of them to turn inward and have a good think about life, their priorities and who it is that they would like to keep in their lives, and who it is that has to disappear. During this time, emotional clarity isn’t going to be very easy to achieve, so try not to make any hasty decisions during this time, being patient, reserved, and displaying self discipline can prevent you from making mistakes which you might regret later.

Also, during this time making important decisions, which many be legally binding is not advised, because things might undergo a sudden change in the future, so try to delay any such decision for as long as you can, until you either can have more options, or things will settle down and your decision might be easier to make.

Too much work, too much stress, not being fully present in your life during the month of June might result in stress related health problems or a hormonal imbalance, so taking care of yourself and listening to the signals of your body is imperative.

Advice of the Universe: Ace of Air. This card advises you to embrace your inner truth and to communicate it, express it in the most peaceful and non offensive ways possible. If you let the world around you, especially those people who matter to you the most, know what you are feeling, how you feel towards certain things and situations, this will give others the chance to adapt their behaviors accordingly. A lot of misunderstandings, confusion, and emotional distance can be solved and prevented by communicating, expressing your feelings and your inner truth. This isn’t only relevant for making sure you are in good relations with those people who are important for you, but it can also serve your highest good, because you have very many ideas, perspectives, thoughts, logic way of seeing things which are pure genius and they can inspire other people, especially if these are business and work related. Trust your ingenuity, trust your intelligence, trust your intuition, and never shy away from expressing that which you think, because many times your perspective is way superior even compared to more experienced people.


Sagittarius June 2019 Tarot-scope

Natives born under the sign of Sagittarius are going to have quite a powerful month, this June. From a strict emotional perspective, they are going to have a lot of conflicts and misunderstanding in their lives, and this could result in the end of relationships, friendships and alliances. Certain events are going to occur which will bring to light that some people who they have trusted deeply, betrayed them, spoke behind their backs or disadvantaged them. For those who are in a stable relationship, this could play out as finding out about your partners secret, or new of infidelity is going to reach your ears.

Regardless of the nature of your relationship with the person who is gonna disappoint you, this event is going to suddenly change your future plans and your list of priorities, and this in itself is going to cause you emotional distress, a feeling of not being very grounded in your life, and you may also be extremely auto-critical, blaming yourself for being overly optimistic and “blind” to the obvious. The good news is, that this emotional crisis, is going to bring in some help, support, kindness from people who you might not expect this from, and their support and encouragement is going to act like an emotional first aid kit. Towards the last part of the month, these negative experiences are no longer going to hinder you or cause you to feel unstable, but rather you are going to trust your intuition, your logic, your own way of seeing and doing things that much more, because you are going to feel guided and protected by the Universe, and are going to rejoice in the knowledge that a higher power always conspires in your favor and reveals your enemies before they can do significant damage.

From a material and financial perspective the month of June is going to be quite fortunate, good luck, divine guidance and intervention is going to follow every footstep of these natives, so career wise and professionally you might find that everything you touch turns into rewards and benefits, so bonuses, promotions, honors, advantages etc. are likely to enter your life. Good fortune is also going to advantage those natives who are taking exams, studying, working towards a degree, and doing courses or perfecting new skills. There is also a chance for you to win unexpected prizes and even a big sum of money so engaging in activities which depend on luck and good fortune is advised during this time, but of course everything must be done with measure and equilibrium, so only invest very small sums of money if you decide to try out your luck.

Sagittarius natives are also going to be blessed with divine guidance when having to make choices, decisions, they will intuitively know what the best and most advantageous choices are for them, their gut feeling and inner voice is going to be especially powerful.

Advice of the Universe: The Hermit: This card advises you to appreciate your wisdom, uniqueness and distinctiveness and to tap into your spiritual power whenever life gets too hard, because your inner truth, the voice of your intuition combined with the voice of reason will always direct you to your highest good. When the world get too noisy, too loud, when you are getting contradictory information from different sides, when people try to force their own opinions and ways of doing things upon you, do not panic, do not let the stress enter your life, but rather just disconnect and distance yourself from everyone and everything and enjoy a moment of sacred solitude and seek for wisdom, advice, clarity within yourself, because that’s the only place you are going to find the most appropriate answers and guidance for yourself. You inner world, your emotions and thoughts are completely under your control, and you have absolute power over your own being, so whenever life is too unpleasant, too chaotic, too dull, all you need to do is make significant changes in your inner world, and the outside reality will soon adapt it’s self, because your life has to be a valid match and reflection to whatever is going on in your inner Universe. The more you value and trust yourself, the more the Universe is gonna do the same.


Capricorn June 2019 Tarot-scope

Natives born under the sign of Capricorn are going to have a very tricky month, some things, especially those which are not under their control, may get out of hand and cause a bit of chaos, but there are also very favorable things coming their way.

One of the supersizes reserved by fate for these natives is the resurrection and realization of an old dream of their. It is not very clear if this is something material, emotional, work related or if it has to do with a hobby, a pleasurable activity or something that they wanted to acquire/possess for quite some time now, but whatever this turns out to be in your life, it’s something which you’ve tried to get/accomplish/create unsuccessfully in the past, and you may have gave up on your ambitions, because life demanded your attention somewhere else. From this perspective, the Universe is going to surprise and delight you, by giving you or helping you get that which has eluded you in the past, and this is going to cause you a moment of joy, accomplishment, realization the sense of being on top of the world.

There are also certain events due which are not exactly a source of pleasure and joy, but rather headache and panic. You might experience certain losses, which result from either a break-down, defect of an important and expensive household appliance, or an accident/misfortune event that’s gonna cause you material losses and unexpected expenses.

The the second part of June, your material situation may also look pretty unstable, because you might overspend and waste money in the first part of the month, or someone might request some financial help or a loan from you, and it will be something you can’t refuse, due to the moral obligation. For some of you this might play out in a slightly different way, it could be that you are waiting for a loan to be returned to you, in this case, your hopes of recovering your money are gonna be ruined by news of further delays and having to wait more.

You can also experience surprises from an emotional perspective, someone who you had a very strong bond with in the past (best friend, past lover, colleague, soulmate) might pop up unexpectedly in your life giving you the chance to rekindle the old friendship. For natives who are in a committed relationship, the month of June can have a very unexpected surprise: pregnancy, childbirth.

Those natives who are struggling with medical problems, health related issues have the chance to make significant progress and many steps closer to recovery in June and in the following months.

Advice of the Universe: Six of Water. This card encourages you to seek the company of like minded people. This could play out as making new friends by seeking out people who have the same passions, hobbies, interests as yourself, or joining a club, social circle, one-line community. Opening up to socializing and exchanging your own personal experiences and views with other people, who would love to listen to you, is going to give you the opportunity to feed your soul, your spirit and your mind with the distinctive knowledge and experience that other people are going to share with you. No only will this open up new doors for your future career wise, but it can also attract help, good will, kindness, compassion and a sense of being part of something bigger then yourself into your life.


Aquarius June 2019 Tarot-scope

Natives born under the sign of Aquarius may get a little bit too carried away by their hopes and dreams, in the month of June. These natives are going to have a very busy month from every possible perspective, their careers and work are going to solicit their full attentions and cooperation, they will have to adapt their already busy schedule in order to meet friends, family, acquaintances who might require their help or will want to meet them, and if this wasn’t enough legal problems, or faulty communication with either a bank or an institution might also cause them unexpected inconveniences.

None of these things are going to weight too heavily on aquarians in the month of June, because they have other big plans and goals which interest them the most, and these plans might have to do with a wish, desire, dream of theirs, which they are hell bent on accomplishing. For some natives this big desire might have to do with a promotion, upgrade, advancements, position career wise which they absolutely need to see fulfilled, it could have something to do with the purchase of a big item, an object of their dreams, or for students and those who are in a competitive environment, to get the best marks, best place, to reap the honors. Even though your lives may be full of obstacles, duties, obligations, complicated situations and relationships, this time, you are gonna feel like you are capable of anything, taking any risk, investing every coin you may have, fulfilling any requirements needed in order to get what you want. This might be a mistake, or the best thing you ever did, depending on the perspective you look at things from: you don’t have to be a fortune teller to know that being overly ambitious and sacrificing and risking for something desired but not essential is going to get you in trouble, if not in the present, then in the future for sure, but from another perspective, the happiness and power which accomplishing your dreams can give you is gonna feed your soul for a very long time, so you can see this as an investment you are making for your soul’s motivation and happiness.

Just because you are focusing all of your power and ambitions on something very important for you, doesn’t mean you have the luxury to drop your defenses, and let your awareness dim, because there are gonna be hidden dangers all around you. This might be someone who is gonna try to manipulate you, ask you for favors or perhaps a loan which they never intend to return, or you might be a victim of gossip and fake information circulating about you. Keeping your awareness and 6th sense as sharp as possible will help you to identify all attempts of manipulation, all hidden games, all bad intentions before they can do any damage.

Also from a professional/ work related perspective you may have certain deadlines coming, which may require you to finish certain works/projects, or to produce some documentation, paperwork, accounting stats, which might give you problems and headaches, because you may find other people not as cooperative as you would have hoped.

Emotionally, for single natives, someone may return from the past, who you held very dear, but all bridges between you 2 have been burned, and this will allow you to rekindle your long lost relationship and maybe have a change to transmute it into a beautiful friendship or alliance.

For those natives who are in an established bond, the energies might be a little bit too fiery, conflicts misunderstandings may flare up, leaving disharmony in their wake. You might be a little bit too agitated, you might have the sensation that your partner is simply not helping you advance in life as much as you would desire and you will have the tendency to focus upon all the differences between you 2 rather than the similarities. There might be past traumas, fears, bad experiences which you had in past relationships, which determine you to be more intolerant then you usually are, so taking a deep journey into your subconscious and identifying which past events cause you to feel this way, can quickly change your way of looking at things, and this can help you reach a state of greater balance, and your wisdom and life experience might make you wanna show more tolerance and understanding.

The end of June might also bring you some new studies, the refinement of skills, courses, the necessity to take place in a conference etc.

Advice of the Universe: 5 of Fire. This card encourages you to keep your inner fire burning, feed the flames of your ambitions, passions and desires, and always try your best to let the light of your own inner truth illuminate your life, but you must also make sure that you apply equity and measure to all things. Your inner fire is extremely strong and potent, with measure it fuels your being, it makes you feel alive, it lights your path even in the darkest night, but if you let it get out of control, it can burn everything in your life down to cinders. This card also suggests to carefully think before you speak and communicate, because sometimes your impulsiveness can cause your words to be extremely fiery and burn everyone around you, and this can only give birth to conflicts and hard feeling, so make sure to always speak and communicate from a place of wisdom, and use your inner fire to make your words inspiring and impactful, rather then explosive and burn like acid.


Pisces June 2019 Tarot-scope

Natives born under the sign of Pisces, may be going through a very challenging period, and the month of June doesn’t promise very many changes and evolution, but it does promise surprises and unexpected events.

Career wise, materially, health wise and even socially your life is evolving extremely slowly, the rewards for your hard work and efforts seem to be decreasing, and life is starting to be harder financially, because it takes away your physical and emotional liberty, because you are bound down with moral, material and professional obligations. In the recent past you may have tried your hardest to come up with plans, ideas, solutions, and even though you succeeded, they weren’t as miraculous as you were hoping for, and right now you are feeling extremely stuck and uninspired, some of you might be even going through a light depression and a state of hopelessness.

This are going to improve financially in the month of June, but help is going to enter your life from sources you might not expect it from, this could be either a gesture of help and compassion from your friends/family/partner or it could come from someone you helped in the past and now they feel that it’s their turn to offer you a strong hand.

This lack of control, the chaos through which events are going to succeed each other, all the unusual and unexpected solutions are going to take you out of your psychological comfort zone, and you are going to be doing a lot of thinking, a lot of soul searching and trying your best to find your faith, find your inner truth, rediscover those principles which guide your every gesture in life. This is going to be something very important, because it will break your fantasy bubble, it is going to show you all the illusions present in your life, all the fake values which you follow out of comfort, rather then trying to fight for what you truly believe in, and ultimately, it’s going to help you to dispel all your fakes hopes, and redirect that energy towards obtaining those goals which are authentic in your life and are a perfect match to your inner truth. From this perspective the month of June is going to be a very powerful and significant time for inner transformation, for emotional cleaning, for losing and then rediscovering your own faith and spirituality, and after you are going to feel truly at home and at peace with your life and after you reach a state of emotional and spiritual equilibrium, your newly found and upgraded spiritual energies are going to start making profound changes in your physical life, your priorities, daily routines, your health, your friendships, social connection and professional partnership and of course all of your future plans are going to slowly but surely be adapted, in order to match your new inner reality.

Advice of the Universe: The Lovers. This card symbolizes the unity of two different opposing sides, which instead of annihilating each other are going to form a new state of balance and act harmoniously together. This state of harmony can be perceived from a psychological perspective, because Pisces is a very dual sign, so this suggests that you need to do some very significant inner work in order to harmonize the 2 contradicting parts of yourself. The symbol of Pisces is 2 fish trying to swim in opposite directions, while normally this gives them a much greater range of perspective than any other sign of the zodiac, there are times when you have to control and steer the 2 fish into the same direction, and only by doing this, only by focusing your energy and goals into a single direction can you achieve instant evolution and progress.

This card can also symbolize the birth of a new partnership, usually a romantic one, so open yourself up to embracing the light of another person, be ready to accept and receive love, because a new lover can bring fresh, new, distinctive energies into your life, which are gonna compete your being and transform you into your very best version.

This can also mean a professional partnership or finding a mentor, who has all of the skills and knowledge which you lack from your life, and accepting the help and guidance of someone who has very different experiences can greatly enrich that of your own.

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