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Over the last decade as humanity and the global collective went though a very significant and fast paced technological and social evolution, it is only natural that spirituality and mysticism evolve as well, because it was, still is and is going to remain a very important and impactful aspect of human life.

Because of the freedom of expression and the wide access to information which benefits almost every human being alive today and the collective as well, we followed the guidance to create an online platform which attempts to unite some of the worlds most distinctive spiritualists, practicing a wast variety of different traditions and expressions of spirituality, with people who need spiritual guidance and support in their lives. Our aim is the help and guide each person who gives us their trust, by connecting them with the spiritual advisor who is the most suited to fulfill their needs, with their distinctive spiritual practice. This way, both our advisors and guests get the very best spiritual experience possible all under the banner of righteousness, tolerance, acceptance, nonjudgmental attitude, humanitarianism, allowing our advisors to do the work they love doing the best, investing all their passions, knowledge, experiences and energies into guiding and helping people who are in need of spiritual help. This is our attempt to use our beliefs, magic, experiences, wisdom and our personal understanding of the mysteries of the Universe to make this World a better and happier place.

This very first article is designed to highlight the impact of the social-economical-technological-scientific and spiritual evolution and changes destined to occur in the upcoming decade. Zan our collaborator shares his knowledge and expertise of astrology, to offer us a clear picture of what’s going on in the world, and the events that are expected to happen in the coming years.

Enjoy our very 1st article:

These last couple of years I have been getting numerous emails, messages, requests, from a lot of people, who are going through a significant change, events are entering their lives which force them to confront and eliminate their perceptions about their pasts, the way they used to think about themselves, old patterns suddenly do not make any sense anymore, and do not work, it’s almost like the rules of life have changed, but society hasn’t. And most of these people ask me: “what’s going on? Am I going crazy?; Should I see a doctor, because I have never experienced anything like this before?; Where is all of this leading us towards?; Am I the only one experiencing this?; All of the sudden I can feel, perceive, know, understand things, which I never concerned myself about in life, what’s happening to me?

I hope that this article is going to answer all of your questions and help you understand, what’s going on on an individual and collective scale and give you an idea bout where this journey is taking all of us.

There is indeed a massive scale spiritual awakening taking place in the present moment, which is affecting more people than ever before, this isn’t something miraculous, this isn’t something out of the ordinary, this isn’t as supernatural the way may people on social media and youtube would like us to believe, this is simply another step in evolution, the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. The Universe, the energies of the Earth, the collective consciousness is simply adapting it’s self to match the current reality, one which is undergoing a massive upgrade, thanks to the scientific discoveries, advancements in technology, very significant experiments having been made, observed, interpreted and understood by the most brilliant minds of our current times. Humanity as a collective, thanks to those people possessing the sharpest intellect and minds which can see so deeply into the structure of the cosmos, reality, existence, have unlocked doors, have answered eternal enigmas, have reached such a high level of scientific knowledge which in a couple of years, if not sooner can potentially give us the power, knowledge and mastery to shape reality as we desire. The discovery of the Higgs boson, the crucial data obtained from astronomical observation, telescopes, satellites which answers questions about dark matter, the successful containment of antimatter, having discovered the logic behind the existence and formation of matter, the way the atomic nucleus is really built, possessing technology which can distort space and even time, having decoded the human genome, and the list can continue almost to the infinitive, all of these advancements offer us an enormous power, and it’s not really a surprise that with great power comes an equally important responsibility.

The Universe, nature, and even the human soul always seeks adaptation and reaching a state of balance and harmony, and this can only be possible with transformation, developing skills in order to survive and function in new, unprecedented conditions. Humanity from a material perspective already took a quantum leap, by developing technologies which have infinite potential in the future, and of course we can’t forget about the existence of quantum computers and sophisticated A.I.which makes us potentially maters of this reality, the ability to make quantum calculations, to decipher information stored in light (that is how astronomers can track back the Universe to the moment of it’s birth, the “Big bang”), to decipher divine information locked inside the atomic nucleus, answering the question why and how matter exists etc., so the next step is that of the psyche, of the soul to catch up with the material reality.

In order for this to happen, people need to wake up from their deep slumber of ignorance, and come to the understanding , that they are their psyches, and it’s everyone’s individual responsibility as a human being, to understand master and control the psyche. In a very spiritual way of saying, we are challenged to acknowledge that we are our souls. Maybe this is where we can see the true value and wisdom of ancient civilizations, who’s predominant figures and teachers always encouraged the individual to “know thyself” because that is the key towards the true sense of existence. It seems that human kind didn’t exactly value the teachings of their wisest, most enlightened representatives, so the material aspect of the world that we build took a couple of steps ahead of us. This isn’t really a surprise or any big news, because a lot of doomsday preachers and wannabe prophets used this an excuse to justify their extreme foresight, but surprise surprise, neither the Universe nor nature chose to terminate us, they simply adapted, and because we are not separate being from the great infinity we source from, we are adapting along with them, we are part of a system of interconnected elements which is simply changing and evolving.

But, this article isn’t about science, and science fiction, but it’s about the soul and the psyche, but before we could get to this part, I had to put into perspective how and why we got here.

There are very many ways and possibilities to understand the soul and the psyche, but in my humble opinion, astrology is the most appropriate and most powerful tool, to offer a perspective which can include both the individual and the collective.

So, now that we know that we are evolving, changing, transforming, perhaps mutating from the inside, let’s see what exactly is happening to us, and were are we headed towards.

There are three major power players at work that are fueling the energies of change into the world through our minds, emotions, and subconscious. The discovery of these 3 planets changed the world, and opened new doors for humanity to enter the current modern era, an era in which these energies guided humanity towards significant scientific, social and economical advancements, an era which is leading us to an even higher octave of the reality we as a human race were offered the chance to live.

Each of these planets has a different symbolism, different energies, different powers, and effects a different part of our beings, that is why I’m going to speak about each of them individually, and explain what changes they catalyze, and what their symbolism teaches us.


Uranus, is considered to be the higher octave of Mercury, and since Mercury rules the mind and all communication, including the internet, Uranus represents the highest functions of the human mind, where intelligence can extend to quantum realities, when our awareness can include calculations, knowledge, possibilities, which currently surpass the human condition.

This planet is also associated with the wind, making it’s energies the quickest out of all the powers, it’s also infuses the psyche with such a heightened level of awareness which is the psychological promoter for all kinds of revolution, rebellion, the desire for perfection, the wish to surpass our current conditions.

Uranus is extremely important, for this spiritual awakening process, because it offers us the clarity, the awareness, and all the inner motivation to seek our own truths. The truth, seen through the lens of our own souls, the bliss of being aware of what is our most authentic manifestation, the courage to perceive the true resonance of our own emotions, unconditioned and unsurpassed by an outside source, is what Uranus is all about.

Uranus is the biggest motivational energy behind social revolutions of all kinds, and it makes perfect sense, because if more people all of a sudden become aware of their own disadvantage forced upon them by a society governed by rigid dogmas and illusions, the more they will desire to merge and infuse reality, with their own truths, because that is their ultimate purpose, that is the power behind the experience of survival, the awareness, that they are prevented from being alive in it’s deep spiritual sense, is something less and less people can accept and cope with, and there are 2 options to achieve freedom and independence: one is to use this awareness, the power of the mind and intelligence to adapt to society as they best can, whatever mans they can find to do this like to escape into a virtual world, a world of fantasy, or to quiet their mind with drugs, alcohol, sexual activities, or to force society to change and adapt to them.

While, until very recently Uranus traversed signs which didn’t have a very strong grip on matter, so it trained our minds through every possible means to become more aware, to increase our own capacities, to create what we believe in internally, to invent, to make blueprints, to ask the most delicate and complicate questions, but all of this learning, training ,which it has provided us with, while traversing Aries, is gonna have a very strong physical and material application, since it entered Taurus, a sign which rules matter,material aspects, values, finances, the earth it’s self. It’s going to stay in this sign for the next 7 years, which means that finances, the way we perceive value, the way value is distributed amongst different layers of society, the way banks work, the way technology influences or lives, is gonna change forever. The last time, Uranus danced through this sign, was in the 40’s, and those were very significant years of financial and economic transformation worldwide, but because Uranus is the planet of chaos, the unpredictable force of fate, always shocking as surprising, the examples of the past are not really relevant, because there is no way to predict chaos, all we know that it’s gonna change everything, but how it is going to do so remains a surprise. All that we can do is hope, that it’s not going to lead to disasters, the collapse of the banking systems, to famine and global economic crisis, but instead we can hope that humanity reached a sufficient level of wisdom to skip the crisis part, prevent it, and jump straight to the solutions and the positive changes.

The presence of Uranus in Taurus, can also be interpreted in a very unusual fashion, since it rules the highest octaves of intelligence and knowledge, it is associated with the A.I., and since it is bombarding the sign of Taurus with it’s energies, this can be seen as the increasing importance and role of artificial intelligence in our every day lives, but to which extent, there is no telling.

In addition to, the economic side of things, Uranus is also going to promote very significant, revolutionary scientific progress, regarding genetics, gene manipulation, virtual reality, further advancements in nuclear physics, and these are not going to be slow progresses, but rather these are going to evolve extremely fast, with the seeped of the strongest winds, so to speak, and this will be a game changer for both the collective and the individual alike, so maybe that why we need such a high degree of awareness, because we might have to use our wisdom and rationality to know where to draw the line. A handful of people can’t decide the paths of a collective, so that’s why very many people need to be aware, awakened and to fully live their own truths, because ultimately everyone is part of the collective consciousness, and everyone has a spiritual, mental, metaphysical word to say towards which direction to future is heading.

During these next 7 years, Uranus can also cause a lot of social unrest and violence, because not every person knows how to fight for their own truth in a peaceful and considerate way, so this awakening and increased awareness can also have strong backlashes, which is further amplified by the planetoid Eris, being just a sign away from Uranus, and having very similar energies, with the difference that she wants rebellion, conflicts, and discord. The energies of Eris, make people want to bring forth change through chaos, destruction and the survival of the fittest, so these following 7 years are not going to be very peaceful times, that’s for certain.

There is one last thing worth mentioning, Uranus is also associated with magnetism and electricity, and when it moves through an earth sign, it tends to shake the earth, and cause all kinds of natural calamities, strange, unusual and sometimes catastrophic weather phenomenon, which I think we’re gonna see a lot of in these next 7 years.

From a deeply spiritual, or better said mystical perspective Uranus, represents who “God” created us to be, so this awakening is also giving us individually the change to become that what we are without the flesh and without the mind, the entity that is our conspicuousness, but also with the power of our awareness, to transfer who we truly are into the sacred temple and vessel that is our bodies. This may cause many of us to have moments of maximum tension, to sometimes feel as if we are losing our mental focus, as if we are shifting from joy and optimism, to severe doubts and depression. The chaotic power of the Planet of the Sky, heavily influences our minds offering us moments of perfect “cosmic” lucidity, when we are one with our unchained consciousnesses, and in those moments we know that our thoughts, our minds our inner processes have the power to influence not just our personal realities, but also the collective one. But this state doesn’t last for a very long time, unless we can raise our awareness to much a high degree, to always exist in that urnaian dimension of universal consciousness, so that’s why after we lose this “high”, the low can be quite painful, because symbolically we fall back into the limitations of matter, and in our limited awareness, what we think and feel doesn’t matter that much, or we do not believe sufficiently that it is an important building block of this reality.

But ultimately, if we manage to keep this ever shifting state of highs and lows under balance, we can only benefit from these uranian energies.

This phenomenon of increase in anxiety and problems in concentration, can be explained by the increase of the Schumann resonance. This is the natural frequency of the Earth, to which all living beings are connected to, including our own nervous system. Usually this is a very steady and constant frequency, but since Uranus entered Taurus, it has increased considerably (almost 3 times it’s usual hertz) and this has a very agitating effect on all of us.


Neptune is probably the gentlest, but most influential power players out of the three planets. It’s symbolism is extremely complex, and even the opinions of astrologers differ, about Neptune’s most subtle energies. Being the guardian of the deep seas, Neptune represents the gateway into the depth of our souls, it is from the deep ocean of the soul that the most complex, pure, and divine emotions spring forth from. Neptune is considered the higher octave of Venus, while the goddess of love and beauty rules these feeling’s earthly, human many times material representation, Neptune is pure, unconditioned, love, the feeling of being at one with the Source of everything, the union of the Self with the integrity of one’s being, the Union of the divine from within with outer divine.

Of course, there are many more emotions than just love which spring from the mysterious neptuinan sphere, regardless if it’s sadness, joy, bliss, despair, loneliness etc it is their most pure, distilled, refined essence that is ruled by this planet.

The pure force of emotions can have a massive impact on our psyches, on all our perceptions, on the way we perceive and respond to reality, that is why it is in these deep waters, that can also give birth to illusions, and alternate realities. Illusions, fantasies, addictions, escapism, the creation and retreat into a personal reality which only exists in our minds, is also associated with Neptune. The neptunian energies also rule the subconscious, and everything that is stored in there, but not it’s power, because that part of the subconscious is ruled by Pluto.

Mysticism, the magic inside of us, intuition, the way we perceive inner time, emotional intelligence, the gravity and creational power of feelings, the ability to travel between conscious state, and that of dreams and visions, the so called “alpha”, our 6th sense, our vision to gaze beneath the veil which separates the worlds, all of this also belongs under the ruler-ship of Neptune.

It is this planet, which shows us what we are and how we function on the deepest level, all the mysteries and magic that were locked deep inside our souls when we entered this world through a material form, and it is that hidden power that we have to discover and unleash throughout our human experience.

The truth is, that there are many other energies ruled by this planet, which are still in “uncharted territories” even for astrologers, and I think that is why it is a shock for all of us, how the presence of Neptune in his home sign of Pisces (making it’s energies that much stronger and influential) is effecting the collective. Ever since it entered it’s watery world of Pisces, a place in the sky where it feel most at home in, it almost drowned the whole of humanity with very dreamy energies. This was like food for the soul for artists, writers, mystics, in other words every single individual who needs inner creativity and inspiration to function. Unfortunately, not everyone coped very well with this flood of neptunian energies, people who never chose to be in tune with their spiritual or emotional side were greatly affected, so the number of cases regarding depression, psychological dysfunctions, the abuse of addictive substances and sadly even suicides increased dramatically, because for some people it was very hard to distinguish psychical reality from inner reality and the processes which were active in their subconscious. This negative effect of Neptune’s power, is an unfortunate side-effect, which it produces, in order to evolve the human psyche onto it’s new evolutionary stage. This affirmation might be a little bit shocking to some readers, but this is what is actually going on. Neptune represents the ultimate expression of compassion, self sacrifice, wanting to be connected with one another and the desire to share our own happiness and our own inner states with the people who are close to us. The highest possible meaning of this symbolism is teaching us through these mysterious neputinan energies, that as humans every single fellow human being, and even every living being who we share the planet with is connected to us one way or another, so every action that we choose to take, at least from a psychological perspective is reflected back at our own souls, because we are at one with each other.

And this is exactly the next big step in our kinds evolution, to awaken and further develop our empthic sense, our emotional intelligence, and the power that is stored in our emotions. If we master this, if we develop this, that we can become a race of empaths, we have the potential to understand and feel each other through heart, through emotions, to share our deepest and most intimate feelings with one another, without the fear of judgment, because if we are connected on a soul level, no one can really judge anyone, because that would be like judging and throwing dirt on the Self. These ideas are nothing new, human kind always dreamed about this kind of society, but until now, it was just a fiction, because we simply couldn’t mentally connect with each other, our differences made us almost aliens to one another.

During these times, if Neptune awakens our 6th sense, our gift of empahty ensuring that we can actually unite as one, and function the way a beehive, ant-colony etc does, but where the queen is not a person or an entity, but the energy of unconditional love and compassion, and if we add this gift, to that awareness awakened inside of us by Uranus, then the imagine is pretty clear, the heart becomes one with the mind, but not just for the individual, but on a global scale, and this will enable human kind to truly connect, be aware, and influence the collective consciousness, and the collective reality, in which every heart and mind, every being, every individual is a priceless, unique and irreplaceable building block.

The union of the energies and symbolism of Uranus and Neptune, undoubtedly gives both the individual and the collective a great power, but if that power is corrupted by the past, by unhealthy relations, by senseless anger, hatred, intolerance and fears, then this is certainly not a blessing, but a key towards self annihilation, because empathy can also be used negatively, enabling extremely toxic individuals to infect everyone who they share an empathic link with. But fortunately this is where the third power player, and probably the most impactful one comes into play, which is none other than Pluto, helped, guided, balanced by the great restricter and keeper of divine justice, Saturn.


The Planet of the Underworld is one of the least pleasant energies in all of the zodiac, and it’s one of the most feared, because amongst other things it rules death (even it’s tarot correspondent is the Death card bearing the number 13). Of course, this is only a question of perception, because Pluto is the ruler of transformation, change, mutation, purification and death is merely a transformation, the end of a form and the beginning of a new one. Pluto also rules the occult, the “shadow” aspect of magic, it is the power needed to pierce the veil between the worlds, so it’s symbolism always had a good dose of mysticism, and things which are not always based on a linear way of thinking. It is the higher octave of Mars, the planet associated with inner power, strength, courage and the divine masculine, so just like Mars, Pluto is all about power, but it is the kind of power no one can fully ever master, no can truly ever control, or even stop, or block, because many times it’s associated with the power of fate it’s self, so it originates from planes way beyond that of the physical realm, it is the gateway, through which the divine surges into our world, and ultimately shapes matter and triggers events according to it’s ethereal blueprint.

Ever since Pluto entered the sign of Capricorn and joined the ruler of that house Saturn, it had a massive effect on the individual. It triggered very powerful endings, especially relationships, friendships, work related relationships, social connections, even soul connections, all of this for the sake of purification. Joining forces with Saturn, it awoke the full power of our subconscious, it awoke our higher selves, it invited our souls to be more present in our earthly incarnation then ever before, and it was our souls, which judged the way we shaped and firmed and ultimately built the structures of our own lives, and after our Higher selves reached the verdict, everything which didn’t belong in our lives started to be cut off. Because, human society was always governed by conveniences, illusions, fake values, lies, deception, “I scratch your back and you scratch mine” kind of situations, it was these unhealthy bonds, connections, personal illusions, disadvantageous compromises, that Pluto determined the Higher self to terminate, sometimes very abruptly, quickly, even overnight. This caused a lot of pain, suffering, material losses, desperate situations for very many people at the same time. When these events happened, they didn’t really make sense, no one knew why exactly they acted the way they did, and why they made the decisions that lead them towards separation, and breaking life long connections, burning bridges, but as we head towards the middle of 2019 the aspects and the positioning of the personal planets are revealing to us, that all of this was for our own highest good, for our spiritual and psychological cleansing, because the time when we choose our partners, friends, associates for illusionary, selfish, convenient reasons, or quite the opposite, when we were chosen, misled and kept in psychological bonds by narcissists or people who simply don’t align with the true color of our personalities, and prevented us from living our ultimate highest expression of our soul’s truth, needed to disappear, needed to be terminated in order to let us free, and push us on an inward journey into the Self, to discover the truth buried deep inside there. The divine, the mysterious force of Pluto doesn’t actually care about finances and material values, so many of us have suffered significant losses, but we have gained liberty of mind, heart and ultimately the soul.

The next phase of this cleansing which affected us collectively, was a deep psychological one, which showed Pluto’s ruler-ship over psychoanalysis, over the power of the subconscious, our own inner power which enables us to change what happens inside of us, and ultimately reshape the way we perceive the past. All of our traumas, fears, shames, all those psychologically rooted events of the past which maimed and scarred us, had to be reevaluated and changed, transformed, so that they can no longer hold us back from feeling total empathy and compassion towards another living being.

The awareness gifted by Uranus and the empathy provided by Neptune, can simply not be used if our souls are trapped in our past, and we can’t reclaim our true power over the Self.

For this cleansing to happen Pluto needed to absorb the power of Saturn and the South node, to take us on a symbolic time travel back to our pasts. To enable us to relive all the painful moments, which shattered our souls and caused those fragments of us, to be trapped in that timeline, fueling our beings with pain, suffering regret and sorrow, not letting us fully live our present and not to enjoy our most authentic truths. Right now, even while you are reading this article, this is exactly what’s going on, you are healing, your subconscious is being cleansed by all those things that hurt you in the past, and from all the negative influences which people might have had on your psyche. In order for the individual to unlock it’s true plutonian power, the past must be accepted, people (ex partners, parents, siblings, those who wronged you) have to be forgiven and their mistakes forgotten, because you are NOT your past, you are timeless, living in the eternal presents, and you have the ability to shape your reality, with your awareness, with your self knowledge and by knowing how the human soul functions (the inner Uranus, Neptune and Pluto unifying their symbolism and ethereal powers).

Chiron, the planetoid of healing and wisdom, which entered the sign of Aries (the primordial self) is also making sure that your life lesson, experiences are all contributing to your own healing. Chiron is referred too as the wounded healer, and this symbolism is very suggestive, you had to be wounded, you had to be hurt, to know what if feels like to be a victim, all of this to make sure that you are never gonna choose to be an aggressor in the future, true compassion, true acceptance, true humanitarianism simply can’t exist without this.

In order to give yourself the chance to speak out and be aware of your own inner truth, you must fully understand and accept yourself and see the logic, the beauty, the importance of your own life’s story, to value every single event that has taken place, regardless if it made you endlessly happy or it caused your heart to shatter into pieces, it is part of who you are, and without them, no matter how powerful, wise and divine your spirit and higher self is, it simply could not immerse and understand what it means to be human and how to value the experience of life, and ultimately see your own beings true courage to choose to incarnate, to enroll in one of the Universe’s hardest, most challenging schools, planet Earth.

If you allow your inner power, the force that hides inside your subconscious, your reward is having the chance to become one with the most important Universal truths of a human being: just for the simple fact that you accepted and had the “guts” to descend into matter and experience all the different states, all of the different experiences, joy and sadness alike, and ultimately to make sense of this existence and dare to put your own personal imprint on all of it, just for this simple fact, just for this choice, you deserve infinite respect, infinite love and your right to desire everything good that this existence can offer you. Once you understand just how challenging material existence is, and just how brave you were to descend into it with the full force of your consciousness, and be aware of everything, the notion of self respect, self worth and self love, are going to have a totally new meaning, one which isn’t fueled by your ego, and once you obtain this state of bliss, this state of being connected consciously to everything that there is, then your story takes a different turn, and you no longer start a new chapter, but another book in it’s self.

The awakening, purification and alignment with the inner truth of the individual is extremely important, because this ensures that humanity as a whole, can have the wisdom, unconditional love, and be guided by the neptuinian principles towards a future in which we can use the enormous power of the current scientific discoveries, and those that are about to be made in the close future towards the greater good of all existing beings.

Because Pluto rules change and transformation and not forgetting that Uranus is traversing Taurus, this is most certainly going to offer human kind the ability to change, transform and rearrange subatomic particles, and perhaps create certain manifestations of matter, which never existed in our Universe before, which nature can’t produce on her own, and I leave the rest for your own imagination and intuitive power to fill in.

Regardless of what power, advantage, opportunity the new scientific discoveries of the present and close future are going to offer human kind, it is for certain that it’s gonna up new doors to new realities, which we might have only theorized about, and since the rules which govern how matter behaves are sure to change, and the power of nature is sure to be challenged, the human spirit must also evolve and get stronger and be more present than even, in order to ensure perfect balance, in order to fully take on the great responsibility which comes with the power that human kind is destined to possess.

All of this scientific and technological advancement, doesn’t sounds so scary, if we develop a strong empathic sense, if we can achieve to be united as a race and to leave all of our differences behind when faced with great responsibilities, and perhaps use our imaginations and fantasies, to play out all our differences, contradicting values, and incompatibility on a non physical, non violent level.

On a collective scale the transformation and purification that Pluto is targeting is pretty obvious, it needs to loosen the grip that religion, religious ideologies, rigid morality, absurd dogmas etc. have on the collective, religion it’s self needs to evolve, and it needs to allow freedom and authentic human morality to be woven into it. And this is probably where Jupiter, in his home sing of Sagittarius is playing a key role, currently expanding all the unhealthy, all the dark and gruesome aspects of religion to show the world what extremism can truly mean and how dangerous manipulation truly is, and it will continue doing so, until it expands it so much that the collective just won’t tolerate religion based violence anymore. Later on towards 2020 February is going to join Saturn and Pluto in the sing of Capricorn, an event which every single astrologer knows, is gonna be a game changer, an old structure will fall, and another one is gonna start being built.

Thank you for taking the time and effort to read this article and I hope that my own interpretation and the way I make sense of these unusual time, with the help of astrology, inspires you and gives you a small sense of comfort.

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